How to Install Factorio Mods Without Account

Like most games, Factorio has mods that add more functionality and mechanics to the base game. However, while many people know that mods exist in Factorio, some people do not know how to install those Factorio mods. Compared to other games, installing Factorio mods is pretty simple.

Install Factorio Mods Without Account – Is it Possible?

The easiest way of installing Factorio mods is to do that from the menu in game. When you are at the home screen, you are able to choose the ‘Mods’ option (you will not be able to choose it whilst you are currently playing a game world). Once you do that, then you are going to be prompted with a log-in screen when heading to the Install section.

So, can you install Factorio mods without an account? You cannot download Factorio mods without an account. Therefore, you need to make your account at the Factorio Website. After you have signed up, then you will be able to confirm your email and head back to the site. Next, press your username, and then link your Steam account at the bottom.

This will confirm to the developers that you own an official copy of the game. Now, you have to go back to the game and login with the credentials you made. After that, you are able to browse through a list of available mods by going to the ‘Install’ tab. You need to use the other buttons at the top of the column to sort mods by trending, most downloaded, latest and more.

How to Install Factorio Mods Without Account

How to Install Factorio Mods?

Apparently, Factorio mod installation can be done in two ways. One includes installing the mods directly within the game, and another way is installing the mods manually, downloading them from a third-party. Because Factorio is not yet accepted in the Steam Workshop community, then the developers create a modding community, in which the players are able to share their own mods and download others.

The first way is installing Factorio mods from inside Factorio. Below you have to do:

    • At the first step, you have to launch Factorio.
    • In the main menu, you are able to go to Mods.
    • Now, you are able to hit the ‘Install’ button. There, you are going to see a list of available mods.
    • Please find a mod which you want, and then install it.

Aside from that, the mods can be enabled and disabled in this menu. Installing Factorio mods is simpler than other titles on the market. It does not take that long to install a mod. But, if you want to install and download the mod from a third-party site, or the official Factorio mods site, follow these steps below:

    • At the first step, you have to open the official Factorio mods website. Discover a mod you like, or download one from elsewhere.
    • After it has been downloaded, go to this path if you are on PC: C:UsersUserAppDataRoamingFactoriomods. If you are on other platforms, you are able to go to these paths:
      Linux: ~/.factorio/mods
      Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Factorio/mods
    • Then, you have to drag and drop the downloaded mod file. Please do not unzip the file, instead transfer the whole zip to the mods folder.

Warning: Unlike other games, there is no variability in terms of installation of different mods in Factorio. Therefore, these methods of installation are the same for whichever mods you select to install.

Some Best Factorio Mods

Here are some best Factorio mods you can download:


Bottleneck is one of the best Factorio mods. It is created by trold. The Bottleneck mod is a tool which is used to locate input starved machines. It decorates assembling machines, furnaces, mining drill, pump jacks, and chemical plants with an indicator light. Apparently, there are three color indicators such as Green, Red, and Yellow. Currently, Green is doing stuff. Red is not doing anything, limited by the input. While Yellow is not currently doing anything, limited by the output. With this mod, you are able to change the colors using the settings in the game.

FARL (Fully Automated Rail Layer)

FARL is also the best Factorio mod. This FARL (Fully Automated Rail Layer) mod is very vital and also most rated by the players. For your information, FARL mod was created by Choumiko. The functionalities of FARL mod are to customize the placement of poles, parallel tracks, turrets, lamps, and more with mapping or blueprints. In addition, FARL (Fully Automated Rail Layer) mode places electric poles, signals, rails, concrete and others while driving.

Resource Spawner Overhaul

This is one of the best mods in Factorio. We get information that the mod was created by orzelek. The functionality of the mod overrides Perlin noise-based resources in the game or units spawning system by region divided spawning system. This mod will help you to change the resource spawning to be based on a region, unlike the default resource spawning which is allocated by the game creators, this mod overrides that and makes resource spawner more frequently based on the region where you are playing the game.

Rail Tanker

Rail Tanker is the best and simple mod in Factorio. For your information, this mod was created by Choumiko. This Rail Tanker mod adds a rail tanker in the Factorio game. With this mod, you are able to use this rail tanker to move or transport any kind of liquid around the game of Factorio without barreling it up first which makes transporting liquid very easy and fast.

Squeak Through

Another best Factorio mod is Squeak Through. It allows the players to walk between obstacles such as directly adjacent solar panels, steam engines, mining drills, pipes, and the chests. This mod is very interesting. It will help you stay stealthy in the Factorio game. With this Squeak Through mod, you do not need to worry about the obstacles and other stuff which can ruin your gaming experience. For your information, this mod was made by Supercheese who also made Factorio mods such as Orbital Ion Cannon.

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