Did Master Chief Get Taller in Halo 4

If you watched the cutscene at the end of Halo 4, you might find that Master Chief was taller than Sarah Palmer. But, if you look back to the video when Palmer first met Master Chief, the cutscene showed that Master Chief has the same height as Sarah Palmer. Sure, a lot of players are wondering whether Master Chief is getting taller in Halo 4 or that’s exactly the effect of camera angle.

However, there’s no clear information about whether the Master Chief is really getting taller or not. Certainly, there are a bunch of threads in some gaming forums that discuss Master Chief’s height. So, is it true that Master Chief is getting taller at the end of Halo 4? Let’s find out some facts about it below!

Did Master Chief Get Taller in Halo 4?

The fact that the Master Chief is getting taller or not is still a debate. Some think that as Spartan-II, Master Chief is initially taller than other Spartans, especially Spartan-4. But, others stated that Master Chief is exactly getting taller at the end of Halo 4, as the previous cutscene showed that Sarah Palmer and Master Chief have the same height.

Did Master Chief Get Taller in Halo 4

According to the Halo Fandom site, it also explained that Master Chief was taller than Sarah Palmer at the end of Halo 4 is just a mistake. Well, Master Chief is only a head taller than Lasky in the same cutscene, like usual.

In this case, Sarah Palmer was actually tip-toeing in that first cutscene. Furthermore, Palmer wanted to attempt and maintain the dominant look, but Master Chief’s presence just overpowered the room.

Talking about Master Chief’s height, we can state that he stands at six feet and seven inches  without wearing Mjolnir armor. We can conclude that Master Chief is taller than Superman’s recorded height. In addition to the height, Master Chief also weighs 1000 pounds with his armor on. So, that’s a very fantastic weight for such a superhero, isn’t it?

The point is that Master Chief getting taller at the end of Halo 4 has not found the answer yet, since Master Chief is basically taller than other Halo spartans. So, we just wait for the real fact that may come further.

Who Is Master Chief?

Master Chief or also known as Pretty Office John 117 is the main protagonist character that you can play in the Halo series. Since its release, Master Chief has become the face of the Halo franchise that is known as one of the last remaining spartans after the horrible finale of Halo Reach making him an endangered species.

In the Halo Franchise, Master Chief is the most primary figure that ranks the highest position in the Halo Series. So, it does not wonder if a lot of players prefer to choose Master Chief as their spartan.

It is known that Master Chief is also responsible for breaking down the Covenant zealots and the Flood definitely ends the way from the original Halo trilogy. In some cutscenes of the Halo series, Master Chief is incredibly tall. Especially when he was walking past Sarah Palmer, the spartan-4.

Aside from his body height, you may also wonder what Master Chief looks like, as you always see with his armor. Some sources leak that Master Chief has pale skin, as he always wears his Mjolnir armor.

It was also confirmed that Master Chief’s eyes are bright blue which gaze out from beneath his Mjolnir helmet. It is also said that he has freckles in his face. Even though he was already 40 years old, but you can see that he is predicted to still be at the age of 20, as his face is very young.

If we talk about his personality, Master Chief is a professional, reserved and determined spartan in the Halo series, according to some sources. The community also stated that Master Chief is very quiet and stoic that prefers to let his actions speak for him.

If you see in the game, you can identify that he doesn’t express any interest in anything outside of completing his mission. Although the Master Chief actually respects the chain of command, but he is not mindless. In this case, he has disobeyed a direct order on some occasions which conflicted with his conscience.

In a certain circumstance, he often shows a wry sense of humor, but the covenant onslaught definitely leaves little time for humor. She also presents exceptional care for soldiers under his command.

Some sources revealed that he finds it difficult to understand the ‘undisciplined’ lifestyle of civilians. Well, Master Chief is extremely protecting civilian’s lives and humanity as a whole.

What Is the Ability of a Master Chief?

Master Chief

Since Master Chief is the strongest spartan in the Halo series, you may wonder what his ability in the game is. As you know, he is a skilled sniper that is known as a close quarter combatant, explosive expert and pilot.

Master Chief also has trained on a wide range of combat areas, along with other Spartans. Then, he is also known as the best Spartan in Halo, since his equal training and preparation to defend humanity.

In the game, Master Chief was also seen wearing the armor called Mjolnir armor that has capability to connect with the neural implants of Spartan when his armor is on. Many people know that Mjolnir armor worn by Master Chief is actually one of the most amazing item creations in the Halo franchise. Why?

That’s because when Master Chief is wearing the armor, any acts that he does will be sent to the armor automatically. So, his Mjolnir armor can read his mind and moves easily before Master Chief will really move his own arm.

Master Chief can also run up to 6 miles per hour. Then, his armor will also speed hiim rather than slow him down. In the Halo Franchise, Master Chief is known as a fast runner where he can run faster than the mechanic of the game, making it appear.

So, that’s everything you should know about Master Chief.