Factorio Mods Download Without Account

Apparently, there are thousands of mods available for Factorio. So far, they have all accumulated millions of downloads between them, which is really impressive with the game still being in Early Access.

Mods make lots of changes to Factorio. They are able to overhaul spawns, add new items and blueprints, implement new opponents, expand on existing systems and there’s even several which add items such as aircraft.

Factorio Mods Download Without Account

Download Factorio Mods Without Account – Is it Possible?

The easiest and most user-friendly way of downloading Factorio mods is to do that from the menu in game. When at the home screen, you are able to select the ‘Mods’ option (you cannot choose it whilst you are currently playing a game world). When you do this, you are going to be asked with a log-in screen when heading to the Install section.

So, can you download Factorio mods without an account? Apparently, you will not be able to download Factorio mods without an account. So, you have to make an account at the Factorio Website. After you have signed up, you are able to confirm your email and head back to the website. Please press your username in the top right corner, and then link your Steam account at the bottom.

This only confirms to the developers that you have an official copy of the game. Now, you are able to go back to the game and login with the credentials you just made. Afterwards, you are able to browse through a list of available mods by going to the ‘Install’ tab. You have to use the other buttons at the top of the column to sort mods by trending, most downloaded, latest and more.

How to Download Factorio Mods Manually?

Another way of downloading Factorio mods is by doing it manually. Firstly, you have to discover a mod you like on the Factorio Website and then download it as a .ZIP file. Again, this will need you to make an account on their site and then link your Steam account to your Factorio Profile.

After you have the .ZIP file, it requires to be placed into the Factorio Mods folder, which is located in the User Directory, specifically AppData/Roaming. To get there, you have to open up your Start Menu on PC, type %appdata% into the search bar, press Enter, go into the Factorio Folder, then Mods. In alternative, you are able to head to this directory C:\Users\YOUR USER\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\mods.

Simply, you are able to drop the modded .ZIP file into the mods folder, it does not need to be opened or extracted. After it is done, you are able to restart Factorio if it’s open. Then, you are able to go to the ‘Mods’ section from the home screen. Do not forget that mods are installed by checking under the ‘Manage’ tab.

Popular Factorio Mods with Download Links

Here are some popular Factorio mods with download links:

Resource Spawner Overhaul

Resource Spawner Overhaul is one of the most popular mods in the game of Factorio. For your information, this mod was developed by orzelek. The mod’s functionality is overrides in-game Perlin noise-based resource or units spawning system by region divided spawning system. This Resource Spawner Overhaul mod helps in changing the resource spawning to be based on a region, unlike the default resource spawning which is allocated by the game developers, this Resource Spawner Overhaul mod overrides that and makes resource spawner more frequently based on the region where you are playing Factorio.

To download this mod, you are able to click this link here.


Bottleneck is also one of the most popular Factorio mods. It is developed by trold. The mod is more like a tool which is used to locate input starved machines. This mod decorates assembling machines, mining drill, pump jacks, furnaces, and chemical plants with an indicator light, making it easier to signify bottlenecks in the game of Factory. For your information, there are three color indicators such as Red, Green and Yellow. Currently, Red is not doing anything, limited by the input. Green is doing stuff. And Yellow is not currently doing anything, limited by the output. Easily, you are able to change the colors using the settings in the game.

To download this mod, you are able to click this link here.

FARL (Fully Automated Rail Layer)

FARL (Fully Automated Rail Layer) is a popular Factorio mod. Actually, it is not really the most downloaded mod in Factorio, but it is very crucial and also most rated by the players. FARL mod was developed by Choumiko. FARL’s functionalities are to customize the placement of poles, several parallel tracks, turrets, lamps, and more with mapping or blueprints. Also, FARL (Fully Automated Rail Layer) mode places rails, electric poles, signals, concrete and others while driving.

To download this mod, you are able to click this link here.

Rail Tanker

Rail Tanker is a simple mod and only does one job. However, it gets an insane number of downloads. This Rail Tanker mod is developed by Choumiko. As we know, Choumiko also developed a popular Factorio mod called FARL or Fully Automated Rail Layer. The Rail Tanker mod adds a rail tanker in the game of Factorio. You are able to use this rail tanker to move or transport any kind of liquid around the game without barreling it up first, that makes transporting liquid very easy and fast.

To download this mod, you are able to click this link here.

Squeak Through

Squeak Through mod allows the Factorio players to walk between obstacles such as directly adjacent solar panels, mining drills, pipes, steam engines, and chests. The mod is very interesting and helps you stay stealthy in the game of Factorio. Using this Squeak Through mod you do not need to worry about obstacles and other stuff which could ruin your gaming experience. For your information, Squeak Through mod was created by Supercheese who also created Factorio mods such as Orbital Ion Cannon.

To download this mod, you are able to click this link here.

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