How to Find Villages in Minecraft

In the world of Minecraft, the term village is used to call a group of complex of buildings and the other structures populated by villagers. These places consist of houses to stay and to trade, farms to gain food, and chests with loot. For those who are looking for the villages in the game, here are some methods to try.

Method 1: On Desktop

    • If you want to find the villages in Minecraft on desktop, opening the game called Minecraft is the first thing that should be done. To do so, you can just choose the icon of Minecraft, which is the dirt block shaped icon and then click the PLAY button located at the bottom of the Minecraft launcher.

find the villages in Minecraft on desktop

    • Once it opens, click Singleplayer, the one found in the middle of the Minecraft window. Clicking it opens a list of the singleplayer worlds.

click Singleplayer,

    • Please choose the world that has cheats enabled.
    • After that, open the console by pressing the / key.
    • In this step, you should enter the locate command by typing in locate Village and then pressing the Enter key. Do not forget to enter the V in Village in the capital because using the lower case will result in a broken command. Actually, using the lower case is allowed in the recent version of the game.
    • After entering the command, you can review the results.

After entering the command

    • The seventh step is to enter the teleport command. It can be done by re-opening the console and entering teleport [player] [x-coordinate] [y-coordinate] [z-coordinate]. Please replace the bracketed information with the username and the coordinates of the village and guess the y coordinate.
    • When everything is done, please press Enter to run the teleport command.

Method 2: On Mobile

    • Firstly, open Minecraft by tapping the icon of the Minecraft app, the one that looks like a block of dirt with grass on it.

apping the icon of the Minecraft app

    • Then, tap Play. If you have no idea, it is located near the top of the main Minecraft page.
    • Choose a world by tapping a world that you want to use. It is different compared to the Minecraft on desktop as it allows you to enable cheats from within the game. In the other words, you are free to select any world.
    • After choosing a world, it is time to tap the two vertical lines key at the top of the screen called Pause icon. Tapping it will open the Pause menu. Please skip this step in case you already have cheats enabled in your world.
    • The fifth step is to tap Settings, which is in the Pause menu.

tap Settings

    • Next, scroll down to the World Options section.
    • Then, tap the dark grey Activate Cheats switch. Doing so will make it light grey, indicating that cheats are now enabled.

Activate Cheats switch

    • Tap Continue when asked.
    • Do not forget to resume the game by tapping the ex in the top right corner of the screen and the tapping Resume Game at the top of the Pause menu.
    • After that, tap Chat icon.

tap Chat icon

    • In this step, you have to enter the locate command, which is /locate village and tap -> on the far right side of the text field.

locate command

    • Apparently, the results can be reviewed, so please do it.
    • Another thing that should be entered is the teleport command, which is /tp [username] [x-coordinate] [y-coordinate] [z-coordinate]. Remember to replace the bracketed information with your username and the coordinates of the village. It is needed for you to guess the y coordinate.

entered is the teleport command

    • Lastly, tap ->, the one located on the far right side of the text box.

tap arrow icon

Method 3: On Consoles

    • First of all, you should know how this method works. Keep in mind that the commands cannot be used on the console editions of the game, so finding the seed code for a world before entering it to a village finder online to find the village is the way. After that, you can go to the location of the village manually with the help of a map.
    • Next, open Minecraft.

open Minecraft.

    • Choose Play Game that is found at the top of the main Minecraft menu.
    • Choose a world by pressing A or X with the world chosen to open the page.

Choose a world

    • Remember the seed of the world.

Remember the seed of the world

    • Then, open the ChunkBase village finder on a computer.
    • When you are there, enter the seed number of your world.

enter the seed number of your world

    • Do not forget to click Find Villages!
    • The ninth step is to scroll down and choose your console. Please choose the PC (1.10 and up) box and then click XOne/PS4 or X360/PS3 to revise the map to show the specific villages.

choose your console

    • If needed, you can zoom it.
    • It is time for you to find the location of the village by choose one of the yellow dots on the map and looking at the coordinates that show up below the bottom left corner of the map.

find the location of the village

    • Then, make a map and equip it.
    • The last thing that you should do is to navigate to the village.

navigate to the village

Method 4: Looking for Villages Organically

    • It is important to understand that finding a village is not easy and it may take times.
    • You will need to know where to look.

know where to look

    • It is also needed to know what to look for.
    • Once you are ready, get ready for a long journey.
    • You are recommended to tame a mount for transportation.
    • After getting a mount, the next thing is to find a viewpoint.
    • Do not forget to look for torches at night.

Do not forget to look for torches at night

    • Do not stop exploring. Villages are known to be random and no one knows the way to find one in the game without the help of the third party tools. The best chance to find a village is by taking the time to explore each compatible biome that you see.

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