How to Get Flint in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock Fast

In Hypixel server, you’re allowed to obtain the Flint that you can use to create Enchanted Flint used to upgrade a Gravel Minion from Tier V onward. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Minecraft players who are getting hard to obtain the Flint in Hypixel as finding the flint can be a bit hard.

This post will actually get rid of your confusion in getting the Flint in Hypixel. However, getting the flint in this server is pretty easy as long as you really know step-by-step that you should follow further. So, how to get Flint in Minecraft Hypixel server?

Getting Flint in Hypixel, How to Do

Getting Flint in Hypixel, How to Do?

At least, there are multiple ways that you can do to get the Flint in Hypixel. This server seems to ease the players to find the Flint. Of course, to get Flint in Hypixel, you should take the three main ways as follow:

Method 1: Mining Process

The first way that you can do to get Flint is to mine it. It’s very possible for you to take the mining process in getting the Flint in Hypixel. Well, Flint can be obtained from  mining Gravel in the Spider’s Den as the location with a lot of aggressive mobs, especially Spiders, Silverfish, Skeletons and Slimes.

The Spider’s Den can be accessed once the player has attained combat level 1 with using a Launchpad that can be found in the back of the Graveyard. Besides, this location can be also accessed with the Portal to the Spider’s Den. However, it will draw the player to a different sub-server containing The Spider’s Den.

Moreover, Gravel here is a common collection block that can be found in a small ravine in the Spider’s Den. There is the 2nd part of the Flint Bros. mission in the gravel ravine in which you have to give Rick iron ingots. Well, the Gravel and Flint can be purchased from Pat.

The Gravel’s collection

LVL Required Reward
I 50 Gravel Minion Recipe
II 100 Flint Shovel Recipe
III 250 Portal to Spider’s Den Recipe
IV 1,000 Enchanted Book (Sharpness IV) Recipe
V 2,500 Enchanted Flint Recipe
VI 5,000 Enchanted Book (First Strike III) Recipe
VII 10,000 Critical Potion Recipe
VIII 25,000 Travel Scroll to Spider’s Den Recipe
IX 50,000 +5,000 Mining Experience

The Gravel will generate near the ravine at the Spider’s Den. Then, a lot of Gravel crafting recipes use Flint as a base.

Method 2: Through Minion

The second method to get the Flint in Hypixel is through Minion. The Flint can be collected when using a Gravel Minion. It can also be collected more reliably with a Flint Shovel both manually or as a minion upgrade.

Need to know, the Gravel Minions are a type of Minion which has ability in collecting the Gravel and also Flint. The Gravel Minions can  be unlocked at Gravel I which can be placed on the Player’s Island. Minions here are a fundamental part of the Hypixel SkyBlock. They can allow the players to get any resources even while online. Well, you can upgrade the Gravel Minion with Gravel and also Enchanted Flint.

Here’s how the Gravel Minion works:


Items Chance Average
Condition Bazaar/Merchant Sell Price
1 Item Stack
Gravel 100% 1 2.9 coins 185.6 coins
Flint 100% 1 Flint Shovel0 10.4 coins 665.6 coins


Upgrade Function
Input Output
Flint Shovel Gravel Common Gravel Flint Common Flint
Flint Shovel + Super Compactor 3000 160 Flint Enchanted Flint Common Enchanted Flint


Tier Info Upgrade Cost Bazaar Upgrade Cost Recipe
Total Cost Bazaar Cumulative Cost Base Item


Cooldown: 26s
Storage: 128
  • 80x Gravel
  • 1x Wooden Shovel
120 coins Wooden Shovel 10
  • 80x Gravel
120 coins


Cooldown: 26s
Storage: 256
  • 160x Gravel
240 coins Gravel Minion I 20
  • 240x Gravel
360 coins


Cooldown: 24s
Storage: 256
  • 320x Gravel
480 coins Gravel Minion II 40
  • 560x Gravel
840 coins


Cooldown: 24s
Storage: 384
  • 512x Gravel
768 coins Gravel Minion III 64
  • 1,072x Gravel
1,608 coins


Cooldown: 22s
Storage: 384
8x Enchanted Flint 13,770 coins Gravel Minion IV
  • 1,280x Flint
  • 1,072x Gravel
15,378 coins


Cooldown: 22s
Storage: 576
  • 16x Enchanted Flint
27,540 coins Gravel Minion V 2
  • 3,840x Flint
  • 1,072x Gravel
42,917 coins


Cooldown: 19s
Storage: 576
  • 32x Enchanted Flint
55,079 coins Gravel Minion VI 4
  • 8,960x Flint
  • 1,072x Gravel
97,996 coins


Cooldown: 19s
Storage: 768
  • 64x Enchanted Flint
110,157 coins Grave Minion VII 8
  • 19,200x Flint
  • 1,072x Gravel
208,152 coins


Cooldown: 16s
Storage: 768
  • 128x Enchanted Flint
220,314 coins Gravel Minion VIII 16
  • 39,680x Flint
  • 1,072x Gravel
428,466 coins


Cooldown: 16s
Storage: 960
  • 256x Enchanted Flint
440,628 coins Gravel Minion IX 32
  • 80,640x Flint
  • 1,072x Gravel
869,093 coins


Cooldown: 13s
Storage: 960
  • 512x Enchanted Flint
881,255 coins Gravel Minion X 64
  • 162,560x Flin t
  • 1,072x Gravel
1,750,348 coins

Method 3: By Purchasing

The last method that you can do to get the Flint in Hypixel is by purchasing it from Pat. This is a shop NPC which is located in the Graveyard at  -134, 73, -97. Graveyard is a location on the hub island in which you have to fight Zombies to obtain Combat levels. It is also located on the main hub island west of the village and north of the forest.

To get the Flint from Pat, you actually should talk to Pat. Well, here’s a list of dialogue that Pat will talk to you:

“You like flint? I like flint! I sell flint!”

“My brother is mining the gravel from the Spider’s Den. We are the Flint Bros!”

“Click me again to open my shop!”

His Pat’s brother’s name is Rick that you can find at the Spider’s Den. The looks of them and also their locations lead you to trust that Pat and Rick are ghost’s twins. From Pat, you can get: Flint with 6 coins and Gravel with 4 coins

Well, those are three major methods that you can do to get the Flint in Minecraft Hypixel as fast as possible.