The Ruin Guard Genshin Impact Weakness List, So You Can Defeat It Easily

In Genshin Impact, there is an enemy which you will encounter. The name is the Ruin Guard. He is an ancient humanoid war machine and you are able to defeat him if you know his weakness and also make a good strategy.

The Ruin Guard Weakness and How To Defeat It Easily

There is not much information about the weakness of Ruin Guard. However, it seems that his head section, the core which is glowing, is one of his weak point. So, if you want to defeat him, you are able to try to use archer to strike the glowing core in the head section. By doing this, it will make him staggering temporarily. When he is staggering successfully and then you throw the second hit to the core, the Ruin Guard will be deactivated temporarily. So, you have a chance to be able to throw your best damaging combos at him uninterrupted.

The Ruin Guard Weakness and How To Defeat It Easily


Next, Ruin Guard’s back is also his weak point. When readying the Bombardment missiles, if you throw a charged shot to its weak point on the back of the Ruin Guard, it will prevent him from firing. You are able to use Amber’s elemental skill, Explosive Puppet to be able to taunt the Ruins Guard so that it will help you to distract him while you strike the weak point of Ruins Guard. You do not have to be worried because you get Amber early on in the main story campaign. Besides, If you are lucky enough to get Fischl and Venti through the Wish mechanic, you are able to use them.

After you have hit the monster at its weak points many times, you will see that he will fall to the ground. When you see it, it is time for you to switch to melee fighter and hack away at it by using your sword or claymore. If you want, this chance is also can be used by you to unleash special attacks for maximum damage.

If you can do this enough times, then you will be able to win the battle at the end. It means that you are able to unlock the nearby treasure chest which give you some sweet items as a reward. Even though Ruin Guard as a mechanical beast seems intimidating, but if you are patient and have a good battle strategy, you will be able to reign victorious immediately.

If you want to defeat The Ruin Guard, it is better for you to do that when you are at least in level 18. It is because you will deal with quite a bit of damage. However, the prey that he protects is usually great. So, no wonder why players should seek it out when the are strong enough.

What Is Ruin Guard?

Ruin Guard

Ruin Guard is an ancient humanoid war machine.  He may be remnants from a lost ancient nation. Some people believe that he was developed not as war machine, but as protectors of the ruins. According to the Teyvat Travel Guide – Mondstadt, the valley where a Ruin Guard can be found is guarded by mechanism.

There are a number of things that Ruin Guard drops and those are Chaos Device, Chaos Circuit, Chaos Core, Traveling Doctor, Berserker, Instructor, and The Exile.

It is also known that the Ruin Guard is very aggressive and he often attacks players who are keeping an eye on him. If you want to secure the loot that he is guarding, you have to traverse him.

The Abilities and Attacks of Ruin Guard

Ruin Guard has some abilitis and attacks. Those are listed below.

  • Clap

He will bend forward and then use his hands to be able to clap powerfully to smash you.

  • Stomp

He stomp one of his fet to be able to flatten you into the ground.

  • Spinning Attack

He will spin his upper half of the body and then follow you to smack you with his flailing arms. This attack will last for about 7 seconds and deal heavy damage. For your information, it does not have a blindspot, but you are able to avoid it if you manages to climb onto the body of the Ruin Guard.

  • Punch and Jump Combo

He will punch twice before he jumps into the air and land on your location in a small AoE.

  • Bombardment

He will target you with a crosshair before he kneel down and turn his upper half to expose his back to you. After that, he will fire a swarm of homing missiles, 6 each. The missiles can deal medium damage. However, it can take out around 50% of your health if all managed to find his mark. They have slow speed so that actually you are able to avoid most of them with proper timing and a decent amount of distance.

Where Are The Locations of The Ruin Guard

In the Teyvat Travel Guide, it is said that you are able to find Ruin Guards in Brightcrown Canyon. In Mondstadt, you are able to find them in the Thousand Winds Temple. If you are in Liyue, Ruin Guards can be found in the north of the Sea of  Clouds on the beach, southeast of Mingyun Village and in the middle of the Guili Plains. If you get your Adventures Guide, you are able to go to the page about Bosses in the area. There, you will be able to confirm the location of at least one. However, your mileage can vary because they are able to spawn in all kinds of locations. Besides, they tend to be around level 20 to 25.

It is important for you to know that some of the Ruin Guard that you find may be inactive and simply serve as part of the scenery. If you want to know whether they are active or not, you are able to use your Elemental Sight. If the Ruin Guards are active, they will show up with a white silhoutte like other non-elemental enemis.

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