HOI4 Console Commands

In the game called Hearts of Iron 4, the things called console commands are also known as cheat codes. If you want to instantly find something on the database of 172 HOI4 commands for the newest version of the game on Steam (PC), you can just enter the name of the command into the search bar. If you want to view the detailed help related to the argument, please hover over a command. To be able to visit its command page, the one which you are able to find more help including examples, click on the name of the command.

List of some HOI4 console commands and explanations:

  1. gain_xp: It is useful to add experience to a Leader/General. The certain amount of experience is added to the Leader/General that you currently picked.
  2. cp: It will add command power for the max of 100%.
  3. st: It will add stability. Feel free to remove stability by specifying a negative number.
  4. ws: It will add war support. To remove it, you can just specify a negative number.
  5. allowtraits: It will remove restrictions on general trait assignment. You will be able to freely assign general traits to commanders and so on by using this command.
  6. add_equipment: It can be used to add a certain amount of any equipment other than naval equipment. Removing the equipment can be done by specifying a negative amount.
  7. add_latest_equipment: It will add the certain amount of equipment to each and every piece of equipment that you have unlocked or fully researched.
  8. whitepeace: It instantly makes white pieces or things that can return to the condition prior to the war between the certain countries.
  9. teleport: It can be used to either activate the teleportation tool or instantly teleport any chosen ships or armies to the province with the certain ID.
  10. allowdiplo: It allows it to be used for any diplomatic action without justification.
  11. debug_nuking: After using this command, feel free to nuke in any province, regardless of conditions.
  12. instantconstruction: It enables or disables the instant construction cheat, making each construction happen instantly.
  13. event: It will begin a certain event in a certain country.
  14. research: It can be used to research all equipment or equipment in a certain technology slot.
  15. research_on_icon_click: It will immediately research any technology when you click the icon of it in the technology tree.
  16. annex: It begins an annex with the certain country tag.
  17. winwars: It will give your country the maximum war score for all wars that is currently happening.
  18. manpower: It adds an opinion from the certain amount of manpower to your country.
  19. add_opinion: It adds an opinion from the certain country tag to another country.
  20. tag: It changes your country to a certain country.
  21. observe: It takes you into observe mode. It is where you will be asked to play no country at all. On the other words, the whole game plays on auto-plot. The messages will not be displayed and the game is not automatically paused.
  22. tdebug: It enables or disables debug mode. In this mode, IDs for a few things such as equipment, states, provinces, and so on are displayed when you hover over them. They are all helpful as they are used in the console commands.
  23. spawn: Please use “-debug” to your HOI4 launch options if you want to use this command. It can be used to spawn a certain amount of a unit in a province.
  24. occupationpaint: If there is no specific country tag, it will enable and disable occupation painting. If there is one, your country will occupy all land owned by the certain country.
  25. setowner: It sets the owner of a certain state.
  26. setcontroller: It sets the controller of a certain province.
  27. xp: It adds a certain amount of experience to all experiences, including army XP, naval XP,and air XP.

In HOI4, there are a ton of console commands. Apart from these above, some other ones include:

  1. pp
  2. civilwar
  3. add_party_popularity
  4. set_ruling_party
  5. help
  6. Focus.AutoComplete
  7. Focus.NoChecks
  8. Focus.IgnorePrerequisites
  9. Decision.No.Checks
  10. instant_prepare
  11. nu
  12. nuke
  13. yesman
  14. rendertype
  15. tweakergui
  16. add_ideas
  17. reload
  18. time
  19. realodfx
  20. particle_editor
  21. testtool
  22. analyzetheatres
  23. massconquer
  24. deleteallunits
  25. aircombat
  26. theatersrebuild
  27. fronts
  28. aidump
  29. traderoutes
  30. debug_tactics
  31. reloadsupply
  32. deltat
  33. building_health
  34. nomapicons
  35. nopausetext
  36. nextsong
  37. combatsound
  38. morehumans
  39. window
  40. reloadinterface
  41. reloadtechnologies
  42. updateequipments
  43. updatesubunits
  44. reloadoob
  45. update_loc
  46. poll
  47. pause_in_hours
  48. add_autonomy
  49. testevent
  50. resign
  51. add_interest
  52. add_diplo
  53. PrintSynchStuff
  54. SetRandomCount
  55. ai
  56. human_ai
  57. ai_invasion
  58. ai_accept
  59. fow
  60. collision
  61. savegame
  62. savecheck
  63. IP
  64. requestgameestate
  65. nudge
  66. mapmode
  67. fullscreen
  68. prices
  69. add_core
  70. remove_core
  71. debug_zoom
  72. debug_types
  73. debug_show_event_ID
  74. debug_commands
  75. debug_events
  76. debug_dumpevents
  77. debug_diploactions
  78. debug_dumpdiploactions
  79. debug_assert
  80. debug_smooth
  81. debug_nomouse
  82. debug_terrain
  83. debug_cities
  84. debug_water
  85. debug_fronts
  86. debug_off_front_snap
  87. debug_borders
  88. debug_trees
  89. debug_rivers
  90. debug_postfx
  91. debug_sky
  92. debug_tooltip
  93. flagsoutput
  94. cityreload
  95. error
  96. version
  97. debug_nogui
  98. debug_volume
  99. debug_lockcamera
  100. debug_lines
  101. debug_entities
  102. debug_info
  103. debug_particle
  104. debug_ai_budget
  105. debug_textures
  106. debug_texture
  107. debug_wireframe
  108. debug_achievements_clear
  109. moveunit
  110. spawnactor
  111. guibounds
  112. cameraclamp
  113. provtooltipdebug
  114. reloadweather
  115. weather
  116. debug_air_vs_land
  117. mapnames
  118. profilelog
  119. run
  120. oos
  121. debug_crash
  122. sleep
  123. goto_province
  124. goto_state
  125. trigger_docs
  126. 3dstats
  127. Hdr
  128. Hdr_debug
  129. Srgb
  130. Bloom
  131. PostEffectVolumes.Default
  132. night
  133. filewatcher
  134. createlean
  135. helplog
  136. hsv
  137. tag_color
  138. browse
  139. browse_base_url
  140. aiview
  141. airealism
  142. instant_wargoal
  143. set_country_flag
  144. set_cosmetic_tag

You can open the console by pressing the ` key. For those who have no idea, this one is located under ESC. If there is no one, then please press SHIFT + 2 and SHIFT + 3 combination key.

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