Genshin Impact: Head to Guili Assembly

Head to Guili Assembly is the second step that you will need to do to in the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest. If you want to know more about this quest, please read every word that you see on this article and do not miss even one.

In the Genshin Impact world, the quest named Treasure Lost Treasure Found refers to the one quest that you are able to find while you are at the Guili Plains. For those who are not faimiliar with Guili Plains, they were really a beautiful place where the God of Dust named Guizhong and the God of Rock named Rex Lapis ruled over their people. It is such a shame that during the Archon War, the God of Dust left the world when trying to defend her people and the place was damaged. After she was not around, the God of Rock took her people and relocated them to the south of Mt. Tianheng.

Genshin Impact Head to Guili Assembly

The information of Treasure Lost Treasure Found quest:

  • Quest Type: World
  • Location: Wangshu Inn, Liyue
  • Starting Location(s): Guili Plains, Liyue
  • Quest Giver: Soraya
  • Rewards: 600 Adventure Rank EXP, 80 Primogems, Exile’s Circlet, Liyue Shrine of Depths Key
  • Description:

(Part 1): These strange lines of text seem to hide some secret…

(Part 2): What secret does the set of archaic admonishments hold?

In the Guili Plains, you will meet Soraya, the one who will give you a quest named Treasure Lost Treasure Found quest. She is described as a researcher. Just like any other quests in this game, most of them is straightforward. It has a navigation system that will tell you where to go. The minus point is that there are a few parts of this quest that do not tell you directly where to go.

The information about Soraya:

  • Sex: Female
  • Region: Liyue
  • Titles: Researcher

Before heading to the Guili Assembly, you will have to talk to Soraya near the ruin located to the South of Gulli Plains. She will talk to you about her curiosity. Basically, the girl is wondering about the amount of secret held by Liyue and the secrets that are specifically being the inscriptions on the Guili Assembly, which are the ruins that she immediately next to when you find her. Everything revolves around helping her with the research on the location.

After talking to Soraya, it is time for you to go inside the Guili Assembly and find five stone tablets. The best way to find all of the locations is to open up the quest menu, go to the Treasure Lost Treasure Found, and then click the Navigation button, which is able to be found on the bottom. By pressing it, you will be able to bring up the areas to find these tablets. It is clearly easier for you to find them. After finding out everything in this location, the next thing that you will have to do is to go back to Wungshu Inn to talk to Soraya. This time, she you will be handed all of the translations made at each of the tablets. After getting the translations, go to the west, next to the Luhua Pool to look for two more stone tablets. Just like the last time, you can use the navigation assistance to find the area where the two tablets are located. However, the place should be the same as the one that you had when you start the quest. The two objects are placed far from each other. The first one is near Luhua Pool while the second one is in the south of the Guili Assembly. Once you have found all of them, return to Wangshu Inn and meet Soraya.

Jade Plate location 1

Soraya needs some time to rest. Please go back to Wangshu Inn, which should be located north of your current position. The girl will share everything that she has found and she wants you to find four jade plates. Apparently, these are not hidden all over the area. You have a benefit as the first one is located not too far away from your location at the Wangshu Inn. The location is at south so you can just go there by jumping off near the researcher girl and then gliding towards it. There are several slimes that guard the location and you must defeat all of them before getting the plate.

Jade Plate location 2

The location of the second jade plate is near to where the location of the second stone tablets, at the edge of Luhua Pool.

Jade Plate location 3

The third jade plate is located at the south of the Guili Assembly, beside the waypoint for the area.

Jade Plate location 4

The last but not least location of jade plate is in the northeast of Guili Assembly area, beside the Yaoguang Shoal.

After going to all four locations and discovering all of the four jade plates, go back to the place where Soraya is, at the Wangshu Inn. Do not forget to find the last ruin for the quest. Actually, the exact location is unknown but people believe it is north of the Guili Assembly and right in the middle of the Guili Plains. When you are there after activating the stone at the center, the pool is visible with the treasure chests in the bottom. It is surrounded by the dormant Ruin Guards. To make the water pool lower, please activate the jade place facing the pool, which will activate the Ruin Guards. The Ruin Guards need to be defeated even though it might take some time. Once you are able to handle them, go to the jade plate again and hit the Enter button to drop the water level. After that, you will be able to get the treasure, which consists of 2 Precious Chests and 1 Luxurious Chest. In the end, you can return to Soraya again to complete the quest and get the rewards.

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