Genshin Impact Gliding Event Location

Grab various amazing rewards by participating in the Gliding Event in Genshin Impact! The Inviting event will be held in Genshin Impact which offers you Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit and many more. There’s no reason to not participate in this event as it encourages you to earn rewards within.

How about you? Are you interested to participate in the Gliding Event in Genshin Impact? If so, you may have to know the time and date, the locations, guides, rewards offer and more. Don’t worry! This post will guide you to find all of them. So let’s check it out!

Here’s Gliding Event Details!

Gliding Event

Gliding event is an upcoming event which will be held in Genshin Impact. It will offer a chance for the players to earn propitious rewards which can help them on their journey. The concept of the event is to stage Hughes as the adventurer who is well-known as a Wild Glider enthusiast. He seems he has recently discovered a few perfect gliding spots.

Then, during the event period, the traveler is able to complete time-trial gliding challenges to win the Talent Level-Up materials, Mora, Primogems and also Hero’s Wit.

Gliding Event Location

Of course, there are some different locations which are used as the Gliding event location. Of course, knowing the exact location for the Gliding event is a must for you. However, that can ease you taking the gliding event.

Today is the first day for the Gliding event. On the first day, this event can be unlocked in the east of Luhua Pool. Then, there will be and set navigation to reach the location out. Of course, for the second day and in the following days, the location of the Gliding event may be different. So, keep looking for the news update for this event.

Gliding Event Schedule

The Gliding event will be held starting from December 4, 2020 at 10:00:00 (Server Time) until December 14, 2020 at 03:59:59 (Server Time). It’s a great time for you to show off your gliding skill. For this event, a gliding course can be unlocked per day so that you’re able to complete the different rewards in each day .

To note, the date and the time in each server may be different so please take note of the difference between server times and the time in your own time zone as follows:

  • America: UTC-5
  • Europe: UTC+1
  • Asia: UTC+8
  • TW, HK, MO: UTC+8

Gliding Event Requirements

For those who want to participate in the Gliding event at least they already reach Adventure Rank 20 or higher and also complete Hughes quest Fly High.

Gliding Event Technique

In this event, you can put your gliding skills to test in a total of seven different gliding courses. Need to know, one gliding challenge will be unlocked each day. Moreover, the new gliding techniques will be available for the Gliding event, they are Sprint and Ascend that are not only available during the challenge itself.

The more you complete the course, the more insignia that you will also collect. Then, the higher your score will be at the end of this event. So, your only focus is to reach the target scores to earn medals and rewards.

Make sure to not spend too long on this challenge or land for too long, if you do it, you automatically will fail the challenge and need to restart. To note, the challenge score meter just records your personal for the particular course.

Gliding Event Guide

In this post, we also share with you the guide of Gliding events that you should notice. Here they are:

  • You need to finish the challenge at a faster time. If you do it, it will give your more Insignias and help you to earn more rewards.
  • You have to attempt this event as many times as you want and get your personal score.
  • You shouldn’t take too much time on this challenge or landing as it will push you to restart the challenge back.

Tips and Tricks to Get Higher Score

For the first day, you have to reach your highest score in this Gliding challenge. Just like a lot of challenges in-game, as the participant, you will need some gorgeous tips and tricks that can lead you to get the higher score. So as with the Gliding challenge, you will also need the tips to reach the higher score.

Make sure to take some following tips and tricks to reach your score up below!

  • Repeat the course and remember

The first tips to reach your higher score is to repeat the course as much as possible and then memorize it to keep going through them. You surely can learn and figure out how to get Insignias.

  • Obtain all particles to use Sprint

As much as possible, you need to collect all the particles. It’s a good time for you to keep on the challenge in which the result will be better if you use Sprint option in the course.

  • Going through all the circles

The next tip that you can take is to keep your speed. Of course, to keep it, you can try going through all the circles in the Gliding course. However, it’s recommended for you going through the center part of all those circles.

  • Don’t use ascend

In participating in the Gliding event, leave your ascend by pressing E on your PC’s keyboard. The Ascend option is generally prepared as a last resort in taking you back to the course. So it would be better if you don’t use it.

  • Use descending to maintain your height

Unlike leaving your ascend, by descending from time to time. you can maintain your height in this Gliding event. So you’re able to go through all the circles.

  • Obtain all Insignias in the course

In the course, you’ll be allowed to get all 5 Insignia. To get it, you just need to memorize where they can be found.

Well, those are all tips and tricks that you can take to get the higher score in the Gliding event.