How to Get the Wakandan Salute Black Panther Fortnite Emote for Free (Wakanda Forever)

Starting on December 21, everyone is able to celebrate the legacy of the king of Wakanda with the emote named the Wakandan Salute emote. This emote is available for free to all the ones that complete the all new Wakandan Forever challenges between December 21 at 9 AM ET to January 12 at 7 PM ET.

If you want to get the Fortnite Black Panther Wakandan Salute emote for free, you will have to complete the three challenges in the Wakandan Forever challenge set. Completing these challenges is really easy and here is the list of the challenges:

  • Play Matches – you will have to complete 10 matches in Battle Royale mode
  • Outlast Opponents – you will have to survive longer than 500 other players
  • Play Duo or Squad Matches – you will have to play five matches in Duo or Squads modes

Wakandan Salute Black Panther Fortnite Emote for Free

For everyone who wants to complete those challenges above as quickly as possible, you are encouraged to play duo or squad matches and get yourself a car or Stormwing Plane and grad yourself out of any danger. By following the way, you are able to complete the outlast opponents and play duos or squad matches with friends challenges as quickly as possible. Completing these challenges should not take more than half an hour.

Even though completing these challenges are pretty easy, do not forget to get them done in time. Three weeks is the time for you to get these done before the emote is gone forever. It is true that it is possible for the emote to appear in the item shop in the future, maybe when the leaked Black Panther skin is finally released, but there is a limit of the time for you to get it for free. After all the three challenges are completed, the Wakandan Salute emote will be added to your Locker with the rest of the cosmetics that you own.

As stated before, you need to play the duo or squad matches with your friends. Actually, this part is not mentioned in the in-game description for some players, so a lot of people have tried playing duo or squad matches with random teammates and did not get any progress. Once again, you have to play with your friends, meaning the one on your friends list if you want to complete the challenge.

People can get themselves a lot of Fortnite cosmetics offered by Epic Games for free from the Christmas event of this year known as Operation Snowdown. As of now, they have been able to get a loading screen, a wrap, and emote.

There is a new challenge that is released every day at 2 PM GMT or 9 AM ET. It comes with a free cosmetic once the challenge has been completed. For example, players will be asked to complete the destroy Nutcracker Status challenge. Once they have completed the challenge, they will be able to obtain a Christmas themed back bling.

Aside from that, there are also a few challenges of the Spy Within LTM to complete. By completing these challenges, you will be rewarded a back bling, a glider, and many more. It is no doubt an interesting game mode and people want free cosmetics, so do not forget to check that out.

In addition, there is also a surprise set of challenges for the players to complete. The Black Panther Wakanda Forever challenges or quests were leaked by data miners. According to them, they will go live at 9 AM ET or 2 PM GMT. Even though the Marvel themed season may be ended, the Wakandan Salute emote has been added by Fortnite to the game. As you probably know, this one is the iconic Wakanda Forever gesture from the Black Panther and it is considered as the newest in the long line of Marvel content in the game. Make sure to get your hands on the Wakandan Salute emote for free. For now, there is no matching skin yet, but you are able to get the emote by completing several easy challenges.

The Wakandan Salute emote is not the only thing that you can get by completing these three challenges mentioned above. Apart from that emote, you will also be awarded with the XP. Both of them will help you to progress in the Battle Pass. As there is a limit to get the emote, you are advised to complete the Wakanda Forever challenges as early as possible to get your own Wakandan Salute emote.

Once you have obtained the Wakandan Forever emote, this week the series celebrates a community screenshot named #Fortography. This event centers around the emote that made it well-known in Black Panther. By using your favorite heroes from both worlds of Marvel and Fortnite, you can post a tweet with the #Fortography hashtag to submit your screenshots.

In the addition to the Wakandan Forever emote, everyone was counting down to an all-new trailer. If you missed the premier that happened on December 21, 2020 at 6:45 PM ET, make sure to catch the thing by visiting the official Youtube channel of Fortnite. Do not forget to also check out Xmiramira, MsAshRocks, Prospering, and BlackGirlGamers on Twitch to participate in the premier watch parties.

The thing named Black Panther was introduced to Fortnite by Epic Games in conjunction with the Marvel Royalty and Warrior pack. Aside from these, Captain Marvel and the Taskmaster have also made their way into the game. With the celebration of Black Panther with a custom themed emote, it remains unknown if Epic Games will introduce the similar in-game additions for the other well-loved characters. Time is the only one that can tell.

To get the newest information about Fortnite and the future releases, you are highly recommended to follow the official social media of Epic Games and visit the official website of Epic Games regularly. In addition, you might also want to follow some other social media accounts related to the game.

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