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One of the most genius systems at work in Factorio is Blueprints. Many players especially beginners who do not know how to use Blueprints properly to save time and effort when building their factories. Well, in this page, we are going to explain about the most useful Factorio Blueprints for early game.

Factorio Blueprints for early game

For the goal of this guide, we decided to go back and freshen up all the Blueprints we made some months back and still regularly use to this day. And thus, we present the first RPS Factorio Blueprint Book. You will be able to copy the string to import the RPS Blueprint Book into your own Blueprint Library. This book has 12 Blueprints, to take you comfortably from the very start of a Factorio game into the mid-game and beyond.

    • Extreme early game Blueprints

The first two Blueprints in the book are for your very first steps towards automation. One takes in Iron and Copper, and outputs Green Circuits. It aims for speeding up the manual construction of things like Electric Mining Drills and Inserters. The second takes in Iron and outputs ammo, to assist prepare you for your first few Biter attacks. It is very simple, it is barely worth having a Blueprint on it.

    • Steam Power Blueprints

Steam Power are designed to help get your factory set up with a trusted power source early on. The mini version is designed to be tileable so that you are able to keep adding on some new sections as needed, while the big version contains enough power after built to take you into the mid-game comfortably.

    • Solar Power Blueprints

Skipping into the mid-game, we have got tileable Solar Panel Blueprints to help you to more easily complete the massive project of Solar Power. Both Blueprints make use of the proper ratio of 25 Solar Panels to 21 Accumulators.

    • Smelting Blueprints

Also, we have got some item production Blueprints in this book, starting with our two smelting complexes. Each is designed to take in a full belt of ore and then output a full belt of plates. The Blueprint with the stone furnaces is meant for a full yellow belt, while the Blueprint with steel Furnaces is meant for a full red belt. If you do not yet have the stuff required to make the latter, you are going to be satisfied with two of the former.

    • Green Circuit Blueprints

After the basic resources patches discovered in the world, maybe the most important intermediate item to mass produce is the Electronic Circuit or commonly known as the Green Circuit. Once again, we have two Blueprints: the first outputs a full yellow belt of Green Circuits, while the second outputs a full red belt. Please be sure to check the descriptions of those Blueprints so you will know which resources to feed into which belts.

    • Steel Blueprints

One of the most painstaking early-game resources to make in bulk is Steel, as it needs 5 Iron Plates to smelt into a single Steel Plate. The final two Blueprints in this book ease to create smelting Steel, as long as you have the space to plant them somewhere in your factory. Once again, there is one Blueprint for outputting a full yellow belt, and another for outputting a full red belt.

    • Tileable Science Blueprints

We were thinking about making our own Tileable Science Blueprints and placing them in this book along with the others we’d made. However, there is really no point as we cannot improve this Blueprint Book by Christoffer Ramqvist, which is perfect for any Factorian’s requires. All the Blueprints in this book are infinitely tileable and also very easy to understand. Give them a chance. They have served us well for ages.

Starting a new game of Factorio

The first step to start a new game in Factorio is setting up your new world. If you are the type to leave your world up to chance, skip this section. Otherwise, there are some things that you might look for when picking your world:

    • Many nearby iron, coal and copper.
    • All the ore patches that clustered around your starting area must have a bit of space between them.
    • The green areas with many forest can help absorb several pollution, that can give you more time before the Biters come.
    • Find out natural chokepoints to help with defending your factory, however ensure the space you are left with is big enough to fit everything you need.
    • We recommend that Factorio beginners enable peaceful mode before they begin, because this will prevent Biters from attacking you until you attack them for the first time.

From early game to mid-game Factorio

After your first full belt of plates, you have to do the same with copper. With a full belt, you are able to disassemble your old burner mining drills. Next, you are able to automate the Green Science. After you have a full belt of copper and iron ready, this is a good time for you to place down your early game science blueprint, and begin to fill it in and hook everything up.

You have to research towards Automobilism and construct your first car. Your mobility is bigger than before. You have to respond to threats and move about your expanding factory. Also, fill up all ore patches in the vicinity with drills.

Now, you are able to begin construction of your main bus. With a main bus, you are able to start to drastically boost the size of your factory and the production you like. While you are doing all of this, you have to expand your steam power module to accommodate for your growing power demand, and also keeping your factory well-defended against Biter attacks. If any Biters expand to a new nest which is too close to your factory, you have to take out your car and then destroy it before it gets to deal any damage. Please use Piercing Rounds and Grenades to destroy opponents quickly.

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