How to Create an Account on SmartJailMail Communications (Sign Up Guide)

SmartJailMail connects family and friends with inmates in correctional institutions through an easy-to-use online communications system. When using SmartJailMail, you are able to connect in only minutes and correspond every day in near real time instant communication with your loved ones. Sign up and connect now, it is easy and free to sign up.

How to Create an Account on SmartJailMail?

Creating an account on SmartJailMail is easy and fast. You need to enter some information to proceed.

Account Details

    • At the first step, you have to enter your username.
    • After that, you have to submit your unique password.
    • Then, you need to confirm your password.

Personal Information

    • Please enter your first name.
    • Then, enter your last name.
    • Now, you are able to enter address line 1.
    • And you are able to enter address line 2.
    • In this step, you have to enter your city.
    • Please enter your state/region.
    • Please enter your Zip/Postal Code.
    • Afterwards, you have to enter your date of birth
    • You are going to be asked to choose your gender.
    • The next step is to enter your email address.
    • Please confirm your email address. And make sure you agree to be bound by the Terms of Service.
    • Lastly, you are able to click at the Create Account button.

Well, this is a way to create an account on SmartJailMail. For those who want to create an account on SmartJailMail, you are able to follow these steps above.

How to Log In?

If you already have an account on SmartJailMail, then you will be able to log in on SmartJailMail.

Here is a way to log in on SmartJailMail:

    • At the first step, you have to go to
    • After that, you are able to choose the login option.
    • Then, you are going to be bring to the page where you are able to login.
    • Now, you are going to be asked to enter your username.
    • Afterwards, you are going to be asked to enter your password.
    • Lastly, you only need to click the Login button.

Warning: For those who are a new user, you will need to make an account before you are able to use the service.

Trouble logging in on SmartJailMail? For those who are having trouble accessing your account, then you are able to use the forgot password process to reset the password on your account. Also, you are able to use this tool to resend the activation code to your e-mail address if required.

How to Create an Account on SmartJailMail'

Activate Your Account

If you need to enter your activation code manually, you are able to visit the account activation page.

To confirm your email address, they have sent a message containing a unique activation code to your email. You need to click the activation link included in the e-mail or enter the activation code to activate your account. If you do not receive your activation code within a few minutes, you have to check your spam filter to make sure it was not trapped there by mistake. A message will be sent from

For note: Occasionally, the activation email will end up in your spam folder. You have to check your spam filter to ensure it was not trapped by mistake.

Telephone Service Offered by SmartJailMail

Telephone Service is one of the services offered by SmartJailMail. Incarcerated individuals can place outgoing telephone calls from telephones located in or around their housing locations. Those telephone calls are billed in two ways:

    1. Prepaid Collect (PPC)
      PrePaid Collect (PPC) will allow you to deposit funds onto your account that are tied to a specific telephone number, such as your cell phone number or home telephone number. When you have funds on a PPC account, then any inmate can call you at that number. When the call is accepted, funds are going to be deducted from your PPC account.
    2. PIN Debit Account
      A PIN Debit Account belongs to a specific inmate. And the inmate can use those funds to call any phone number which is approved by the facility (not only to your phone).

If you want to allow any inmate to call your phone, then we recommend you to set up a PrePaid Collect (PPC) account. But, if you want to deposit funds in order for an inmate to call anyone, then recommend you to use a PIN Debit (PIN) account. Keep in mind that several facilities may not allow one account type so your deposit options may be limited depending on the correctional facility.

General Questions About SmartJailMail

Here are some general questions about SmartJailMail:

    1. What is SmartJailMail?
      SmartJailMail is an electronic communication system specially designed to supplement standard postal mail. If you think about the process of sending and receiving a letter, then SmartJailMail works in the same way except that it is done on a computer instead of on paper. Messages are able to be delivered instantly or within several hours rather than days or weeks.
    2. How long does it take for an inmate to receive my message?
      Most messages are delivered instantly. Each correctional facility can set up specific delivery rules depending on a variety of factors that may result in a message being delayed for a period of time prior to delivery.
    3. How long are messages saved?
      You are able to keep a message on your account as long as you want. Messages that you no longer want can be removed any time.
    4. How many messages can I send and receive each day?
      There is no limit to the number of messages which can be sent and received each day. Each message sent will cost one message credit (50 cents) that can be paid by the sender or the recipient if the sender has no message credits.
    5. How much can I send in a single message?
      Each message is limited to 30,000 characters including spaces. This will work out to about 8-10 pages of typed and printed text.