Halo Infinite: Is Master Chief the Best Spartan?

If you have played Halo Infinite since it’s released, you may already know how worthy Master Chief is in the game. Master Chief has a real name as John-117 that is known as a Spartan-II supersoldier of the UNSC Navy’s Special Weapons division.

In the game, Master Chief also served as one of the most important figures of the Human-Covenant War. It is said that Master Chief has become the face of the Halo franchise. Considering Master Chief is a prominent Spartan in the game, is Master Chief also the best Spartan in Halo Infinite? Well, to know the real facts about it, let’s see our post below!

Master Chief Is the Best Spartan in Halo Infinite, Here’s the Proof!

Halo Infinite Is Master Chief the Best Spartan

Not only having been involved in a bunch of wars, Master Chief is a super-soldier that will be worthy to use in the game. Some content creators of Halo Infinite reported that Master Chief is the best Spartan in the game.

Certainly, it is not only an argument, but also accompanied by a bunch of proof that already exists and also is widely circulated among Halo Infinite players. It means that there are several facts that conclude that Master Chief is actually the best Spartan in Halo Infinite.

Here’s a list of proof why Master Chief is named as the best Spartan in Halo Infinite!

    • Abilities

Talking about Master Chief abilities, he is a skilled sniper that is very capable to close quarters combatant, pilot and explosive expert. Master Chief is also ahead genetically than other Halo Infinite Spartans.

In fact, Master Chief, along with other Spartans has received equally rigorous and detailed training on a wide range of battle areas. Master Chief is known as the best Spartan, because of the equal training and preparation to defend humanity.

    • Impact

Master Chief is known as the undisputed winner, in terms of impact. Master Chief’s actions have not only saved, but also formed the Halo universe. Certainly, the entire mainstream series actually follows him and his actions.

It is known that Master Chief is always there to play a major role in every major battle, every pivotal point in the game and also every would change event. Another fact said that he has become a mascot for the Xbox and a symbol for the industry in general as well as the face of the Halo franchise of all time.

    • Weapon

In the case of weapons, Master Chief carried fleshed out that is extremely effective arsenals. In the game, he gets a big chance to use more weapons than other Halo Infinite Spartan. He also has used every lethal weapon virtually that is available in the fight for humanity.

The point is, Master Chief takes a bigger benefit than other spartans, especially Noble Six, as he has a chance to use the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor Mark VI. Certainly, it obviously provides the users with more mobility and defense that gives them a large advantage.

    • Genetics

In the term of genetics, Master Chief comes from Spartan lines, that’s Spartan-II. In this case, the Spartan-IIs were made to act as small, human tanks. Sure, it definitely gives all Spartan-IIs a genetic and mechanical advantage.

As a Spartan-II, Master Chief has been increased to a higher genetic level. His bone and muscle structure have been changed to be physically stronger, larger and also faster. So, Master Chief will easily take one advantage, that’s chemically modified.

    • Reputation

So far, Master Chief wins in the category of reputation where he has been able to serve some decades. Master Chief also has been involved in a countless number of operations against threats to humanity. So, he has become one of the UNSC’s most decorated and well-known heroes.

Master Chief  is widely popular throughout the UNSC. In the force, he appears as an icon of admiration and a role model that is simply referred to as ‘Chief’. Aside from that, Master Chief is also one of the most recognizable  figures in history with his actions, his quotes and also his exploits that are also well-known even outside the gaming community.

    • Rank

It cannot be doubted that Master Chief holds the highest enlisted rank that possesses the informal respect and reputation of UNSC soldiers.

    • Persistence

In the term of persistence, Master Chief can be considered to be persistent in the game, along with Noble Six.

    • Offensive

It is totally known that defeating the Master Chief is such a hard task to do. You may already know that Master Chief has genetic modifications that make him stronger. So, it will be hard to beat him in the game.

In addition to his genetic modifications, Master Chief also owns the better equipment. Most importantly, Master Chief is the hands-down winner in the game and social impact. But, he ranks second place in this gaming legend.

Okay, all points that prove that Master Chief is the best Spartan in Halo Infinite.

Who Is Master Chief?

Who Is Master Chief

Master Chief or also known as John -117 is the main protagonist that is returning in Halo Infinite. The character of Master Chief in the game is actually iconic, especially the armor. That’s why Master Chief has currently become the face of the Halo Franchise.

Master Chief has been involved as the most essential figures of the Human-Covenant War. He is also a Spartan-11 supersoldier of the UNSC Navy’s Special Weapons division. Master Chief is one of the most decorated war veterans of the United Nations Space Command, after over thirty years of active duty.

Talking about his age, the community reported that Master Chief is at the age of 49 in 2560, as he was born in 2511. Many fans know that Master Chief was mutated to be a super-soldier by Dr. Halsey. Sure, it actually gives the character inhumane reflexes and capabilities.

The players can find Master Chief in cryo sleep as he is not out on a mission. He also potentially slows down the aging process, though he is 49 years old. In fact, he is still young, perhaps by around ten years.

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