Factorio Mod Max Rate Calculator

There are plenty of calculator tools that you can use in Factorio to  calculate resources and factory requirements that you’ll need in running your factory. However, some of them may be hard-understand to use as each tool comes in different format, visual, formula and also features.

So, what you have to do is to find the easy-to-use one which can give you the best results. Well, in this chance, we’ll give you one of the best Factorio calculators to specify what products you want to produce in your factory.

What is the reliable Factorio calculator? To know one of the best Factorio calculators as our research, let’s see our post below!

Max Rate Calculator

Factorio Mod Max Rate Calculator

One of the Factorio calculators is Max Rate mod which works to calculate the maximum consumption/production rates of assemblers, plants and more. Max Rate calculator was created by Theanderblast three years ago. However, this tool is still mostly used by Factorio players.

Max Rate calculator provides a selection tool with default hotkey is ctrl-n. This command is  used to choose a set of machines, produced by those machines and calculate the maximum possible rate of the items which are consumed.

However, those rates are shown in a GUI window on the left side of the Factorio window, in various rate units. Well, the items that appear as both inputs and outputs will have net change calculation show as well. additionally, it does not calculate actual rates, for that you can see the excellent EfficienSee mod.

This mod includes module and beacons effects. You also do not have to choose the beacons, only the machines which are affected by them. The centrifuging uranium ore approximates the output which is based on the probability and quantity range of the results.

About smelter, if there’s nothing to smelt in the smelter, unfortunately, this mod does not have a recipe, so you should look for it by yourself.

How to Get a Max Rate Calculator?

You surely can get the Max Rate calculator by downloading it first. Here’s how to download the Max Rate calculator!

    • Firstly, you need to visit the Max Rate Calculator here.
    • Once you’re at the page, you should find the ‘Downloads’ menu. It’s located in the lined-up menus next to the changelog menu.
    • After that, click on the ‘Downloads’ button.
    • You will then see a list of Max Rate versions.
    • Make sure to determine what version you want to download. It’s highly recommended for you to choose the latest one as it probably has more gorgeous features within.
    • Then, click on a green ‘Download’ button to start downloading this mod.
    • You will be taken into the login page. Of course, what you should do is to log into the Factorio Mod Portal site first by using your username and password that you have registered before.
    • While, if you have no the account already, you should signin first by clicking on the Sign Up button. Here, you’ll be allowed to enter your username, email and password. Make sure to use your active email and password that you will remember.

If you successfully login, the Max Rate calculator will be downloading immediately and start using the mod as you need.

Here’s a plenty of links to download the Max Rate calculator:

Link 1

    • Version: 3.4.448
    • Game version: 1.1
    • Download Link

Link 2

    • Version: 3.4.47
    • Game Version: 1.0
    • Download Link


Link 3

    • Version: 3.4.46
    • Game Version: 0.18
    • Download Link


Link 4

    • Version: 3.4.45
    • Game Version: 0.18
    • Download Link 

Link 5

    • Version: 3.4.44
    • Game Version: 0.18
    • Download Link


About Factorio

Factorio is a 2D building game which was developed by Wube Software. This game gets the highest reviews on Steam and has also entered a Finalist on the 2020 Steam Award list, making this game interesting to try.

Many people think that Factorio has some similarities with the anime Dr. Stone. If at Dr. Stone Senku has to build a civilization from scratch (aka from the stone age), just like Factorio where players have to build their own civilization from the stone age to modern, but the civilization here is meant as a factory.

If we look at a glance, Factorio has a very fun building gameplay. Not only building factories, you are also helping to survive the monsters. At the beginning of the game you have to do various things manually. But over time, later you can make things automatically.

At the beginning of the game, you may feel confused for any kinds of tools and items that you will find within this game. What is this tool for? What does this do? Those are the common questions that everyone will ask. Sooner or later, you will understand for yourself how you are going to play this game especially if there’s no Factorio’s basic tutorial provided.

What You Should Do in Factorio?

Just like Minecraft, Factorio has a very unlimited world. So, you can play this as satisfied as possible. It is not strange if Factorio has “Infinite World” as you have to find resources which are important ingredients for the development of your factory.

In Factorio, you will meet various kinds of enemies who will certainly get stronger. As with your factory, the monsters here can evolve stronger which will make the game more difficult and exciting.

The monsters here actually won’t attack if you don’t disturb them. However, because the factory has a lot of pollution, eventually the monsters here will attack you. If your factory pollution gets more and more, then more monsters will come.

As with Factorio, you will continue to make new innovations for your manufacturer and survive the monster enemies there.

One of the advantages in this game is that you can play together with your friends. Interestingly, this game can be played with a LAN so it won’t drain your quota as long as you use a LAN cable, or a Hotspot. But calm down, the online feature itself doesn’t drain a lot of data.

Of course, the last stage where you deserve to be a winner in this game is when you have built the Rocket and climbed it.

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