Factorio Mall Blueprints

There are a number of mall blueprints for Factorio. One of them is by Gustavo Pinto. This one was created 5 years ago. If you want to find the blueprint, you can visit link here.

The blueprint by Gustavo Pinto is made by a number of requirements, such as:

    • 835 transport belts: The transport belt is named as the easiest and the cheapest method of automatic item transportation. This one is the first tier among the three transport belts in the game. The good thing about it is that prior research is not required and it is available from the beginning of the game.
    • 214 fast-inserters: The fast inserter is counted as an electric inserter. This one is clearly faster compared to the regular one.
    • 150 underground-belts: The underground belt is known as the first tier of underground belts. In general, this kind of thing is used to allow a transport belt to cross another transport belt by going underneath it. It is stated that this belt has a maximum underground distance of 4 squares. For those who are wondering about its speed, it is the same as the speed of the basic transport belt.
    • 53 medium-electric poles: The medium electric pole is described as an improved electric pole. This one is superior to the small electric one in all regards. It needs more expensive resources to produce. While it is true that it lacks the benefits of more advanced, specialized variants, it is considered well rounded as it has decent reach, supply area, and size. Besides, it can also carry signals for the circuit network.
    • 49 iron-chests: The iron chest is the kind of chest that is available to the player at the beginning of the game. Just like many other things that are meant for storage, it is used to store items at fixed positions. While the iron plates are needed to make one, it is still worth it as it can store twice as many items as a wooden chest. Not only that, it also has twice the health. Just like the other chests, this chest can be connected to the circuit network to give their contents as a signal.
    • 42 assembling-machine-2s: The assembling machine 2 refers to an upgraded version of the assembling machine. Compared to the first one, it has a faster crafting speed and higher power consumption.
    • 39 long-handed-inserters: The long-handed inserter refers to an electric inserter. Instead of the usual one, this one picks up and places items two tiles from its location. This kind of inserter is usually used to place items on a belt that is three tiles away from an assembling machine or a furnace.
    • 27 assembling-machine-1s: The assembling machine 1 is named as the most basic assembling machine. This one is the first available crafting machine. It has the ability to craft most recipes, such as its own recipe. Unfortunately, the drawback is that it is not able to use fluids for crafting.
    • 27 splitters: The splitter is the kind of thing that is usually used to divide a single belt. Besides, it can also be used to combine two belts into one or equally balance two belts together. Every item is placed in 1:1 relation on the outgoing belts. Setting a filter and inputting and outputting priorities is possible as described on the belt transport system.
    • 20 small-lamps: The small lamp is known as the small version of the basic electric device that provides light to medium area at night. It is usually used to increase visibility in a factory.
    • 13 logistic-chest-requesters
    • 12 stack-inserters: The stack inserter counts as an electric inserter. This one can move more than one item at the same time.
    • 8 logistic-chest-passive-providers
    • 5 pipe-to-ground: The pipe-to-ground is known as the distribution method for liquids and gases. It is really important to keep the factory open. Besides, it is also important to cross belt lines.
    • 4 fast-underground-belts: The fast underground belt refers to the second tier of underground belts. Its maximum underground distance is 6 tiles. As for the speed, it is the same as the fast transport belt.
    • 4 beacons: The beacon counts as a device. It can transmit module effects to closest machines.
    • 3 wooden-chests: The wooden chest refers to the first kind of chest that is available at the beginning of the game. It can be used to store something.
    • 3 pipes: The pipe refers to the most basic method of distribution of fluids. Usually, it is used to give water from offshore pumps to boilers and steam to steam engines for power generation and then crude oil and oil products.
    • 2 assembling-machine-3s: The assembling machine 3 is known as the third and the last tier of assembly machine. Among these three, it has the fastest crafting speed. Just like the assembling machine 2, this one can use liquids in crafting.
    • 2 big electric-poles: The big electric pole refers to the improved electric pole. Compared to the medium one, it is a more specialized variant. This one offers the longest wire reach of every electric pole. Due to this fact, it is best for long distance power lines.
    • 8 speed-module-3s: The speed module 3 has the ability to increase the speed of the machine by 50% and its energy consumption by 70%. From the statement, it can be concluded that the machine produces more items per minute at the cost of energy.
    • 2 efficiency-modules: The efficiency module is so good at reducing the electricity cost to run the machine by 30% of its base energy usage. It is worth noting that the minimal energy usage is 20% of the base energy usage. However, if the other modules are used, it is fine to use more than 80% worth of efficiency modules as they increase power usage and that the effect is additive with the decrease from efficiency modules. In addition, this kind of module also has the ability to reduce pollution as it is directly proportional to the power consumption of the machine.

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