Genshin Impact Icons Explained

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game that developed by miHoYo. This game features a fantasy world and action based the battle system by using character changing, elemental magic, and Gacha game monetization for the players to obtain the new weapons, and characters in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Icons

Genshin Impact has cinematic, anime-esque scenes. It is only the beginning of what seems to be a story-rich game. It is filled to the brim with lore, even giving every single weapon, artifact, and food item its own unique background. If that was not enough, the players are able to read the dozens of books which they find in the world that not only go into Teyvat’s history, but also the folklore and customs of the lands. The game is only just beginning as there are at least 5 more areas to be released over time, along with more characters and weapons. It is clear Genshin Impact’s creators are hard at work making a world for the players to fall in love with. In other words, it is just begging to be created into an anime.

Genshin Impact Icons Explained

Genshin Impact has already its own web comic. For your information, the first chapters released in December of 2018. Particularly, Genshin Impact features the Knights of Favonious and Diluc who are dealing Fatui infiltration in Monsdadt. Also, it has characters not yet featured in the video game, including the mysterious Collei who has grim ties to the Fatui. For this case, there may be manga chapters set in the other lands that have not yet been featured.

Overall, there are many contents for an anime to work with. It will be interesting to see it based on the seven Archons of Teyvat, along with the Adepti of Liyue during or after the Archon War. Venti siginifies in-game and in the comic his time in the Archon War, along with his relationships with the other gods. Not only could this further the back-story of everyone’s favorite, but also give insight into how countries other than Monsdadt and Liyue came to be. Or probably, the series could focus on side characters such as Fischl, Mona, Klee and others who do not play a major part in the story. Based on voice lines and story quests, lots of those characters interact highly with each other; for example, Xiangling has a close relationship with Beidou, who brings her monster meat to cook into her dishes. So, while the characters like the Amber, Jean and Traveler get their spotlights in the game, everyone’s favorite 4-star and 5-star characters can shine in the anime.

This would not be the first time Mihoyo made an anime out of its games. Honkai Impact 3rd has animated shorts available to watch on YouTube. With that in consideration, a Genshin Impact anime series that could promote the game and please fans does not sound so far-fetched after all.

About Genshin Impact Game

Based on the research, the game was released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Mobile (Android and iOS) on September 28, 2020. Also, Genshin Impact has planned to release on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. The game is online-only and features a limited multiplayer mode that allow up to four players to play together.

Genshin Impact takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat, which is home to 7 distinct nations, each of which is tied to an element and ruled by a god associated with it. The story follows a twin, referred to as the Traveler who travelled across lots of worlds however becomes separated from their other twin by an unknown god in Teyvat. They travel across Teyvat with Paimon to look for their lost sibling. Later, the game received a positive reception with critics praise the combat. The game of Genshin Impact grossed over $250 million within a month from transactions on mobile devices, making it one of the largest Mobile game launches in history.

Things To Know Before Starting The Game Of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an RPG game that thrusts the players into a huge open world. While there are guided quests to complete, the players can easily find themselves lost. Here are some tips that can help you successfully navigate the world of Teyvat:

You Are Able To Die To Fall Damage

Early on, you will receive a glider to help you get around. As Teyvat is filled with many mountains, you will need to use the glider to slow your fall because you will be able to die from a long enough drop.

Pick Up Everything In Genshin Impact

As you walk around, you are going to notice sparkling environmental items just about everywhere. You will have an inventory limit of 10,000, so you are able to pick up everything you can. Food ingredients, flowers, and other items which might seem useless will be useful down the line to craft into various foods and power up your characters.

Utilize Elemental Sight To Find Missing Seelies

As you travel around Teyvat, you are going to notice those blue glowing creatures named Seelies. Once you follow them, they will lead you to a base that they will sit in. After you arrive, you will be rewarded with treasure. If you ever see one of those Seelie bases, but you cannot find the Seelie which belongs there, you are able to get a hint by using Elemental Sight. A glowing blue stream will be able to come from the base, pointing you in the direction of the Seelie.

The Adventurer’s Handbook Can Tell You Where To Find Certain Bosses

Eventually, you will need materials to upgrade your characters and weapons, that only drop from certain enemies. Please do not waste your time roaming around looking for bosses. The bosses tab in the Adventurer’s Handbook can inform you to whatever boss you need if you hit the Navigate button. Also, it will inform you what elements the boss uses and what rewards they can drop.

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