How to Get Custom Designs from Others ACNH

In this page, we are going to share about how to get custom design from others in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you come to this page to find that information, now do not hesitate to read this entire article.

About Custom Designs

Before we talk about how to get custom design from others in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we want to explain about Custom Design itself. For your information, Custom Designs is an app that the players can use to make designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by using the NookPhone. The interface is similar to previous games. However, there are many added features. When first opened, the players will be able to see 10 pre-made designs and room for 40 more designs.

Custom Designs

To make or edit a design, simply press “A” on any design, and then “Change Design”. The interface contains a color selection on top. You are able to press L or R to change the colors. You are able to press X to open the menu and choose a tool. The design being drawn in the centre, and previews on the left-hand side, you are able to press the “R” to change the preview type; canvas, shirt, face mask, and move the “R” stick to change the perspective.

Getting and Sharing Custom Designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are two methods to get designs from the web onto your island. Please be careful that designs you upload are marked with a little “no edit” icon. It means that you do not have the ability to edit them.

Method 1: QR Code

If you have an excellent design from New Leaf which you want to import into New Horizons, all you need to do is the old design’s QR code. Alternatively, there are websites that will allow you to make your masterpiece on your browser or upload any photo to convert into a custom design which explains how memes are making their ways on to villagers’ walls with shocking accuracy. Be careful, these only work for normal designs. However, excellence will still flow forth.

    • Get Nintendo Switch App and set up NookLink   Get Nintendo Switch App and set up NookLink
      You have to download the Nintendo Switch App onto your phone. It is free. Also, it has many other handy features for the game such as allowing you to chat with your friends by using your phone’s keyboard. It is really nice. When you open the Animal Crossing: New Horizons features for the first time, you are going to be asked to set up NookLink. For this case, you only need to press the [-] button on the opening screen of Animal Crossing: New Horizons that takes you to the settings menu.
    • Scan a QR Code from online Scan a QR Code from online
      Now, you are able to go back into the Nintendo Switch App. Please open that New Horizons-specific widget, and go to Designs. You are going to be invited to scan a QR code. Simply, you only need to point your phone at your monitor.
    • Go to your NookPhone in the game Go to your NookPhone in the game
      Lastly, you have to go to the Custom Designs app on your NookPhone. After that, choose an empty slot, and press the [+] button to download the design you uploaded to NookLink.

Method 2: Able Sisters

You will be able to get and share the intricate clothing designs you made in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, once you have already unlocked the Able Sisters’ tailor shop.

    • Ensure you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership
      To use this feature, you will need a membership for Nintendo Switch Online. Fortunately, this is the same membership which allows you to visit your friends’ islands. Also, it is four bucks a month.
    • Get the Able Sisters’ shop Get the Able Sisters’ shop
      To share designs, you have to wait until your town gets the Able Sisters’ tailor shop. Ensure to purchase as much as you can from Mable when she comes to your plaza to sell her wares in order to hurry along the process.
    • Open the Custom Designs Portal at the back of the Able Sisters Open the Custom Designs Portal at the back of the Able Sisters
      The kiosk at the back right of the Able Sisters is going to have everything you need to share your own designs and snag designs from others. When searching for someone else’s design, you have to input their code. You will have the option to search for the code for the specific design you want, or look up the designer’s code to see everything they have made and have a fashion free for all.

Now, after you know how to upload designs, you may want to go into the wide world of the internet and hunt for new fashion fodder. To assist with your search, a number of databases have popped up to help share designs. You are able to check out Nookpedia or Custom Crossing. Or simply you are able to look for #AnimalCrossingDesigns on Instagram, Twitter, etc. Or you are able to upload anything you please to AC Patterns.

Apparently, there are two types of custom designs: Normal patterns and Pro Designs (that you must unlock). For your information, Normal patterns have a variety of uses. You are able to put them on the ground, use them as face paint, hang them up in your house, or plaster them as wallpaper. Or, you are able to make a simple shirt with them. While Pro Designs are created for a specific kind of clothing. Thus, you are able to be interested in detailing to make an impressively stylish outfit.

How to Search for a Design ID?

    • Firstly, access the Custom Designs Portal by interacting with the pink kiosk at the Able Sisters Store or by pressing X in the Custom Designs app on your Nook Phone.
    • Then, choose Search for Design ID.
    • Now, you are able to enter the ID which you are looking for. For note: Design IDs start with MO-.
    • Please choose Confirm.
    • Next, your game will search for the code. If you like the look of the design choose Save.
    • Please choose Close.
    • Choose a PRO Pattern which you are willing to overwrite.
    • Choose Overwrite it.

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