How to Join (Get Into) Galactus Fortnite Live Event: The Devourer of Worlds Playlist

If you desire to join the Galactus event right now, you may be too late. That’s because the Galactus event is already over. Besides, you need to login to Fortnite before the Galactus Fortnite event begins  more than 60 minutes. But it’s not too late if you want to watch the Galactus event as you can choose it from the playlist.

If you really still want to know the ways of how to join Galactus Fortnite event although the event is over, it doesn’t matter as knowing it is also important for you for the next event  later.

How if you want to join the Galactus event?

As we’ve mentioned above, joining the Galactus event right now is too late for you as the event was over 7 hours ago. Besides, you have to login to Fortnite before the Galactus event starts. The Galactus event was held on December 1, 2020 at 12 AM ET.

join the Galactus event

Then, if you want to join the Galactus event, you need to log into Fortnite and get into the Fortnite live event. Once you’re there, you should join a game and leave it at 8:25 PM GMT (3:25 PM ET). Therefore, you will leave Fortnite and be in the lobby as soon as the Devourer of Worlds playlist goes live.

While, if you managed your time early, you shouldn’t miss this event, didn’t you? Then, you would be able to hang out on the map with other players until the event began. If you followed the Galactus event, you might already take a last look at those Marvel POIs and the other locations as Galactus was not called the Devourer of Worlds for nothing.

However, the Fortnite map was going to undergo significant changes during the event, leaving the landscape altered for Fortnite Season 5. We think that the battle would be complicated and there was a chance we would even get to fly the Battle Bus against Galactus.

For more information, the Fortnite Galactus event has been concluded which was effectively ending the Fortnite Season 4. This event was followed by being disabled the playlist, meaning the players should leave and join the one option, that’s The Devourer of Worlds, which asked you to stand the island up to save all reality.

We guess that you marked this event the long-awaited arrival of Galactus coming to Fortnite island. Of course if in time you missed this event because of some reasons, you would totally be disappointed at all. But it does not have to be regretful, given you can still watch the replay-show of the Galactus event as a lot of Fortnite streamers share it on their social platforms, especially on Twitch.

What did Galactus do in the event?

At the beginning, if the players are joining the playlist, it will send them to the helicarrier where they spend the time in performing emote and gliding around. After the countdown clock finally got up to zero, an alarm would begin blaring and shortly, the Galactus acted.

Galactus initially emerged from the skyline and then walked toward the island to show himself to Fortnite islanders. He was actually bigger than the people think for the previously appeared. Galactus finally came into clear view, esteeming over the island. Then, he stretched his fists and announced that the Fortnite islanders should be aware as he was totally hungry and be ready to eat everything on the island.

Once he announced it, the lighting strikes followed by boomed thunder. Then, he swung his fist to destroy the helicarrier and send you and other players into a freefall. From there, you would be rescued by Iron Man who would give you a jetpack and say you have to stop Galactus from eating the Zero Point. Then, Iron Man flies off while Galactus stretches his fingers over the island which was drawing power from Zero Point to rip out of the ground.

Your view would cut to the inside of the battle bus which was flying in the air amidst a superb fleet of buses. Here, Iron Man said that he had cloned billions of the buses and cracks. Then, he turned them into bombs with the objective, allowing Galactus to eat as many as possible and then send him away. As a player, you were then put in control of the bus and then its weapon as you shot at incoming drones while walking toward Galactus in the middle of the space.

In short, Thor finally came to help you and Iron Man as Wolverine did when you transitioned to an attack run which looked like something out of a Star Wars: Rogue Squadron game.

Once the superheroes made it close enough, Galactus sucked the busses and cracks began to appear throughout his body. Well, it caused the green light shooting out of his mount and also the cracks. One shot fell on him, Galactus finally disappeared through a crack in space and then the camera cut to a phone ringing in the office as the Fortnite mascot character, that’s Jonesy, can be seen waking up.

Finally, the event is over followed by a message that says “to be continued in Season 5” along with the Fortnite Season 5 will begin at 12 AM ET on December 2, 2020. That means the Galactus event is not yet the end but will continue in the next season.

Who is Galactus?

In Marvel comics, Galactus is represented as a cosmic creature which is  wearing purple armor. Which makes him so strong as he has a Cosmic Power to survive. Galactus is also well-known as a planet eater who will take all resources of the planet and then he will enjoy eating them.

So as in the Fortnite Galactus event, he was coming to Fortnite island to pick the resources and destroy everything on the island a lot. With Power Cosmic, Galactus actually can do anything including reviving something or someone, transmuting objects, reviving those who have died, and even destroying the entire solar system.

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