10 Easy Ways to Earn Primogems & Wishes in Genshin Impact

Primogems and Wishes are the most important things in the game of Genshin Impact. As you know, Primogems is the premium currency in this game that you can use for buying Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate in Paimon’s or the Wishes menu and also refilling original resin (stamina/energy).

While, Wishes can be obtained by using items called Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate that you can buy with Primogems. From this, we’ll see that the two items here are very needed in playing the Genshin Impact game. That seems hard to get them but we have 10 Easy Way to Earn Primogems and Wishes in the Genshin Impact game.

Here’s how!

  1. Daily Quest

Daily Quest

The first easy way that will reward you more primogems is the daily quest. It will grant you with ten primogems per quest and an extra twenty if you have completed all four and visit the adventure guild.

A daily quest set will be released each day and a smart way to earn more primogems in a player’s account without spending any money. Once you reach Adventure Level 12 in Genshin Impact, you will get Daily Commissions or daily commissions. Once all commissions have been completed, you will get bonus items, including Primogems.

In order to complete the daily quest, you have to login each day using your game account. Genshin Impact has a reward system that players can get by logging in every day. The prizes given are different every day, but on the third day you can get 100 Primogems and on the seventh day you get 200 Primogems. It sounds good to get 420 primogems per week which can add up faster.

  1. Opening the Chests

Opening the Chests

Opening the chests scattered around the map is such a great chance for you to add more primogems even though many players hate to do it this way due to the bored way to do it. But the chests that you find have two primogems and an exquisite cheat which can have up to five. While, the precious chests will provide a guaranteed five while luxurious can have up to 40 primogems.

When exploring the vast world of Genshin Impact, don’t forget to find and open scattered chests or treasure chests. Usually a treasure chest contained several Primogems fruit in it. Then, easing you to build up primogems fast as most chests are really quick to open and abundant around the map.

  1. Finding the Shrine of Depths

Shrines Of Depths

Shrine of Depths are the strange ruins scattered all over Teyvat. At the beginning, you will see that they have a force field which can keep them from earning the chest inside. So if you complete the quest and earn the keys, you’re automatically able to unlock the Shrines to get 40 primogems.

The Shrine of Depths in Mondstadt and Liyue also has a treasure map with a Precious level in it which is guaranteed to contain many interesting items, including Primogems. However, it’s a fun and fast way to get primogems which will grant you the bonuses to do world quests.

  1. Battle Pass

Battle Pass

Battle pass seems a gorgeous way to obtain wishes even though it will not always be available to come around. But at least, you can take the battle pass if it’s available to get more primogems and wishes.

With battle pass, you will be granted a wish in every ten levels and it’s not hard to level up the battle pass as long as all daily and weekly goals are completed before they run out.  While, if you successfully reach the top rank, they’re even able to spend money to unlock the additional rewards.

  1. Reward Event

Reward Event1

Getting more primogems by participating in certain events is another great way that you should take. Once you’ve participated in the event, you need to keep your eye on the announcements about the events. Previously, there have already been some events in the Genshin Impact game which granted the players plenty of primogems just by checking in-game mail by going to a log-in menu and trading forged goods.

Of course, more events in Genshin Impact are now already planned for the future. We hope it will be a superb way for the players to save up more primogems. Moreover, reward events have different prizes each time. For now, you can get 20 Primogemes by testing the abilities of the new character, Venti. Just play as Venti for a while and complete the dungeon, you can get this prize.

  1. Reward Adventure Rank

Reward Adventure Rank

In the Genshin Impact game, you have to level up to unlock new quests and level up their world. The leveling up here is also a great way to get some extra primogems and wishes. Need to know, when you are using the adventure book, it can help you to give extra currency while at the same time raising your traveler level.

Make sure you check in with the adventure desk each time you level up to claim your reward. Each time your Adventure Level increases, you are entitled to get certain prizes from Adventure Level Rewards. The trick is to talk to Katheryne, the Adventure Guild receptionist. Choose to take the Rank Adventure prize, then you will get various attractive prizes. Every few levels, you also have the opportunity to get Primogem.

  1. World Quest and Story Quest

The two quests here can be one of the greatest ways to earn more primogems and wishes. The world quests here will unlock the more a player levels up and explorers. Those quests are often given by NPCs around the map which may take anywhere from a few minutes to over thirty, based on the players’ ability.

The world quests

Longer the quest is, the higher reward and probably more primogems you’ll get. To take the quests, you can go into the Shrine of Depths to earn the keys.

The story quests are one of the quick ways to earn more primogems, especially for new players. However, the quests grant you plenty of rewards including primogems to get free pulls and level up.

The story quests 

The character in the story quests also will grant you primogems as the reward to help you have a chance at pulling the character the quest centers around. During the story quests, you can also check in the quest menu what completion rewards each quest will grant at the end.

  1. Trying a New Character

Trying a New Character

As we know, Mihoyo is regularly adding in new characters. By just simply trying to add them out to the game, you definitely can earn the rewards. For example, if you try out Klee, as the new Genshin Impact character, you certainly will get 30 primogems for free on top of letting them see whether the character is reliable to use in the game or not. Even if all the character tryouts do not give primogems, they usually have more inviting items such as any experience books.

  1. Stardust Trading 

Stardust Trading 

Stardust is also another type of Genshin Impact game currency which can add up each time when you do a pull. Of course, Stardust here is not a useless thing as it can be claimed for a large variety of the items including those needed to level up. To note, each month through 5 of each type of wish can be purchased with Stardust. All of them will grant you ten free pulls a month for doing nothing other than visiting the shop menu.

  1. Activate Statue of The Seven and Unfound Domain

You can also get Primogem by giving offerings to Statue of The Seven. Here, you can increase the level of the Statue using Anemoculus which is scattered in various places. Each level, you can get 10 Primogems.

 Statue of The Seven.

You can enter the Adventure Book to see which domains you haven’t found. You can also track on the domain list to open it. Once you have activated it, you can get 5 Primogems. Yes, not bad rather than nothing.

 domains you haven't found

Well, those are 10 great ways to earn Primogems and Wishes easily. You can now use one of them, some of them and even all of them to get more primogems and wishes in the game of Genshin impact.

More Tips and Tricks

If you feel those ways above are not workable for you to earn primogems and wishes in Genshin Impact because of some issues, you certainly can take some tips and tricks that we’ll show below.

In this post, we also give you more tips and tricks which hopefully help you to earn more primogems and wishes in the game. Let’s try to take multiple tips and tricks as follow:

  • Activate the Teleport

Activate the Teleport

Aside from activating the Statue of The Seven and Unfound Domain, you can also try to activate the teleport in game. If you feel hard to find it, don’t worry as teleports are available at certain points on the World Map. It serves as a tool to move instantly from one place to another. Every time you activate a Teleport, you will get 50 Primogems.

  • Open the Shrine

Open the Shrine

By opening the Shrine, you can also get Primogems. To open it, you need a key item called the Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Key. After finishing it, you can get Primogems.

  • Complete the domain and The Abyss

Genshin Impact has several domains in which if it is opened, it will present a short challenge to fight monsters. When players reach Adventure Rank 20, players will receive a new domain called The Abyss.

The rewards obtained by completing the domain and The Abyss are quite abundant, so the chances of you getting Primogems to exchange for Wish are very large. By defeating monsters that are encountered for the first time, you can also get Primogems. If you encounter new monsters or lessons about a certain combination of elements, a tip box will appear in the middle of the screen. By just reading these tips, you can also get Primogems.

Besides, to get Primogems is to enter the Spiral Abyss. The way to get in is quite complicated. Later you will play in each room with various levels. When you have completed a certain level, you can get Primogems.

  • Achievement


Of course, you may already know that there are many Achievements that you can get from Genshin Impact. Every time you complete one of them, you can get 5 Primogems. Even though the amount of the primogems is just a few, if you consistently complete any achievement of the Genshin Impact game, of course you will collect a lot of overtime.

  • Complete the Dungeon Challenge

Complete the Dungeon Challenge

There are various dungeons that you can play after reaching a certain Adventure Level. When clearing the Dungeon for the first time, you can get 40 Primogemes. Remember, you can only get Primogem when you first finish it.

If you have collected enough Primogems through the ways above, you can exchange them for Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate through Paimon’s Bargains, one of the shops in the game. Both of these items can be purchased by exchanging 160 Primogems.

If you cannot wait to use Wish and collect characters, there is also a faster way but you have to spend money. You can buy Genesis Crystals at Genshin Impact with prices starting at USD 0.99 for 60 crystals which can then be exchanged for Primogems at a 1: 1 ratio.

How to Use Primogems Effectively?

Of course, if you have a lot of primogems, you surely have to use it effectively and efficiently so as not to use the wrong. Here’s how to use primogems in Genshin Impact game:

  • Use for Gacha (Wish)

You can get Gacha by using Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate. 1 Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate requires 160 Primogems.

  • Resin Refills

Refilling Original Resin can also be filled with primogems. You have to refill 60 resins 6 times a day. Please think carefully, because the price of primogems for refilling resin will increase every time you refill.

We suggest that primogems are better exchanged for Gacha (Wish) than filling the Original Resin because the Resin will be replenished every day as well.

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