Halo Infinite Weapon Offset

A few UI changes have been found by a TikTok creator. With this, the players like you will be able to get a lot more visibility and a great advantage as the multiplayer mode of the game develops. If you are interesting about this topic, keep reading until the very end.

The multiplayer mode of the game by 343Industries called Halo Infinite was just released a few days ago and is still considered new. Its popularity keeps growing with top streamers and a huge number of players logging on.

Halo Infinite Weapon Offset

Apparently, Halo Infinite is still in its beta phase, meaning there is more time to fix some things that should be fixed and it should be done before the release of the full campaign next month or on December 8, 2021.

While waiting for the full campaign of Halo Infinite to be released, some players have learned deeper about the game. Some of them are working on finding the best ways to optimize the UI settings of the game and apparently, a user on the trendy platform called TikTok found one change in a certain thing. This one gives a player like you a lot of more visibility to work with.

As a first person shooter or FPS, the player is placed right behind any gun they may be wielding in the game. To make it clearer, any space the gun takes up on the screen is space that you are not able to see your surroundings. It might not be a problem for you if you have equipped a pistol. However, the issue arises when you have got the Rocket Launcher on deck and if you are in this kind of situation, there is no way that you can do except for saying goodbye and leaving your seat.

The good news is that a creator on TikTok called tazamlive has successfully discovered a way to remedy this, giving players a lot of more to work with on screen. he walks the players through the method to make these changes and there is a guide video to do that. In the guide, the creator suggests the players to go to the Weapon Offsets setting. In the Weapon Offsets, they have to lower the Vertical Offset and Depth Offset bars to the lowest number. It is effective to lower the position of the gun of the screen. Not only that, it can also make an extreme difference in the field of view. As for the crosshair, it will be in the same spot and the gameplay experience should be not changed. Plus, there will be more visibility to see opponents that are rounding corners and flying around the map.

The topic about Halo Infinite Weapon Offset is actually hard to find. When you enter the keyword on the browser, most of them will lead you to a popular platform called Youtube. If you want to find a lot of things about this topic on Youtube, here are all the steps that you have to follow:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to go to the official website of Youtube at https://ww.youtube.com. Not only that, you can also open the app called Youtube if you have it installed on your device.
    2. Since there is no need for you to log in to the platform or the app, when you are there, you can just go straight to the search bar and enter the keyword that you are looking for. As you are looking for the Halo Infinite Weapon Offset, the keyword that should be entered is “Halo Infinite Weapon Offset”
    3. After entering the keyword, do not forget to press enter to get the results shown on the screen.

There are a few videos that are related to the topic on Youtube. One of them is entitled How to Change your WEAPON OFFSET FOV in Halo Infinite. It is a short that was posted by Nspire on November 19, 2021. Since it is still considered new, it is not surprising that the views are still low, which is 8,656 views. According to the video, those who want more customization than just changing your field of view should go to your settings first. Then, go to UI. Please scroll down until you find Weapon Offsets. Feel free to make your weapon to shift to the left, shift to the right, move out, or move in. Check out the video to see an example.

The second one is entitled Halo Infinite – Best Weapon Viewmodels/Offsets // ALL WEAPONS SHOWCASE. This one was posted by VETOED on July 30 this year. Since the first time its release, it has earned 6,817 views and 288 likes. On the description of the video, it is stated that Halo Infinite’s Technical Preview has a feature where it is possible to customize the weapon viewmodels. The name of the feature is offsets. The video showcases some personal favorite of the uploader. Feel free to access them under settings and then under UI. Some of the custom made presets that are shown in the video include:

    • CE-ESQUE: -100% horizontal // -100% vertical // 100% depth
    • HIPFIRE: 100% horizontal // -100% vertical -100% depth
    • ADS: -100% horizontal // 100% vertical // 100% depth
    • SHOULDER: 100% horizontal // 100% vertical // 100% depth

The second video that is related to Halo Infinite Weapon Offset on Youtube is entitled Halo Infinite – Weapon Offsets Variations. This one was posted by bounce on September 25, 2021. Currently, it has 2,455 views and 44 likes. The video shows the example of the Weapon Offsets variations. Go to Youtube and watch the video by yourself for details.

In the game named Halo Infinite, the weapon offset is able to be changed so that the weapons can take up less screen space. In case the information above is not enough and you need more, you are suggested to go to the communities related to the game and ask the members of the communities about the thing that you want to know.

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