Factorio Blueprints Katherine of Sky

In the game of Factorio, Blueprint is used to call the item which has building layouts. You are able to use it to copy and paste parts of certain factory. Talking about Factorio blueprints, here we are going to discuss Factorio Blueprints Katherine of Sky. Keep reading this text.

Factorio Blueprints Katherine of Sky

As a player of Factorio, you may know a YouTube channel named Katherine of Sky. On that YouTube channel, there are many videos related to the game of Factorio. Of course, there are many Blueprints shared on the video. So, if you want to see some Factorio Blueprints, you are able to go to Katherine of Sky YouTube channel and open videos there. If you need some information regarding Factorio Blueprints, you are also able to watch some videos published by Katherine of Sky.

Factorio Blueprints Katherine of Sky

Here are some videos published on Katherine of Sky YouTube channel:

    • Factorio Tutorials: Nuclear Power Setup and Ratios. The video was published on May 29, 2017.
    • Factorio: How to build a building train. The video was published on August 2, 2020.
    • Factorio Tutorials: How to Import Blueprint Strings. The video was published on April 27, 2017.
    • Factorio Tutorials: The Blueprint Deletion Song by Katherine of Sky. The video was published on May 30, 2017.
    • Factorio Spidertron Building and Combat Guide. The video was published on August 16, 2020.

About Blueprints in Factorio

Blueprints are the items that contain building layouts. After a blueprint is placed, a ghost of the layout is going to appear on the ground. This will be utilized as a guide for placing factory pieces manually, or handed over to construction robots to automated completion. The Blueprints will be stored in a blueprint book or blueprint library to prevent them occupying inventory space. You have to know that the blank blueprints can be created by clicking the Blueprint button in the shortcut bar. At this time, the blank blueprint can be used to copy a set of buildings. In an example, you are able to copy this small laser defense setup.

To make a factorio blueprint, you have to choose the blueprint item out of the toolbar or the inventory. With the blueprint icon which is displayed next to the mouse cursor, simply you will be able to click and hold the left mouse button and then drag a box as large as needed. After everything to copy is inside the drag box, please release the mouse button, and the Blueprint icon setup menu can open.

Factorio Blueprints Guide

Blueprints offer you copy, save, and also share the layout of any part of their factory. Then, these plans can be laid over areas of land where you want to build, helping you expand your factory properly, so that it neater, easier to navigate and more efficient.

Shorty, a good Factorio blueprint can help bring order to the most chaotic builds. But how exactly do you make, save and share blueprints?

How to make, edit and save Factorio Blueprints?

To make blueprints in Factorio, first you have to switch the game to Blueprint mode (ALT+B). You are going to see a blue square appear to the bottom-right of your cursor, indicating Factorio is in blueprint mode now.

Create a blueprint

To make a blueprint, you have to click and drag over the area of your factory you want to be included. Once you release the mouse-button, a menu box will pop up showing an animated picture of the area you have chosen. Here, you are able to give a name and description for your blueprint, and also fiddle with parameters like snapping the blueprint to the grid or selecting an icon to represent the blueprint in your inventory.

To edit a blueprint, you have to right-click on the image to delete any unwanted objects, such as sections of transport belt or electricity pylons (also, left-clicking will restore any deleted objects). After you have finished tinkering with your blueprint, you are able to click Save Blueprint. It will appear in your inventory, the selected icon highlighted with a blue background.

If you make a blueprint that you plant to use regularly, please consider putting it into your blueprint library. To do that, you have to open the library by pressing the Blueprint Library button on the top-left of the screen. Click on the blueprint, then transfer it to the Blueprint library. For note: There are two menu tabs to choose from. “My blueprints” is going to store a blueprint and make it accessible across all single player saves. “Game blueprints” is a library bound to the current save, used for sharing blueprints in multiplayer.

How to use Factorio blueprints?

To use a Factorio blueprint, you are able to click on it in your inventory. After that, left-click to place it as you would any other object. The blueprint gives an outline of what to build and where, it does not do the actual construction for you. Next, in the game you are able to direct drones to build structures automatically designated by the blueprints. Early on, you have to do the grunt work yourself.

With any assembly lines or structure layouts which you will add or use some incidents of, it is a good idea to blueprint early so you are able to keep your construction consistent. The good areas for early blueprinting include:

    • Your drilling and smelting setups for iron, copper, steel etc.
    • Power generators (steam engine setups and solar farms).

Importing and exporting Factorio Blueprints

One of the most important features of blueprints in Factoria is that they are not restricted to your game. You are able to share your blueprints with other players and use their blueprints to increase your own factory.

Outside of Factorio, the blueprints are saved as character strings. To export a factorio blueprint, you have to right-click the blueprint. Then, click the Export to string button. To import a blueprint, you have to find the string online, copy it, and click the ‘Import string’ button to the right of your hotbar, paste it in, click ‘Import’.