Genshin Impact PS4 Beginners Guide

miHoYo, as the developer, has officially presented Genshin Impact for the PlayStation 4, PC, Android and iOS platforms. Of course, it’s such good news for those who want to play the Genshin Impact game on PS4. You can now get the Genshin Impact game and start playing it on your lovely console.

As a newcomer to the Genshin Impact game, you may not know how to play this game on PS4, considering the Genshin Impact game recently released to this console after PC and Mobile. If you really need it, thankfully this post will guide you how to play the Genshin Impact game on PS4 in complete guides.

Genshin Impact PS4 Beginners Guide

How to Download Genshin Impact on PS4?

Once you decide to play the Genshin Impact game on PS4, you may be ready to get it on your PS4 either for free or for purchase. On PS4, Genshin Impact can be played for trial and paid. Of course, there are several differences when you play it for free or paid.

Whatever the method you choose, all you have to do is to visit the PlayStation Store to download the Genshin Impact game first. The download file size on PS4 is about 9.81 GB. This game may take up about 30 GB of space.

Here’s how to download the Genshin Impact game on PS4!

  • To download the Genshin Impact game on PS4, you have to head over to the PlayStation Store that you can access at
  • Once you are at the PlayStation Store, you can start to search for the Genshin Impact game.
  • If you get it, you can then download the game. Then, the game will begin downloading.
  • Once downloaded, let it finish the installation.
  • Finally, you can press on the game icon to start playing on PS4.

Congratulations! You can now start playing the Genshin Impact game on PS4.

How to Use PS4 Controller to Play Genshin Impact Game?

How to Use PS4 Controller to Play Genshin Impact Game

Once you successfully download the Genshin Impact game on PS4, the next way you have to know is to use the controllers to play the game. As we know, the controller on PS4 has  different functions on each game. So here’s for the guides to use PS4’s controller to play Genshin Impact!

  • Joystick L: Use it to move your character.
  • Joystick R: Use it to rotate the camera.
  • B: Press it to use a normal attack. It will use the character’s weapon to conduct an attack. You can hold the button down to use a charged attack. You can also use the two other joysticks to position the crosshair until it’s pointing where you want to shoot.
  •  or Y: Press it to use Elemental Burst. It will also trigger a character’s Elemental Burst to deal damage to nearby enemies.
  • X or A: Use it to jump. It will allow your character to jump and also climb.
  • □ or X: Use it to interact with objects. It can also open the doors and chests and then take the objects such as plants or other chest items.
  • D-Pad: Use it to switch your characters. It can also allow you to change your characters rapidly, so you’re able to use certain forms of attack.
  • (LT/L2)/ Left Trigger: Use it to toggle aiming mode. It will apply if your recent character is an archer.
  • (LB/L1)/ Left Bumper: Use it to open the Shortcut Wheel. You’re able to follow this by using the right joystick to choose an option. Moreover, this button can also open a menu.
  • (RB/R1)/ Right Bumper: Use it to dash. You can hold it to sprint. It can also make your character run faster to consume the stamina.
  • (RT/R2)/ Right Trigger: Use it to release the Elemental Skill. This button can also activate your recent character’s elemental skill. There’s a cooldown to use the Elemental Skill.
  • “Options” or ≡: Press it to open the Paimon menu. If you use it, it can also pause the game. In this way, you’re able to interact with different systems in Genshin Impact.
  • Touchpad or View Button: Press it to open the chat features. In Co-op mode, this button is how you can communicate with other players.

Well, those are all controller guides that you can use to play Genshin Impact on PS4. It’s better for you to power the PS4 controllers before you go on playing Genshin Impact on it.

Tips and Tricks to Play Genshin Impact for Beginners

We also have several tips and tricks that you may need to play Genshin Impact, considering you’re a beginner in playing Genshin Impact  especially on PS4. So, here are the tips and tricks for beginners in playing Genshin Impact game:

  • Know your-game characters deeply

In this Genshin Impact game, there are several different types of characters. Among them are characters with melee attack types or commonly referred to as melee. There are also those who have attack power from a distance such as the archer type. Not only that, there are also characters with mage specialist abilities.

By understanding the types and abilities of each character, you can determine the right formation when playing the game. Without knowing and understanding it, we guess that it will be difficult to set the formation of each character.

  • Customize your parties and elements

If you are playing  Genshin Impact game, you must be smarter in adjusting the elements used with existing parties, so that you can bring out the best of the characters you use.

  • Don’t Just Focus with Rarity

In Genshin Impact, rarity isn’t everything. You have to focus on the functions and abilities of each character you use. So, don’t just focus and think that rarity is everything in Genshin Impact.

  • Use the Wish as well as possible

As a beginner, you should make the best use of your existing wishes. You can save until you have collected 10 wishes. Because when you exchange 10 wishes at once, later you can get a character with a four star, where the highest is a five star. If not, at least you can still get one weapon that has high combat or defense power.

  • Changing Characters in the Middle of Battle

If you are able to get used to changing characters in the middle of the game. Suppose your first attack an enemy with a water-type character, you can then change to a lightning character to carry out further attacks. That’s why understanding character first is very important.

  • Upgrade your character

By upgrading the characters you use, later their skills and strengths will increase. That way, you don’t need to be afraid to fight your enemies who have the same ability level.

  • Talk much to NPC

If you want to get lots of game hints, get used to talking and having dialogue with the NPCs. the NPCs in Genshin Impact sometimes keep certain very special secrets. There are also some NPCs that offer certain items. So, the role of NPCs in Genshin Impact is very influential.

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