How to Download Someone’s Instagram Story Without Them Knowing

Sometimes you want to save someone’s IG story as you really need his/her content. But you may feel unwell if you suddenly DM him/her to send the content to you even more so if you don’t really know the person. Well, it leads you to find other ways in order to get the IG story without him/her knowing.

Is it possible to download someone’s IG story without them knowing? Thankfully, there are multiple ways that you can do if you really want to download someone’s IG story without them knowing. To note, here we use a third-party downloader site which is reliable to get someone’s IG story.

How to Download Someone's Instagram Story Without Them Knowing

Here’s how!

For Desktop

There are plenty of IG story downloaders that you can use to get someone’s IG story. Here they are;

  • StoryDownloader

a site which is dedicated to download the IG story. You can access the site at Once you’re at the page of this site, you need to find the user by copying someone’s username. Then, you can paste it on the Enter Instagram Username box and click on the Get Stories button. You finally can download any photos or videos from someone’s IG story that you want.

  • Story Saver

You can also use this site to download someone’s IG story. Access the site at Once you are at this page, you need to enter the Instagram username, make sure to enter the account as you want to get their stories. Click on the Download button and choose the current story of highlights from the account as you want to. After that, you need to click Save as a button to save it on your PC or Mac.

  • StoriesIG

Firstly, you need to access StoriesIG site at on your PC or mobile browser.Then, you need to enter the username of someone you want to download. Make sure to enter the exact match of their username so please be careful. Better for you to copy and paste the username.

Once you enter the correct username, the profile will be shown. Here, you can choose it to see their stories. You can also play videos and see the pictures on the resulting page before you download. To download it, you need to click the Download button to save one to your PC or mobile.

  • Weynstag

Firstly, go to the weynstag site at Then, you need to enter the username of someone you want to download their IG story or you can copy the URL of the photo (or video) that you want to download. Then, paste it into  Weynstag tool’s box and click on the Download button to start download. Last, the photos or videos will now appear and you can now click on the Save button.

On desktop, it may be easier to download someone’s IG story as you can open the IG web and search for the person that you want. Then, you can directly copy the url of their IG story or IG feeds and paste the url into the downloader sites above. That’s it! It’s very easy to download someone’s IG story, isn’t it?

For  Android

For Android, you can also use the Story Saver apps that you can download from Google Play Store. Like on iOS, to download someone’s IG story, you need to log into your Instagram account to get started. The main page will show you all the stories which your followers have posted on, however you can also look for other users in the search bar.

On Android, if you want to download someone’s photos or videos, you have to choose the photo or video that you want and then click on the Save button. The photo actually will be present in the Story Saver folder when you’re searching at your photos.

Whatever the methods you use to save the IG story, that’s a great option to ensure you’re doing with the permissions of someone who posted it. Well, the way is really important if you want to share someone’s content in your own IG’s feed or story.

For iOS

The apps that you’re using on iOS may be different from the apps you use on Android. On iOS, you actually can use the Repost Story for Instagram app from Apple Store. After all, this app is fairly easy to use, just giving it access to your photo library and then looking for an Igs username. It also allows you to watch Stories so someone will never know you are watching them.

The Story Creator app also will help you to recreate your old photos or videos with a new recent time. In other words, the tool can modify the time when you post your photos or videos.

Well, those are some apps and steps that you can do to download someone’s IG story without knowing them.

Tips to View Instagram Stories without Owner Knowing

In order to not get caught, there are two smart ways you can try to view IG stories without owner knowing, here they are:

  • Shift in half the IG story view

In general, you can see this Instagram Story by tapping, then the content can appear and be seen. Now the first way to see Instagram Story without the owner knowing it is to look at the previous Instagram story.

For example, if the display order of your friend X’s Instagram Story is in the first place, you only need to open Instagram Story Y next to the account. When you open Y account hold and slightly slide to peek at story X. Don’t let you see it in full screen or it’s too long. Because that way it can be detected by the account owner.

  • Add Google Chrome extension

In Google Chrome, you can add the extension “Chrome IG Story” on the Chrome Web Store. After that you will see the Chrome IG Story menu display at the top right corner.

By choosing this menu you can see a friend’s or other person’s Story without the owner knowing it. Don’t worry, with this extension, you won’t be caught, you can even download or share the Story.