Dragon Raja Best Class to Choose

Here, we have a guide about the Dragon Raja Best Class. So, you will be able to decide which class to choose in the game. Are you ready to know about it? You can read the explanation about it below now.

Blade Master

This character is the best tank and also melee DPS. We can say that in the game, she is the one of the best classes. To inflict melee attacks on the enemies, she uses the sword and blade weapon. Melee attacks are close-ranged. It means that you need to go close to the enemies to attack them. The damage soaking ability which Blade Master has is good.

Blade Master

Besides, Blade Master has decent physical damage to the foes. Striking multiple hits to the enemies, damage with the burn effect are some of her excellent skills. You are able to use this character as a tank or a melee DPS. However, it is important for you to note that you must build her or him in the way you want to use her/ him. Let’s say that you want to use her/him as a tank. Then, you must focus on her/ his physical defense. If you use her/ him as a melee DPS, you must focus on her/ his physical attack power.

So, we can conclude that she or he is a good tank, good melee DPS, god for those who llike close-range fights and also the solo performance is good.



He is the best ranged DPS. This character uses the gun to strike enemies from a distance. However, the ratings of defense are not good. He can inflict damage with the landmine traps. The other amazing skills of him are stun effect, invisible effect and many more. He is the best in DPS and good at clearing the waves of enemies quickly.

So, we are able to conclude that Gunslinger has a good solo performance, is a good DPS, good at inflicting CRIT hits and also good for players who like long-range fights and clearing the waves of enemies quickly. However, his defense is not that good.

Soul Dancer

Soul Dancer

She is the best healer and supporter class. Soul Dance is one of the best classes to get in Dragon Raja. It is because this character has CC and supportive abilities. Turning the targets into the duck is one of her abilities. The enemies which suffered from this CC ability would not be able to attack. Besides, she has the ability to decrease the PHY and Mage defense of the foes during the battle. You are also able to deal decent magic damage to multiple enemies with the teleport skill.

We can conclude that Soul Dancer has good solo performance, a good mage, good attack and defense and this character is good for players who like playing as a mage and use CC abilities to stop enemies. Her strength is CC ability.

Dragon Raja Assassin Class

This character has melee and ranged attacks with high agility. If you want to select an easy to play class, it is not recommended to choose him. It may be better for you to choose Blade Master or Gunslinger. It is because Assassin class is difficult to master if we compare to Blade Master and Gunslinger classes.

Fighter Class

This is a new class in the English Global version of Dragon Raja. You are able to get this class if you reach level 70 with the current class. Besides, you have to complete the main quest number 69th. Then, you have to go to Cygnet NPC in Cassell College and then switch to Fighter class.

Reaper Class

Now, in the global version of Dragon Raja, this class is available. Reaper class excels in inflicting a high volume of explosive damage to a large group of enemies in PvE and PvP game modes. You are able to switch to this class at level 70. You can get any of the newbies classes to reach level 70 and after that you can switch.

The Best Class in Dragon Raja

Which one is the best class in Dragon Raja? It is recommended for you to choose Soul Dancer class. It is because she is a good class at PvE and also PvP. However, if you want to be a pure DPS, then you can select Gunslinger. If you need melee and tanky characteristics, you can choose Blade Master.

    • Blade Master is the best tank.
    • Reaper and Gunslinger are the best ranged DPS.
    • Fighter is the best melee DPS.
    • Soul Dancer is mage/ CC/ support.

About Dragon Raja

About Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is a Chinese mobile MMO. It is based on the novel series entitled Dragon Raja by Jiang Nan. Originally, it was released in Chinese as Project:SU by Epic Games and Loong Entertainment in 2019. It then localized into Korean, Japanese and English. You are able to enjoy high quality 3D graphics, textures and also animations in the game.

The story of the game happens in a fictional world. There, it is told that there are a lot of young and talented teenagers with all kinds of super power which gather in a mysterious school named College Cassell. They take on the destiny of slaying dragons. As a player, you will have to take control of customized characters when they explore the colorful open world which is a beautiful combination of Chinese and Japanese traditional myths with dazzling modern technology.

This game won the Most Anticipated Game award at Unreal Open Day 2019. Besides, traditional game offers some features including PvE and PvP fights, various leisure gameplay features like cooking and sports and also exploration elements that players can find.

This game was released for Android and iOS. This game launched in South America, North America and EMEA regions on February 27th, 2020. At the Games Developer Conference (GDC) 2019, the Dragon Raja game was revealed. Before the official launch of the game, there were some mainstream gaming websites worldwide which reported about the game such as Pocket Gamer, IGN Poland, mein MMO and Noisy Pixel.

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