Factorio Blueprints Science Packs

Science Book – Tileable (v. 3.5) contain a set of the blueprints for automation of each of all 7 science packs. They are designated to be used with the main bus bases before you go full beacons modules. The blueprints are tileable, so you are able to expand the production according to your needs.

The Science packs have to be transported toward the labs alongside the main bus. Remember that routing them behind the blueprints is wrong. Feel free to give some suggestions and report bugs.

Factorio Blueprints Science Packs


    • It only need yellow belt/underground/splitter and assembling machine 2, except the space Science blueprint. Production Science need Inserter capacity bonus 2 to work at full capacity.
    • Tileable: You are able to multiply the output that connecting another block at the end. Please connect the same blueprint at the end. Keep in mind that you have to upgrade some belts to improve input materials throughput, in several cases. The first 6 sciences are able to be extended up to 3 blocks (225/min) and Space Science blueprint up to 4 blocks (225/min), with maximum upgrades (belts and assembling machines).
    • Slim blueprints, so they will fit better in the main bus system.
    • The Bottles of Science comes out toward the main bus. For note: Science bottles need to run along the main bus.
    • Missing input materials are going to turn on red color lamps near its respective belt. For note: Constant combinators need be built for this feature.


    • Automation Science Bootstrap: 18/minutes. Input: iron plate and copper plate. Integrated with Labs.
    • Tileable laboratory blueprint for all sciences.
    • Automation and Logistic Science (red and green): 60/minutes (each). Input: iron plate and copper plate. Upgrading to assembling machines 2, output improves to 90/minutes (each).
    • Military Science (black or gray): 45/minutes. Input: iron plate, steel, coal, copper plate, and stone brick.
    • Chemical Science (blue): 45/minutes. Input: iron plate, steel, advanced circuit, and sulfur. This recipe came after 0.17.60 version.
    • Production Science (purple): 45/minutes. Input: iron plate, advanced circuit, stone, steel, electronic circuit, and stone brick.
    • Utility Science (yellow): 45/minutes. Input: iron plate, electronic circuit, plastic, battery, copper plate, steel, processing unit and lubricant (fluid).
    • Space Science (white): 45/minutes. Input: iron plate, solid fuel, battery, processing unit, copper plate, steel, plastic, electronic circuit, advanced circuit and light oil. This recipe came after 0.17.60 version. Includes satellite production. This blueprint need assembling machine 3, some modules 2 and also some beacons. Rocket silo need 4 productivity module 3. It is going to play three notes when satellite counter change. Ratios are not exact and silo area is a mess.
    • Space Science Extension: +45/minutes. Used to improve the Space Science production.


    • Version 1.1 [06-03-2019]

It fixed Utility Science blueprint (several assemblers were missing).

    • Version 1.2 [09-04-2019]

It swapped Chemical Science blueprint input (solid fuel for light oil). Utility Science blueprint got thinner. Minor changes in other Factorio blueprints.

    • Version 2.0 [17-04-2019]

It added the Space Science, including rocket silo and a blueprint for extension. Now, automation and Logistic Science blueprint have assembling machine 1 as default. As it is more suitable for early game. It added indicator lamps for input materials (some missing ingredients will turn its respective lamp red). The swapped filter inserters for constant combinators. Minor changes in several blueprints.

    • Version 2.1 [20/06/2019]

It fixed inserter configuration in the Space Science blueprint. At this time, the sound alert works when sent satellite counter changes.

    • Version 3.0 [30/07/2019]

The Chemical and Space Sciences were adapted as 0.17.60 version changed their recipes. Included a lab blueprint in the book.

    • Version 3.1 [11/08/2019]

The Military and Chemical Science blueprints suffered some minor changes, getting more compact. Now, production Science blueprint is a bit more simpler.

    • Version 3.2 [04/01/2020]

Now, automation and Logistic Science blueprint uses only regular inserters, as it suits better according to tech tree level. Inverted belts in Space Science Expansion blueprint was fixed.

    • Version 3.3 [08/02/2020]

Included an Automation Science bootstrap for researching basic technologies, such as Logistics, Military and fast inserter. Now, automation and Logistic Science needs some fast inserters, which must be researched in the bootstrap first. There are small changes in Lab Chain.

    • Version 3.4 [20/06/2020]

Several inserters in Automation and Logistic Science were schanged for fast inserters, so they are able to keep up when upgrading to assembling machine 2. The Now, the chemical and Production Science blueprints are easier and cheaper to build.

    • Version 3.5 [07/09/2020]

Now, the Military and Production Sciences are easier to build by hand, however their footprint got a bit longer. Modules one (1) are not required anymore. Recently, Automation & Logistic Science blueprint prioritizes the Automation Science. Also, utility Science has separated inputs.

About Blueprints in Factorio

Blueprints are items that contain building layouts. Built areas are able to be selected for inclusion in a blueprint. After a blueprint is placed, a ghost of the layout will appear on the ground. This is able to be utilized as a guide for placing factory pieces manually, or handed over to construction robots to automated completion. The Blueprints will be stored in a blueprint book or blueprint library to prevent them occupying inventory space. For your information, the blank blueprints can be created by clicking the Blueprint button in the shortcut bar. Right now, the blank blueprint can be used to copy a set of buildings. For instance: you are able to copy this small laser defense setup.

To make a blueprint, you have to choose the blueprint item out of the toolbar or the inventory. With the blueprint icon which is shown next to the mouse cursor, simply you are able to click and hold the left mouse button and then drag a box as large as needed. After everything to copy is inside the drag box, just release the mouse button, and the Blueprint icon setup menu can open.

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