How to Farm Primogems Faster in Genshin Impact

Primogems are important resources in the game called Genshin Impact. They allow you to increase your roster through Fates and Wishes. Just like any other stuff, there are several ways to acquire Primogems.

1. Daily Commissions

The thing known as Daily Commissions are available at AR12. It is the easiest to access and the easiest way to farm Primogems. You will get 4 commissions each day from the Adventurers’ Guild. Each of them rewards you 10 Primogems and completing all of them reward you an additional 20 Primogems. In total, you will get 60 Primogems every day.

2. Spiral Abyss

Apparently, the Spiral Abyss is available at AR20. However, the stages in the beginning only give once off the first clear Primogem reward and more later. The Floors 9+ of the Spiral Abyss will be reset once every two weeks. These floors give you 150 Primogems per floor. The thing is, these floors are quite hard. Unlike with the Daily Commissions, this one is able to be accessed by beginners.

Right now, there are 12 Floors available, which means 1,200 Primogems per month. If you go out every day for a month or 30 days, the total is 3,000 Primogems that you can get from Daily Comissions and Spiral Abyss.

3. Monthly Card

This one is a paid method and it is not included in another source of consistent Primogems. This monthly card is also known as Blessings of the Welkin Moon. How much does it cost for a monthly card? You are able to buy it with various things for the price of $4.99. By spending that amount of money, you will get  300 Genesis Crystals instantly as well as 90 Primogems per day. You can convert the Genesis Crystals into Primogems at a 1:1 ratio. Basically, it is the same as 3,000 Primogems per month. This monthy card can double what you can gain as a F2P player.

4. Battle Pass

Just like Spiral Abyss, the Battle Pass is available at AR20. This one is a seasonal feature with a set of rewards that you can unlock by leveling the Battle Pass. Those who have purchased the premium Battle Pass are the ones that will be given the Primogem as the reward. However, it is possible that the rewards change in the future. As of now, reaching Level 50 (Max) Battle Pass will give you 680 Primogems.

Apart from those there are things called once time rewards. You cannot farm Primogems but these things will boost the Primogems on your wallet.

5. Spiral Abyss

Clearing Floor 1 to 8 will reward you once time Primogem. It is one of the largest methods to boost your Primogems savings. Earning Stars from floors chambers will give you Primogems. Each floor, you can get up to 9:

  • 3 Stars: 100 Primogems
  • 6 Stars: 100 Primogems
  • 9 Stars: 100 Primogems
  • The total of the Primogem is 300 Primogems per floor. If you sum it, it is about 2,400 Primogems in total across floors 1-8.

6. Opening Chests

You can find the chests easily all across the world of Genshin Impact. When you open them, it will give you Primogems. All that should be done is to find them for which a nice map is also provided.

  • Common: 0-2 Primogems
  • Exquisite: 2-5 Primogems
  • Precious: 5-10 Primogems
  • Luxurious: 10+ Primogems
  • Shrine: 40 Primogems (once off)

7. Adventure Rank

You are able to go to the Adventurer’s Guild to collect your reward as you level up your AR. Usually, it includes Primogems. In addition, more Primogems rewards are available as you complete the Investigation Process through the Adventurer Handbook.

8. Domain Dungeons

Finding out the new Domains will give you 5 Primogems and 40 Primogems if you clear them.

9. Statue of The Seven

Leveling up the Statue of The Seven will give you a total of 90 Primogems for both the Anemo and Geo status, which is 180 Primogems in total.

10. Achievements

There are a lot of achievements in Genshin Impact that reward you Primogems, such as Wonders of the World, The Art of Adventure, The Hero’s Journey, Elemental Specialist, Marksmanship, and so on.

11. A Few More

Some other ones include discovering new teleport waypoints to get 55 Primogems, completing story quests and side quests, event rewards, which includes that generous launch event reward that is able to be found in your mail when you reach AR7.

Basically, the simplest one is to just log in to the game. By doing so, you will get a daily login gift, but only if you log in every day. However, if you miss a day, you will not get the final login reward. Sometimes, the gift will be an amount of Primogems. For launch week, if you are able to log in for all seven days, you will get PRimogems as a bonus on day 3 and day 7.

The second way that you can try to earn Primogems is to play the game. It is as easy as that. By completing tasks, quests, challenges, and so on, you will get Primogems as a reward. At last, as you play through the game, you will unlock the Adventurer’s Handbook. In this kind of book, you will have to do some mini-quests and you will get a reward every time you complete one. Once you have completed all the quests on a page or chapter, you will unlock a bigger reward, which as you expected, will always reward you some Primogems.

Beside these two above, another way to farm Primogems is once you hit the Adventure Rank 12. When you reach this rank, the first dungeon will open up named Explore: Windy Cliff, and when you complete it for the first time, you will get a lot of extra rewards. In addition, the other dungeons will become available with every third increase of Adventure Rank, the next being at Rank 15, then 18, and then so on.