Factorio Ratio Calculator Mod

Ratio calculator that you can use in Factorio can be through Science Lab where it provides how to create seven kinds of science packs including automation science pack, logistic science pack, military science pack, military science pack, chemical science pack, production science pack, utility science pack and space science pack.

Unfortunately, there’s no calculator mod which especially works to indicate the ratio. Otherwise, there’s a calculator mod for Factorio which performs for consumption rates. The calculator mod here is Rate Calculator.

Rate Calculator

Because both have similarities, sure, it’s not enough if we don’t discuss them. Well, this post will show you Science Lab to indicate the ratio and Rate calculator to indicate consumption rates. Here you go!

Knowing Ratio Through Science Pack

Science packs are the items which are available in Factorio laboratory to do research. However, when doing any technology research, they will require a certain number of the different types of science packs, then, it’s multiplied by a certain value to get the tech cost.

Here’s the ratio which is needed to keep science production in sync is (5:6:5:12:7:7) or:

    • 5 Automation science pack assemblers
    • 6 Logistic science pack assemblers
    • 5 Military science pack assemblers
    • 12 Chemical science pack assemblers
    • 7 Production science pack assemblers
    • 7 Utility science pack assemblers

Well, the list above presumes that the science packs are assumed to be yielded from assembling machine 2 which is being produced at 75 items per minute without any modules/ beacons.

Here’s how to create science packs!

The science packs and the research are meant to lead the players through the game by gradually raising in complexity. Initially, the players should create an automation science pack by hand to research automation.

Afterwards, they should create automation and logistic science automatically and to automatically feed the science packs into labs. Those science packs actually allow the research of the most basic technologies.

If the pack is needed as the enemies, the players can then create military science packs to allow unlocking higher tier combat-oriented products. Unlike previous science packs, military science will produce two packs per crafting cycle versus just one percycle from automation or logistics.

After the military science pack, the chemical science pack must be created then. However, this pack will incorporate a new ‘raw’intermediary. Well, the plastic bars are needed to harvest and process crude oil.

The next goal is to create the production science packs which are a fair jump in complexity because the required products have a few different intermediaries. The final stage is utility science packs which are the most complex packs to create where it requires a large chain of intermediate products.

Additionally, the space science packs are produced from launching satellites through rockets and thus are hard to automate effectively without massive resource-hungry bases. Unlike other science packs, space science packs are premiumly used to research repeating/ infinite technologies such as gun turret damage and mining productivity.

About Rate Calculator Mod

Rate Calculator mod was created by raiguard. This calculator allows you to choose an area to see maximum production and consumption rates for electricity, materials, heat and pollution which is similar to Max Rate Calculator.

When you use it, you should choose an area to see consumption rates for materials. Here’s for example of the rate calculator to measure the materials:

Materials Rate Machines Per Machine Net Rate Net Machine
Iron Gear Wheel 90.000






76.500 0.8500
Pipe 90.000






63.000 0.7000
Utility Science Pack 30.000 5 6.0000
Low Density Structure 33.750






3.7500 1.6667
Electric Engine Unit 13.500






3.0000 0.6667
Flying Robot Frame 10.500






0.5000 0.2381
Engine Unit 13.500






0.0000 0.0000
Lamp 46.800 k

-46.80 k



3.6000 k

– 1.800 k

0.0000 0.0000
Processing Unit -20.00 5 -4.000

How to Get Rate Calculator Mod?

You will get the Rate calculator by downloading it first. Here’s how to download the Rate calculator!

    • Firstly, you need to visit the Rate Calculator here.
    • Once you’re at the page, you should find the ‘Downloads’ menu. It’s located in the lined-up menus next to the changelog menu.
    • After that, click on the ‘Downloads’ button.
    • You will then see a list of Rate versions.
    • Ensure to determine what version you want to download. It’s highly recommended for you to choose the latest one as it probably has more gorgeous features within.
    • Then, click on a green ‘Download’ button to start downloading this mod.
    • You will be taken into the login page. Of course, what you should do is to log into the Factorio Mod Portal site first by using your username and password that you have registered before.
    • While, if you have no the account already, you should sign in first by clicking on the Sign Up button. Here, you’ll be allowed to enter your username, email and password. Make sure to use your active email and password that you will remember.

If you successfully login, the Rate calculator will be downloading immediately and start using the mod as you need.

Here’s a plenty of links to download the Rate calculator:

Link 1

    • Version: 2.2.0
    • Game Version: 1.1
    • Download Link

Link 2

    • Version: 2.1.4
    • Game Version: 1.1
    • Download Link 

Link 3

    • Version: 2.1.3
    • Game Version: 1.1
    • Download Link 

Link 4

    • Version: 2.1.2
    • Game Version: 1.1
    • Download Link 

Link 5

    • Version: 2.1.1
    • Game Version: 1.1
    • Download Link

A Few Words About Factorio

Factorio is a 2D building game which was developed by Wube Software. This game gets the highest reviews on Steam and has also entered a Finalist on the 2020 Steam Award list, making this game interesting to try.

If we look at a glance, Factorio has a very fun building gameplay. Not only building factories, you are also helping to survive the monsters. At the beginning of the game you have to do various things manually. But over time, later you can make things automatically.

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