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This page will explain about the BitLife 100 babies challenge. If you want to complete the 100 babies challenge, you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to inform you what you need to do to complete the 100 babies challenge in BitLife.

BitLife 100 Babies Challenge – Here’s Guide

Here is a way to complete the BitLife 100 babies challenge:

    • Start as a male
      You have to be a male to do this 100 babies challenge, otherwise you will not achieve it. Ensure to have good looks.
    • Study hard
      You have to study hard and go to the library every year so you are able to get a scholarship for university. Also, you are able to meet people at the library.
    • Get a girlfriend
      You are able to meet a girl at a library, which is always good since you normally cannot date until you are 14 years old. Please click “ask out”. If she accepts, you have to talk and spend a lot of time with her.
    • Get a university
      When you get to university, you are able to select any major you want. Please try and get a scholarship or make your parents pay. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to get a student loan.
    • Try for a baby (First kid)
      When you are 18 years old and have a girlfriend, you are able to try for a baby. Keep trying if it does not work. If she does not want a baby, just spend more time with her and try to propose. If she does not accept your proposal, get a new girlfriend.
    • Get a high paying job
      After your first kid, you should get a kid every year. Do not marry, because if you divorce, you have to pay. When you finish university, you have to get a high paying job. You cannot reach this challenge when you are in debt.
    • Meditate
      Do not forget to meditate once every few years. Occasionally, your fertility will go up.
    • Progress
      After having a kid every year, you are able to check your progress.
    • Break up with your girlfriend
      When your girlfriend loses a kid or cannot get any more children, you have to break up with her.
    • Dating
      After you break up, you are able to go to the dating app. Please put in “20 – 29 years” and income as “doesn’t matter”.
    • Proposal
      If you do not propose and try to get a kid, she will not want to have one. But, if you propose, your relationship will go to 100 and you are able to have kids. Spend time with her a lot, propose, and have kids in the same year.
    • University for kids
      You are able to select whether you want to pay for your kids’ university or not. It does not matter, even though your relationship with your kids will go down if you do not pay.
    • Progress again
      After you do this every time, then you are able to check your progress to see how many kids you have.
    • Keep Meditating to get twins or triplets
      Keep meditating, if you are lucky, you might get twins and triplets.
    • Keep struggle to get kids
      Whenever you struggle to get kids, keep trying because most times you will be able to get a kid.
    • Abortion
      If this occurs twice in a row, you have to break up with your girlfriend.
    • Death
      Once you die, you are able to check if you achieved the challenge.

How to Have Twins in BitLife?

Your life story in BitLife may take any turn. And having twins in the game is something you may want to try out. If you are curious to know how to have twins in the game of BitLife, then this guide will show you how to make it happen. Also, with this method, you have a higher opportunity of getting triplets.

After you decide to have a child with your partner, you are able to have twins in BitLife by trying Artificial Insemination/ IVF. You must be a female character to do Artificial Insemination. For IVF, you are able to ask your partner if they agree for it. If they give a positive response and it ends up being successful, then you will become pregnant. This is what gives you a higher opportunity of having twins in BitLife. But, if it ends up being unsuccessful, you are able to try IVF again the next year.

To find these options, you are able to check the Activities tab for the Fertility choice. If you want Artificial Insemination and you are in a same-sex marriage, then the chance of argument with your partner is low. Also, you have to note that after the age of 50, you are going to be deemed too old for this procedure. Now, the hard part is to get the options of Artificial Insemination/ IVF in the relationship and get the chance to have twins or triplets. However, these are the only methods to get a higher chance of twins. So, you have to keep repeating these methods until it’s successful.

Avoid closing the prompt where your treatment has not given you the result you wanted. Instead, you are able to close the app entirely and reopen it. Then, BitLife will give you the chance to try again and get pregnant. If you keep doing this, you are able to find out whether you become pregnant and get the type of pregnancy you want.

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