Fortnite Experience Low Gravity with Alien Nanites

For those who want to complete Fortnite experience low gravity with alien nanites or on the mothership’ challenge, you are able to find a guide from this page.


Now, Fortnite’s Season 7 Week 4 Epic Quests are available. Lots of them focus around extraterrestrial technology. For example, one of those new challenges instructs the players to experience low gravity. It is indicated that it can be done by using Alien Nanites or by visiting the Mothership. It is not entirely accurate at the time of writing, and this guide is going to detail exactly how Fortnite players should go about approaching this challenge.

Fortnite Experience Low Gravity with Alien Nanites

Fortnite Alien Nanites

Fortnite Alien Nanites are one of the latest additions to the Fortnite battle royale and you are going to need them to complete one of the Fortnite Week 4 quests. If you have visited the Fortnite Mothership, then you already have experienced low-gravity, this new item allows you to bring that affect back down to the island. As with all the new items which appear in Fortnite, there probably be a period of adjustment to get the balancing right, but if you are ready to experience low-gravity with Fortnite Alien Nanites, here is everything you need to know about them.

Fortnite Alien Nanites locations

Because the Fortnite Alien Nanites function as an item and a crafting material, it is likely that you are going to find them as random floor loot or from opening chests. It is possible that they will be more prevalent in areas the aliens have taken over, such as the newly formed Holly Hatchery which is replacing Holly Hedges as a named location on the map. You must be able to easily find Fortnite Alien Nanites when they are available, because they appear as a brightly colored and pulsating cube.

What do Fortnite Alien Nanites do?

As we explained above, Fortnite Alien Nanites have two primary functions. The first is as a throwable item that held in your inventory, working in the same way as a Firefly Jar, however instead of setting fire to the area you throw it into it will generate an Alien Biome over a huge area for a short period of time. Inside this biome, gravity is going to be reduced, allowing you to jump higher and further without taking fall damage that could give you a tactical advantage to reach the higher ground quickly.

Another use for Fortnite Alien Nanites is as a crafting material, joining the already existing Nuts and Bolts. By using Fortnite crafting to combine the Alien Nanites with certain base weapons, you are able to produce upgraded alien weapons such as the Pulse Rifle, Rail Gun, Kymera Ray Gun, and the brand new Bad News pistol. Easily, you only need one unit of Fortnite Alien Nanites to make each weapon, so it is worth hanging on to them to significantly upgrade your arsenal.

How to Experience Low Gravity with Alien Nanites?

To begin with the inaccuracy in the challenge description, currently it is not possible to experience low gravity with Alien Nanites. It is due to the fact that those items are not appearing in the game at this time, though they are going to play an interesting role when they are finally added. As such, the players who are looking to complete this Quest now will need to travel to Fortnite’s Alien Mothership. Fortunately, it is a fairly easy thing to do.

Firstly, to visit the Alien nanities is to discover an Abductor in Fortnite that appear as grey and purple octagons on the map. After finding one of these Abductors, you have to stay in its proximity while they wait to be abducted by the craft. This abduction is going to ultimately trigger a short animation when the player goes through a portal, and they are going to find themselves in a metal holding cell on the Mothership when it concludes.

After waiting in this holding cell for a short time, the players are going to be transported to a special area, and the gravity within it is fairly low. While Fortnite players are certainly free to pursue this area’s main objective, which is to collect 5 gold Vault Orbs before time expires, when they are there, it is not a requirement for completing the challenge. Indeed, the task is only to experience the Mothership’s low gravity, and the players are going to finish it and receive their reward after spending some time there.

The players are going to get 30,000 XP for completing the challenge. In fact, that XP amount is the standard reward for all of this week’s Quests. Fortnite players who are trying to get Battle Stars in Fortnite Season 7 and unlock the various Kymera skin styles must ensure to carve out some time in their schedules for completing all of them.

Need to know that Alien Nanites are a new type of item in Fortnite. It comes from the alien invasion. They are supposed to allow you to generate alien biomes on certain area. In some experience, we are yet to view them in the game, at least for the time of this Fortnite challenge. We know they are in the internal files, but not much else. For the sake of time, we are only going to focus on boarding the Mothership.

As soon as a match begins, you have to open up the map and then take a look at the abductor locations. We suggest selecting the farthest from the battle bus’ trajectory, to make sure avoid as many players as possible. Then, you will have to wait for the circle to begin its countdown. The abductor is going to begin to cast rays to the ground. Those are the exact places you will want to go to.

One again, after you complete this challenge, then you are going to get 30,000 XP. So, make sure you will be able to complete this challenge successfully.