How to Breathe Underwater in Minecraft Without Potions

Minecraft offers the players a lot of real-life experiences. But, there are also many things that you cannot do in the real world, such as breathing in the water. By the way, how to breathe underwater in Minecraft without Potions?

How to Breathe Underwater in Minecraft Without Potions?

The potion is one of the most famous ways to breathe underwater in the game of Minecraft. But, there are some ways to breathe underwater in Minecraft without potions, including the use of conduit, turtle helmet and airlock.

Method 1: Use Conduit

The conduit is an easy method to help the players breathe underwater in Minecraft.

Here is a way to breathe underwater in Minecraft using a conduit:

Firstly, you will need three ingredients to make the conduit:

    • 8 Nautilus Shells.
    • A Heart of the Sea.
    • A Crafting Table.

Use Conduit

Then, you have to follow these steps below to make a conduit to breathe underwater in this sandbox game.

    • You have to go to the locations of shipwrecks to discover a treasure map.
    • After that, you have to open the map which is still incomplete.
    • Please swim towards the spot marked by an X and stand next to it.
    • Now, you are able to start to dig and discover the treasure chest which contains a Heart of the Sea.
    • Then, you are able to go to discover eight nautilus shells from some drowned at the sea.
    • Please open the crafting table to make the Conduit. Place the Heart of the Sea in the central box and 8 shells around the heart to make this tool.

Method 2: Use Turtle Helmet

Use Turtle Helmet

Here is a way to breathe underwater in Minecraft by using a Turtle Helmet. This is another way to breathe underwater in this game without potions. To get five turtle shells from two default turtles, you have to breed Minecraft turtles and feed them. Then, wait until those turtles lay five eggs. After that, you have to raise 5 baby turtles to get 5 adult turtles by feeding them with seagrass. You will be able to find seagrasses in the non-frozen ocean.

Next, follow these steps below to craft a turtle shell and use it to breathe underwater.

    • Please collect 5 scutes to craft the turtle helmet.
    • Then, open the crafting table with 9×9 grids.
    • You have to place 5 scutes in an ‘n’ shape, including three shells on the top row and two shells on the middle row. Please place those two shells in the left and right grid. Just leave the central grid blank.
    • Get the turtle helmet and put it into your inventory.

The turtle helmet will help you breathe underwater for 10 seconds. If you improve the normal helmet to get an enchanted helmet, then you are going to have an ability to breathe underwater in Minecraft for about 70 seconds.

Method 3: Use Airlock

Use Airlock

Another method to breathe underwater in Minecraft without potions is using the trapdoor. The trapdoor is going to prevent water from flowing into the room.

Here is how to breathe underwater in Minecraft by using doors for the airlock:

    • Firstly, build a room underwater.
    • Please prepare crucial materials to build the airlock, including the torches, sand, and water.
    • Ensure that the hallway’s ceiling equals the highest water level, or it can be higher by one block.
    • Now, you have to place the torch on the wall where water will be able to contact it. Ensure that you leave enough space above so that you are able to supply enough sand to seal the Chamber.
    • Please place sand above that torch until it reaches the ceiling.
    • You are able to repeat this process until the hall is waterproofed.

For Note: Please prepare enough torches. The number of the material equals the width of the corridor. Aside from that, ensure that you have enough sand. The amount of sand equals the height times the width of the corridor.

Making Water-Breathing Potions

The potion will allow you to breathe underwater in 3 – 8 minutes. It is the most famous way to inhale and exhale when you are in the water. Firstly, you have to collect some materials. Then, you are able to follow several steps to make water-breathing potions. The process to make this item is complex.

Here are Ingredients for water-breathing potions:

    • A water bottle
    • A nether wart
    • A pufferfish
    • One rafting table
    • One brewing stand
    • Blaze powder
    • Redstone
    • Gunpower
    • Dragon’s Breath

Here are steps to make water-breathing potions:

    • At the first step, you have to use 4 wood planks to make a crafting table.
    • Then, make a blaze powder from a blaze rod.
    • After that, use a blaze rod to make the blaze powder.
    • Then, you are able to place the crafting table on the ground to make the brewing stand from three cobblestones and the blaze rod.
    • Now, you are able to put the Brewing machine on the land and open the brewing menu.
    • You have to add ingredients of this potion into the Brewing machine: Blaze Powder at the upper-left corner box > 3 Water Bottles at the bottom boxes > Nether Wart in the top box. You are going to get the Awkward Potion in the water bottles.
    • Afterwards, you are able to add Pufferfish to make the water-breathing potion.
    • If you place a Redstone dust after this process, then you are able to improve the effective time of this potion from 3 minutes to 8 minutes.

Why Need to Breathe Underwater in Minecraft?

These methods above to breathe underwater in Minecraft lets the players swim and dive into the water without drowning. Minecraft has many wonderful biomes underwater for the players to explore. Besides, you are also able to explore the ocean and collect many materials, chests, marine species, etc. For instance, you are able to dive into the water and discover glow squids in Minecraft when you are able to breathe in the water. Also, you are able to stay in the water to build several structures underwater such as submarines, houses etc.

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