Dormant Volcano ACNH

Nintendo finally releases the 2.0 update that brings a number of features and maintenance to the game. If you already know what features are coming to the game, we think you will be amazed with them, as all of them are really helpful to boost your gameplay.

The features added to the game are commonly leaked by data miners of Animal Crossing on their social media platform, especially Twitter. One of the items that have been discussed a lot by players on some forums is Dormant Volcano. Why? To know about the reason, let’s see our post below!

What Is a Dormant Volcano?

Dormant Volcano is a new-leaked item added to the game in the patch 2.0. The item was leaked on a tweet posted by @DreamGallivant on November 4, 2021. DreamGallivant has leaked that Animal Crossing currently has a volcano that comes to the game as the daily collection.

Dormant Volcano is categorized as the new decorative item. In fact, there were approximately 3,000 items that have been added to the game and Dormant Volcano is known as the most interesting item in the game, as the volcano is such an uncommon item that usually exists in some games.

To add Dormant Volcano to your island, you will need to spend about 97,000 bells. The cost may be a little bit expensive, but it’s really worth it to have a volcano on your island.  So, if you really want this decorative item to enchant your island, make sure your bells are totally enough.

Dormant Volcano ACNH

Here are some daily collection items added to the game, along with Dormant Volcano:

    • Maracas costs 2,000 bells
    • Outdoor hat costs 1,100 bells
    • Oval Glasses costs 880 bells
    • Eight-ball tee costs 560 bells
    • Two-ball tee costs 560 bells
    • Chino pants costs 700 bells
    • Slip-on loafers costs 490 bells
    • Leaf-print wet suit costs 3,000
    • Etc.

What’s New in Update 2.0 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

The Animal Crossing 2.0 update has been released to the game with some changes and additional features. The month of November is such a different month from previous months, as Animal Crossing in this month is full of additional features that are very beneficial for every player.

Here’s a recap of everything in Animal Crossing 2.0 update:

    1. Brewster and his café, The Rooster

Brewster and his café, The Rooster, is one of the unlockable things that came to the game in 2.0 update. Brewster is a pigeon that can be found on uninhabited island through Kapp’n tour. Before you can find Brewster, you will need to talk with Blathers and tell him that you are looking for Brewster.

You can find Blathers in the museum and he will give you a hint that Brewster really loves Gyroids. To find Brewster, you may need to take a Kapp’n tour that will take you to an uninhabited island where you can find Brewster.

According to some sources, you will find Brewster after finding Gyroids first. Once you find Brewster, you can then deliver the message from Blathers. He will agree with your invitation and you can go back to the museum to tell him the good news.

If you successfully find Brewster and he agrees with your invitation, his café The Rooster will be open two days after. The Rooster will be available up the stairs and to the left that will be indicated by the sign next to the doorway.

    1. Kapp’n Boat Tour

Kapp’n boat tour is available when the players are looking for Brewster in uninhabited island. Kapp’s can be found at the pier on your island with a little board that will take you across the ocean. The Kapp’n tour will cost you 1000 Nook Miles for each round trip.

The interesting side of Kapp’n tour is that only Kapp’n will know about the special destinations. For those who have taken the Kapp’n tour will really know that he will take you into special islands where you can find new flora to discover. You will also find a different season or time of day to your own island that looks set to be beneficial if you are attempting to gather the particular bugs and fish.

    1. Harv’s Island

Harv’s Island is now undergoing some major changes in the 2.0 update. Some sources say that you will do some little photoshoots in Harv’s island. You will find the groovy dog that is creating a plaza with all sorts of shops. Then, to help open them up on the island, you can contribute your bells.

Some new additions added to Harv’s island include Tortimer, Reese and Cyrus as well as Katrina that will bring back some familiar faces.

Additionally, Harriet, Harv’s long-time friend also comes to your island that brings hairstyling prowess in the latest update. It means that you will get some new hairstyles to fashion your villagers with. Moreover, Harriet will teach you roughly 11 new different hairstyles.

    1. New redeemable Nook Miles items

In the 2.0 update, you can also purchase all sorts of New DIY recipes, furniture, items and app upgrades. You will find some gorgeous items for the plaza including Park Fountain, Park Balloon Wagon, Inflatable Plaza Toy, Plaza Ferris Wheel and many more.

There are also new major Nook Miles redeemable additions that came to the game including pro decorating license, pro construction license, pro Camera App, Custom Design Patterns, new reactions and Island Life 101.

    1. Dig up Gyroid fragments

Around your island, you can now locate little Gyroid fragments. When you plant those fragments and water them, a Gyroid will grow overnight.

    1. New K.K Slider Songs and music box

With the 2.0 update, your favorite dog will deliver some fresh new sounds. With 12 more songs, you can collect and add new K.K. Slider songs to your record collections.

Well, those are some new additions in the 2.0 update.

Don’t forget that there are still a bunch of new additions in this Animal Crossing latest update including Island Ordinances, more home exterior options, storage expansion, cooking and farming activities, Storage shed and ABD, new furniture and ladder set up kit coming to Nook’s Cranny, squeeze through tight spots, stretching in the plaza and villager visitors.

How to Download Animal Crossing’s 2.0 Update?

You may already know that the latest update will not update automatically. It means that you may need to force it by doing some steps.

To download Animal Crossing’s 2.0 update, you need to highlight and press the (+) button on the Switch’s main game screen. Then, choose ‘Software Update’ and then ‘Via the Internet’. From there, you can see your current version located on that screen in the upper left corner. When it says ‘Ver. 2.0.0, the Animal Crossing’s 2.0 update should be downloaded.