How to Get Free Credits in Rocket League Without Trading

In Rocket League, the credits can be used to upgrade your Rocket Pass, buy Featured Items in the Item Shop, build items from Blueprints and many more. The easiest and fastest way to get Credits in Rocket League is by purchasing it from an item shop, though there are other ways to get credits.

Credits mean in-game currency in Rocket League that really plays a very important role. That’s why many people are trying to find an alternative in order to get credits for free. With some ways of getting credits in Rocket League, is there a way to get free credits in this game? Let’s dive into our post to find out whether or not you can get free credits!

How to Get Free Credits in Rocket League Without Trading

Can You Get Credits for Free in Rocket League Without Trading?

Unfortunately, you can’t! There is no official way to get credits for free in Rocket League without Trading. In other words, you can only get free credits with trading by changing a variety of items to credits or vice versa.

Additionally, Rocket League does not also allow the players to use any hacks or cheats to get free credits. However, no player reported that they successfully use the hacks or cheats to get free credits in Rocket League.

Instead of using hacks or cheats to get free credits in Rocket League, you can get free credit through trading. Changing various in-game items to credits will be easier if you join the trading community in the game. Legal trading in Rocket League will be performed in the game. So, if someone offers you an external trade, it may be a scam and make sure to avoid it.

How to Easily Get Free Credits with Trading?

The only way to get free credits in Rocket League is through trading. It is not basically free credits, instead you exchange the items you have to credits with other players. Of course, you must have a variety of items in your game and change them to credits when someone offers to trade.

To trade your items, you can post trade requests on the website or app. However, the best time to trade with your friends is to join the Discord Channel and post them there. After that, you can receive the fastest response on Discord usually. As of this writing, the active users are approximately 175,903.

There are some rules to start trading; first, you must purchase at least 500 credits (the 500 credits included in the starter pack count). Second, if you bought Rocket League before the free-to-play upgrade, it would be better for you to ignore the restriction.

It’s important to note, you can only trade with the players on the same platform as you. However, since Rocket League has cross-progression, you will be able to log into any platform to see your tradable items.

The items you cannot trade in Rocket League include unrevealed Blueprints, bonus gifts and items that are purchased from the shop. Similarly, you cannot trade credits for credits or credits for nothing. Well, it should be credits for an item and only one player can offer credits.

Here’s the step-by-step to get credits with trading:

    • Before trading, make sure you already have at least 500 credits purchased.
    • To start trading, you can send an invite to a player you would like to trade with.
    • After that, click the ‘Invite to Trade’ button.
    • To start the trade, both players need to be online.
    • Each player needs to select items to trade. Since not anything in game can be traded, make sure to check the list of allowed items first.
    • Then, both players need to confirm the trade. If someone changes items in the trade, the confirmation of the second player will get cancelled.
    • Sure, you will receive a confirmation of items that are received from the trade.

Okay, that’s how to change a variety of items in the game through trading. Starting to trade to change your items to credit is pretty straightforward, isn’t it? So, it’s a great time for you to start trading with your friends who are willing to do it.

For credits specifically, you will be able to trade items that you find in free drops simply for playing Rocket League. To make your trade more interesting, you can trade in common items for something of a higher rarity with the trade-in system in the game. So it will attract the attention of someone looking to trade credits.

Other Ways to Get Credits in Rocket League

In addition to getting credits with trading, there are multiple ways to get credits in Rocket League. Here are they:

1) Making a purchase

As we’ve mentioned, making a purchase is the fastest and easiest way to get credits in Rocket League. Each credit is equivalent to $0.01. you can get 500 credits at the price of $5. Here’s the price of credits in Rocket League.

Region 500 credits 1100 credits 3000 credits 6500 credits
AU $7.55 $14.95 $37.95 $75.95
CAN $6.63 $13.28 $33.23 $66.47
EU €4.50 €9.01 €22.55 €45.11
UK £3.75/3.92 £7.50/7.85 £18.75/19.64 £37.50/39.30
US $4.99 $9.99 $24.99 $49.99
ZA ZAR 93.00 ZAR 186.00 ZAR 465.00 ZAR 930.00

To make a purchase for credits, you can go to Item Shop in the game. Then, you can choose ‘Buy Credits’ in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. In the following page, you can select the credit amount. You can click the ‘Purchase’ button. After that, you will be transferred to the payment page. Last, you can select the payment option and complete the purchase.

2) Paying for a Rocket Pass

To get credits, you can also pay for a Rocket Pass. The Rocket Pass costs $10 for 1,000 credits. To pay for a Rocket Pass, you can go to the main menu and navigate to Rocket Pass. In this page, you need to click on ‘Get Premium’ and then click on ‘Upgrade’ for 1000 credits ($10).

After that, you will be taken to the payment page and make sure to choose a payment option and complete the purchase. Once getting the Rocket Pass, you can start earning credits and simply play the game. Certainly, you will obtain credits for every game played with additional credits for every tier up and win.

3) Purchasing Item Packs

You can also get credits by purchasing item packs, as many packs include credits and some reward the same amount the credits cost. To buy item packs, you can go to the main menu and navigate to the Item Shop. You can then choose a pack from the offer. After that, you can click ‘Purchase’. Make sure to complete the payment and go back to the game.

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