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The ZIP code or postal code is such a main piece of your location information that the POF site uses. However, the ZIP code is really important as POF uses your location based on postal/ZIP code. Of course, setting your location on the Plenty Of Fish to ease people find you is totally a must.

Then, if you’ve moved to a new location on a permanent basis or are taking a long trip, it’s better for you to change your ZIP code on your POF profile. However, if you move or travel abroad, it may happen that POF is not available in the country you visit. In this case, you absolutely cannot change your ZIP code.

Well, in the Plenty Of Fish, you’re really allowed to search people based on ZIP code. However, using the POF Search tool is such a gorgeous way to find potential people for dating on Plenty Of Fish. Then, how to search people based on ZIP code?

Searching People Based ZIP Code on POF, Here’s the Guide!

In order to use the Search tool on POF, you surely have to login first. After you are logged in, you will be ready to explore the POF search function to query your perfect match. You will find a variety of links at the tops of the screen on POF. Well, you will find the Search button next to the Meet Me button. You can then go ahead and click on the Search button.

click on the Search button.

At least, there are four different types of searches you can use. They are Basic Search, Advanced Search, Username Search and Distance. Well, if you want to search people based on ZIP code, you can choose Basic Search.

choose Basic Search.

The Basic Search option lets you filter out different people by using different parameters. However, what is in basic search is the most cases the things people search for when seeking someone for online dating.

In basic search, you sort of gender and choose an age range. Through this search, you can also choose not to see a profile without a photo. In fact, most people using online dating want to see someone’s photo.

Once you sort of gender and an age, the next two fields are intention and body type. Then, on the next list of search, you will find education level, ethnicity and country. Well, the ZIP code here can be found once choosing a country, lists of states or provinces. Then, they will appear to narrow things down even further.

You can also type in the city you want to filter through as well. If you use POF sites in the United States, Canada, Australia or UK, you can search by ZIP code or postal code. Then, you can also choose a range of miles away from that ZIP code or city you want to explore.

Then, the last option on basic search is to sort by either last visit or by who is new. What you should do after that is to click on the search button and start looking for someone.

What Are Benefits You’ll Get from the Search Tool on POF?

Finding love has never been as easy as you think. Of course, finding someone who deserves you is very difficult especially through online dating sites. You can find people from all over the world on online dating sites, but it is very difficult to find a loved one. You can find people from different ethnicities, countries and also different backgrounds on POF.

Sure, with the Search tool available on POF, you will easily find people nearby who have the same country through ZIP code search. Well, with the wide array of search filters, you will really narrow down and find exactly who you are looking for.

Even though you will get any emails from different people on POF, then, are they really people who are looking for them? That’s why the Search tool works to filter out people you may or may not like to meet. We think it’s a great way to use online dating.

Once you log into your POF account, you can then start looking for someone by using the Search tool.

Aside from Basic Search, POF also still has three Search tools that you can use to find people by sort of other criterias, here are they:

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

The next Search tool which works identical to the basic search is Advanced Search, but it has more options. The Advanced Search will perform a query based on every possible field other members have entered in their own profile. For example, if you are a Leo and want to date a Gemini, you can sort by astrological sign.

By using Advanced Search, you will also have a chance to find people who drink. Well, the combinations are almost unlimited. Then, if you find someone you are interested in, you can then send them an email in their POF inbox. You never know what may come about.

Username Search

Username Search

Username Search allows you to find the username of members you are looking for. To use the username search, you can click on the tab which has that label. Then, you will only find one form field here and it’s one you can type in. If you really know someone’s username, you can type it and then their profile will come up.

However, if you only know part of their username, you can also search for the part you know. The POF will then give the results of men and women with similar usernames. So, you will easily find them.

Distance Search

Distance Search

When you have logged into your POF account, you can also sort users by distance. What you should do is to click on the distance tan under search. By doing this, it will sort members who are close to you based on the information you field out when you created your POF account. Well, if you want to use this option, ensure you’ve entered the right information in your own profile.

Those are all Search tools that you can use to find a loved one on POF site.

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