How to Get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

The Log stakes are a material which are used to make a wooden bridge. They need 3 wood to make and sell for 360 Bells. The Log stakes are a part of the log series, and they have no other use besides decoration. They have some colors; Dark Wood, Orange Wood, White Wood and White Birch. By the way, how do you get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing?

Getting Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

Log stakes are an item which are not naturally discovered in-game in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Instead, you need to craft them. They are needed when it comes to building bridges in your island to ensure that you are able to explore the whole of your own little land mass. If you want to make a bridge, then you are going to enlist the help of a DIY Workbench to bring them to attainment. Fortunately, that is easy to do and it will not need a ridiculous amount of grinding.

How to Get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

So, Log Stakes are able to be crafted at any DIY Workbench. The item itself is able to be found under the Housewares tab when you go to start crafting. They look like regular wooden stakes. You are going to get the recipe to make them automatically. To craft them, you will need three pieces of wood, which is earned by hitting trees with a flimsy or stone ax. Please make sure that you have three in your inventory and then go to make a new item.

After in your DIY Workbench, you are able to choose the log stakes card and create the item. You have to build a few to finish your bridge. Automatically, they are going to use the wood items in your inventory to make your log stakes. You will be able to use them to make your bridge so that you are able to see the rest of your beautiful island. It should be smooth sailing from there. If you need more you are able to collect additional pieces of wood.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a great way to spend time in the gaming world while you are stuck inside. There will be many other components like log stakes you may run into. If you are in doubt, please be sure to check the DIY Workbench for recipes which you may not have realized you had for solving some of the issues you end up having in-game.

How to Make Log Stakes in Animal Crossing?

Log stakes are a ubiquitous item in the game of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, you will not find log stakes lying around your island. You do not need to search for them, because log stakes are craftable. Automatically, you are going to get the DIY recipe for log stakes. So, when you are ready to construct the first bridge on your island, all you have to do is craft your log stakes at a workbench or inside Resident Services.

Actually, in the previous page, we explain the way to make log stakes in Animal Crossing New Horizons, to make you more understand, well here we are going to explain it one again.

Remember that to craft log stakes, you will need three pieces of normal wood. You will likely already have several pieces of wood in your inventory, but if you have run out, you are able to whack a tree a few times with a flimsy axe, and you are ready to start crafting.

    • After you have collected at least three normal wood pieces, then you have to go to a workbench. If you have not set one up at home, you are able to use the bench at Resident Services.
    • In the workbench crafting menu, you have to navigate to the Housewares tab, and then choose Log stakes.
    • Log stakes will need three wood to craft. If you have the wood, just press the “Craft it!” button as many times as you need. How to Make Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

How to Use Log Stakes in Animal Crossing?

After you have known the art of obtaining log stakes, then you are able to use them. By the way, what can you do with Log Stakes? Actually, not much, but what you use them for particularly is important; constructing your first bridge.

    • Constructing a Bridge With Log Stakes
      As you progress, finally Tom Nook is going to call you to talk about building three more houses on your island. To access the rest of your island where there is space to build new homes, you will need to make your first bridge. Tom Nook will give you a Bridge Construction Kit to do this that will need four log stakes, four stone and four clay. To craft the Bridge Construction Kit, you need the following materials: four log stakes, four pieces of clay and four pieces of stone. We have explained how to get log stakes in ACNH, now you need to know how to get four pieces of clay and stone. To get these necessary crafting materials, you have to whack at stones around your island with a flimsy axe or stone axe.
    • Building More Bridges in the Future
      After you complete your Bridge Construction Kit and do some projects for Tom Nook, finally your Resident Services tent is going to be renovated and changed into a Resident Services building. At this point, you are able to talk to Tom Nook about building infrastructure, like the bridges, on your own island. More bridges beyond your first bridge will not involve crafting, but it will cost bells.
    • Decorating Your own Island with Log Stakes
      Beyond your own bridge construction, the other primary use for log stakes is decoration. After crafted, you are able to place them around your own island. After you unlock the ability to customize DIY items, log stakes are able to be customized to come in different varieties beyond the default Dark Wood look, like White Wood, Orange Wood, and White Birch.

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