BitLife Controls My Sims Challenge Rules

In BitLife, you will be allowed to participate in a series challenge called ‘BitLife Controls My Sims’. This series is originally from Clare where she started to create it on February 16, 2019. BitLife Controls My Sims series was inspired by a fellow YouTuber named LaurenzSide. They created the series to emulate events that occur in BitLife in Sims 4.

Just like other challenges, there are a number of rules that the participants should meet. If not, you may not be allowed to participate in this challenge or may also not manage to reach the goal. So, what are the rules to complete the BitLife Controls My Sims challenge? So, let’s see the rules in our post below!

BitLife Controls My Sims Challenge Rules

What Are the Rules of BitLife Controls My Sims Challenge?

There’s no any information that Clare stated for the challenge of BitLife Controls My Sims that she created. Internet sources inform that the rules of playing BitLife Controls My Sims are the same as when playing the BitLife in usual. As a simulator game, you may need to act as the person/ character you choose.

However, we got the information from where there’s an account that describes the rules of playing BitLife challenge. Let’s see what the account says about the BitLife challenge rules. Here they are:

    • Able to visit the sale twice a year, but you can go the gyms as much as you want
    • Clicking on assets will allow you to purchase houses, cars and others. You must add your money up in the game, as it does in the sims, unless you’re a child.
    • Make sure to go to gyms or salons if your parents give you enough money before you get your own money.
    • By going to the salon, you may be able to change your sim’s makeup, hair, etc.
    • By going to gyms, you may be able to get ripped.
    • The goal of the challenge is to relive what occurs in the game with your sims. That’s where the fun comes in. Of course, you can take risks or live the safest way possible.
    • As this is your game, you can pretty much play any way you want.
    • After your sim has died, you can either start a new game by continuing your legacy or end the challenge. It lets you do that in the game as you start a new one.

Okay, those are the rules that you should meet when playing BitLife Controls My Sims challenge.

How to Play the BitLife Controls My Sims?

What you can do in BitLife Controls My Sims is to start a new game and select costume life and create your own name and others or you can also choose randomly. In the case of starting a new life like a legacy/ sim story, it would be better for you to stock up on storyline poses and things like funeral mods and cc.

In BitLife, you may need to make your family given in CAS in the sims. Since you cannot play as a baby, you can start your sim off as a toddler. If you have an older sibling who is 4, make sure you age them up to child before your sim is aged up.

How about playing this game on the phone? If you prefer to play this game on phone, you can play it the same way on the sims. The age of seven is the age up to child, the age of 13 – 14 is the age up to ten and make sure your sims reach the age of 18 – 19 or more.

You also have another option to play this game by setting your age via a mod, but it is completely up to you. If you do not want people aging up and dying, you can choose this way as well.

To control your sims, make sure to keep track of how old everyone is and your relationships with them. However, it can get out of hand easily if you are not paying attention.

Make sure to watch your stats. In this game, you can do some activities and things to change them like going to the salon to improve your looks, talking to family members and many others. However, you cannot really do a lot as a baby, so you may need to fly through a few years.

What Characters Are Available in BitLife Controls My Sims?

Clare, a creator of BitLife Controls My Sims is likely to create the series to emulate events that happen in BitLife in Sim 4. The series was initially supposed to be one episode, but became a popular addition to Clare’s channel.

There are a total of four seasons of BitLife Controls My Sims series that you can see on her YouTube Channel named Clare Siobhán that you can access here. Of course, the characters that appeared on each season are totally different.

To make it easier for you to recognize the characters appeared on Clare’s BitLife Controls My Sims, we’ll show a list of all the characters, as follow:

Character on Season 1

    • Violet Bell – Main Character
    • Spencer White – Husband
    • Pepe Bell – Adopted Son
    • Juliana Garcia – Pepe’s Wife, Daughter-in-law
    • Maria Bell – Granddaughter
    • Juan Carlos Bell – Grandson
    • Julio Sanchez – Juan Carlos’ Husband
    • Leo White – Biological Son
    • Josefina Rios – Leo’s Wife, Daughter-in-law
    • Audrey Bell – Mother
    • Rory Bell – Father
    • Ellis Bell – Brother
    • Imogen Statham – Ellis’ Ex-Wife
    • Chloe Campbell – Ellis’ Daughter, Niece
    • Luke Campbell – Chloe’s Husband
    • Lottie Bell-Cox – Ellis’ Daughter, Niece
    • Maurice Cox – Lottie’s Husband
    • Margaret Bell – Favourite Sister
    • Owen Parker – Maggie’s Ex-Husband
    • Violet Wallace – Maggie’s Daughter, Niece
    • Olly Wallace – Violet Wallace’s Husband
    • Ella Parker – Maggie’s Daughter, Niece
    • Ethan Campbell – Ella’s Ex-Husband
    • Clarence Law – Maggie’s Son, Nephew
    • Sebastian Law – Maggie’s Lover
    • Joan Bell – Sister
    • Fanny Carter – Joan’s Ex-Wife
    • Brynn James – Ex-Boyfriend
    • Estrella Jang or known as Billie Jang – Violet’s childhood friend
    • Izumi Mori – the Bell children’s nanny

Character on Season 2

    • Eom Min – Main Character
    • Eom Ha-Joon – Father
    • Eom Hak Chi – Mother
    • Eom Sang – Brother
    • Eom Tokko – Brother
    • Jeon Da-eun – Girlfriend
    • Astro- Min’s Dog

Character on Season 3

    • Abigail Assange – Main Character
    • Aurora Assange – Mother
    • Max Assange – Father
    • Harriet Assange – Sister
    • Jesse Smith – Harriet’s Ex-husband, Ex Brother-in-law
    • Chris Campbell – Best Friend
    • Benjamin Guildford – Childhood Friend
    • Oscar Kaczmarek – Childhood Friend
    • Harry Kidman-Webb – Childhood Friend
    • T’an Chun Jang – Childhood Friend
    • Hayley Ross – Childhood Bully
    • Ava Watts – Childhood Bully
    • Adam Chapman – Ex-Boyfriend
    • Jake Sutherland – Ex-Husband
    • Sophia Sutherland-Assange – Daughter
    • Matilda Sutherland-Assange – Daughter
    • Seaneka Assange – Daughter
    • Chris Ross – Husband
    • Gabby Asange – Pet Rat (from when Abigail was 7 to 8 years old)

Character on Season 4

    • Maria Manninen – Mother Ex-Main
    • Emma Lahtinen – Grandmother
    • Juhani Manninen – Grandfather
    • Miika Manninen – Uncle
    • Konsta Manninen – Uncle
    • Salla Manninen – Aunt
    • Dakota – Childhood Dog
    • Joni Makela – Mother’s Ex-Husband
    • Eero Makela – Main Character
    • Noora Lahtinen – Mother’s Best Friend