How to Get CRDOWNLOAD File to JPG Converter Online

When you are downloading a .jpg file extension on Chrome browser but it comes with .crdownload extension, you are suddenly confused why it happens, aren’t you? In fact, you’re sometimes downloading a file but you are not aware of the file in .crdownload file extension.

Then, we guess that the first thing that you can do is to remove the file from the history of download on Google Chrome. Even though there are ways you can do so that you can still open the file but sometimes the chances of success are few. Certainly, it’s normal if there is none who succeed in opening or converting .crdownload file extension to another extension.

How to Get CRDOWNLOAD File to JPG Converter Online

In fact, there are many people who are looking for an online tool that can help them in  converting .crdownload file to JPG or other file extensions. Unfortunately, not all online tools can solve their problem.

Here, we also do not promise that the ways that we explain below are really able to solve your problem in converting crdownload files to .jpg. However, crdownload file extension is a temporary file extension created by Google Chrome browser. Here, the file is called Chrome Partial Download files that means the file is not completely downloaded.

Of course, a chance to open and convert it to another extension is just a few percent. So as with your problem, you want to convert .crdownload to jpg. Even though you are using many converters online to change .crdownload file to .jpg file, we emphasize that it is not working at all.

But, if you are really curious to try converting .crdownload to .jpg file extension, here you can use a converter online site name File Extension that you can access at

You definitely can access the site and try  to convert the .crdownload file that you have downloaded on Google Chrome to .jpg file extension. So, let’s find out how to use this online converter tool.

  • Once you are at the page, click the “Find Converter” menu at the top of the page.

Find Converter

  • Then, type sources and target file extension on the available box.
  • On I want to convert from option, you have to type “crdownload” to “jpg” option.

 I want to convert from

  • Then, hit Search converter.
  • Surprisingly, the result says that “We could not find a specific conversion match to your search query”.

Surprisingly, the result says that “We could not find a specific conversion match to your search query”.

From the information shown above, it means that you definitely cannot convert .crdownload file extension to .jpg file extension using this online converter.

Note: It also applies to all online converters where there is no one online converter that can convert .crdownload file to .jpg file.

Well, from this result, we definitely can conclude that .crdownload file cannot be converted to .jpg file.

Why can’t .crdownload file convert to .jpg file?

The only thing that you have to know about .crdownload file extension is that this file appears because Chrome is actively downloading something. Then, the file automatically removes the “crdownload” portion after the download process finishes. Well, after the downloading process finishes, .crdownload file extension will change automatically to the original file extension. But, not all .crdownload files can open the original extension, most of them really cannot be opened.

Besides, .jpg file extension can just be converted by following sources file extensions as a target file type:

bin to jpg enc to jpg pkpass to jpg
btw to jpg indd to jpg pmd to jpg
cdr to jpg inp to jpg pspimage to jpg
dcm to jpg is2 to jpg rem to jpg
ecw to jpg ithmb to jpg skp to jpg
eddx to jpg kml to jpg stl to jpg
emb to jpg ksd to jpg tmp to jpg
emz to jpg mp3 to jpg xmind to jpg
xxx to jpg

From the list above, of course there is .crdownload that can be converted to .jpg.

Could you delete .crdownload file extension?

Well, if you check your download history on Chrome browser, then you see old.crdownload files for a long time of course you definitely can delete them. This can happen if you don’t clean your Downloads folder regularly and ignore it.

In this case, you have a right to delete files whenever you like. If no download is in progress and you don’t need to continue downloading using the file, go ahead and delete it. You definitely can delete the .crdownload file when you no longer need it.

For instance, If you check your Downloads folder and see files named Song (1) .mp3 and Song.mp3.crdownload, you can delete the ones that end in .crdownload. It’s just an incomplete download file that you don’t need.

If you try to download the file and come back later to see the .crdownload file that’s in your Downloads folder, the file fails to download properly (or is still downloading). You can then return to Chrome’s download manager to try downloading again. The .crdownload file provided a reminder that you were about to download a specific file, but it didn’t arrive successfully.

The point is, CRDOWNLOAD file refers to downloading file in progress, downloads that have failed, or downloads that are paused.

Why can’t we open the .crdownload file?

CRDOWNLOAD files don’t open in a program because they’re really just a by-product of the Google Chrome web browser – something that is produced by the browser but not actually used.

However, if the file download in Chrome has been interrupted and the download has stopped, it may be possible to keep part of the file by renaming the download. Then, by removing “CRDOWNLOAD” from the file name, the way can succeed. It generally applies on video file extensions including MKV, MP4, and others.

Well, if you want to open a .crdownload file on your computer, the only way that you have to do is to have the appropriate program installed. If .crdownload is not set correctly, you probably will receive the error message as follow: 

Windows can’t open this file:

File: example.crdownload

If you get this message, it means that Windows needs the program to use it opening .crdownload. Here, Windows will go online to look it up automatically or you can choose manually from a list of programs which are installed on your computer.

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