How to Check Your Power Ranking in Fortnite

Power Ranking in Fortnite is a placement for the players who have participated in any Fortnite events. Through Power Ranking, we can see the players’ placement from the highest rank to the lowest ranks. Of course, it’s such a way to check the players’ skill in Fortnite.

Moreover, the Power Ranking attempts to rank the best players in Fortnite Battle Royale depending on recent performance in the latest Fortnite event. Of course, its system uses a quantitative model but there’s so many that you can tell from the data.

Through the Power Ranking, the players are able to notice with their recent strong placements moving up and others moving down. Well, it must give a sense of which players are reliable to watch. Then, do you want to check your Power Ranking but you do not know how to do it? If so, let’s find the way that we’ll explain below!

Power Ranking in Fortnite

How to Check Your Power Ranking?

To check your Power Ranking, you will need any Fortnite tracker tools. However, all of the players’ placements can be checked in some Fortnite trackers. Not only able to track the Fortnite cosmetics, the Fortnite trackers also provide the list of the players’ placements in any events.

The Fortnite trackers cannot only show the Power Ranking from the latest event, but also it can show you the track record of events which have been held in Fortnite. That’s such a complete tool to check the players’ Power Ranking, isn’t it?

In 2020, the Power Ranking of Fortnite game will place the best players in the competitive field of Battle Royale. Furthermore, the ranking here will be updated automatically every 24 hours. Then, the players will move up depending on their results in tournaments in 2020.

Because to check your Power Ranking can be done through the Fortnite trackers, of course you should know the trackers which are reliable to check your Power Ranking. There are plenty of Fortnite trackers which will show your Power Ranking. Certainly, each tracker has a different guide to show your Power Ranking.

If you really want to see your Power Ranking, you absolutely can do it through Fortnite trackers that we’ll list as follow:


The first trusted Fortnite tracker to check your Power Ranking is Among pro Fortnite players, this tracker is very popular aside from checking the Fortnite cosmetics, it’s also really useful to see the players’ Power Ranking.

Through the, you can know how your rank is calculated. This tracer really works hard to create a system which fairly ranks the best Fortnite players in the world. In creating it, this tracker gathers any feedback from both competitive and casual communities.

Today, the is finally available to the public where you can now check your Power ranking on this tool. To check your Power Ranking through the, at least you should do the ways that will lead the to show your Power Ranking.

Here’s how! You need to filter your search by region, your Epic ID and also the platform you’re using to participate in the Fortnite event.

By taking those ways, the really will show your Power Ranking. Make sure that you take the filter as correct as possible to ease you getting your Power Ranking.

In calculating the players’ placement, uses a cumulative point model in which in every event, the player will be worth a specific amount of the points based on the placement and difficulty.

Here’s an example of Power Ranking that you can see from

1 NRG EpikWhalelol 332,539Top 0.1% $155,650 133
2 100T Arkhram. 316,951Top 0.1% $171,675 131
3 EP wavylol 272,062Top 0.1% $100,950 133

The second one is This tool may be different from the in the calculation of the players’ placement. The individual competitive event can be marked by the administrators as the event which counts for Power Rankings.

Then, the event will be community-approved in PR format. Once this event has concluded, the results will be automatically processed and then the players who are placed within PR format will be given their respective points. Finally, the results of the players’ placement will be shown on the player profiles and the Power Ranking leaderboards is formed by using the overall points of the players.

Moreover, every player profile will be automatically created once a player places for the first time within the Power Ranking format of an event. However, if you cannot find a profile, it can mean that the player has a special character in their name or even the player has not placed well enough in the event.

So as with you, if you really want to check your Power Ranking through this, you can also find your profile first until finally you can see your Power Ranking.

You can also create your team on this site but you have to register for an account first. After you have registered and logged in, you absolutely can head over to the team rankings page or you can click on your name in the top right corner.

Well, there will be an option to create a new team on this site. You surely have to fill in the form and wait for your edit to be approved by their moderators. Once your edit is approved, it automatically will show up on this site.

If you access this site, you definitely can see some menus that will ease you to find what you need. At the top of this page, you can see Home, PowerRankings, Tournaments and Support. At the left of the screen, you can see a list of regions, platforms, team rankings and country rankings.

Then, you can also click on the region and platform option to see your Power Rankings. Moreover, you can also search your Power Rankings through the Search bar.

Here’s an example of Power Ranking that you can see from

Rank Country Team Players PR Points      
#1 US Vanish Jahq 107649 4 8 4
#2 Canada Acorn 104068 6 7 4
#3 US TSM NA Khanada 102762 9 5 8

Well, those are two fortnite trackers that you can use to check your Power Rankings in Fortnite.

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