How to Get Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing Fast

Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing is such a precious material that you can use to craft a plenty of vital items. Of course, anything from the premium tools to the specific furniture items will need the Iron Nuggets to be built. Unfortunately, the Iron Nuggets have a limited amount on your island. So getting more is totally a must for you.

Thankfully, this post will guide you to get the Iron Nuggets fast. However, there are some ways that you should follow in order to obtain this valuable material in Animal Crossing. Are you ready to get more? So, let’s see how to get the Iron Nuggets below!

Getting Iron Nuggets Fast, Here’s How

Getting Iron Nuggets Fast, Here’s How!

In order to get the Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing, there are some ways that you can do it.

The first thing that you should have is a Stone Axe. This tool is totally used to hit the large rocks where you can successfully get the Iron Nuggets from. If you already have a Stone Axe, you’re able to hit these rocks several times. By hitting the large rocks, there will be possibly Iron Nuggets, Bells, Stone and also Clay to be released from.

Though  there’s no guarantee that you will get the Iron Nuggets every time, hitting the large rocks can be the best way to get the Iron Nuggets. Here, try to hit the rocks without breaking them a lot. Aside from the large and dark rocks, you can also try to find the small, silvery rocks which probably lead you to get the Iron Nuggets.

By hitting the rocks, you usually can get at least three items per day. So ensure to keep hitting each of the rocks on your island multiple times per day. Grab your Stone Axe and also shovel, stand close and you can then hit the rocks.

If you just hit the rocks for the first time in Animal Crossing, you surely need some tips and tricks in hitting or breaking the rocks in order to get the Iron Nuggets. To note, in order to break rocks fast in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, at least there are two things that you will need, they are a stone axe and fruit. It’s pretty easy to get the fruit as it grows anywhere  on your island.

Here’s how to break the rocks fast!

  • Make sure to eat the fruit. You surely have 1/10 of fruit to consume.
  • Then, approach the rock you want to hit and then hit the “A” key.
  • The rock will automatically break and then your fruit will return to 0.

Aside from hitting the large rocks, you can also get the Iron Nuggets by using the Nook Miles Tickets. You can do it after you have paid off your Moving Fee of 5,000 Miles with Tom Nook. Then, you will open the Nook Miles Rewards up of the Nook Stop Terminal in Residents Services. Moreover, you’re able to purchase a Nook Miles Ticket for 2,000 Miles that you can trade in at the airport for traveling to another deserted island.

By visiting another deserted island, you will find fruit trees, bugs, fish, weeds and many more, even a new villager to come and live on your island. But the important thing here is to totally find the two rocks to grab more Iron Nuggets from. In our experience in the way of getting the Iron Nuggets, at least we were getting at least six Iron Nuggets per island. We think that as long as you have enough Miles, you surely can buy as many Nook Miles Tickets, so you will have a big chance to get more Iron Nuggets in another deserted island.

Another  gorgeous way to get the Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to farming the Iron Nuggets. Of course,  to farm it may take a bit of a tricky way to do. But it doesn’t matter, considering you will need the Iron Nuggets as long as you play this game.

To farm the Iron Nuggets, you have to ensure you’re currently using a Stone Axe and you have not eaten any fruits. However, it can make sure the multiple drops per rock you hit. Many players sometimes get 7 Iron Nuggets per rock by using this method.

Here’s how to farm the Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing!

  • Hold your shovel and stand beside a rock.
  • Then, you can turn around and face away from the rock.
  • After that, dig two holes, so you can stand between the holes and the rocks.  However, this way avoid you from bouncing backward after each hit.
  • Break the rocks as much as you can.

We think that if you farm the Iron Nuggets, you will always have them that you can use to create any important materials.

How to Use the Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing?

As we have explained, the Iron Nuggets is a primary material that you can use a plenty of valuable items in the game. It is also used in higher tier tools and metallic furniture ;ike the black stereo. In the game, Timmy will require you to use 30 Iron Nuggets for the construction of Nook’s Cranny. Aside from that, you can also need the Iron Nuggets to craft  any useful tools on your island.

Can You Buy the Iron Nuggets?

In order to get the Iron Nuggets fast, you may think whether the iron Nuggets can be purchased or not, may not you? If you can, of course, that’s an effective and efficient way that you can do a lot.

Unfortunately, the Iron Nuggets is not yet available to purchase  anywhere in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It means you cannot buy the Iron Nuggets, except by getting them through the ways that we’ve shown above.

Well, to get the Iron Nuggets, make sure that you are gathering as many Iron Nuggets as possible each day. Another way that you can do to get the Iron Nuggets is by talking to your fellow villagers. They will then give you some Iro Nuggets to help you. Why not to try it!