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CallMeCarson is known for his Minecraft and Discord videos and for his Tweets that often get tons of retweets and like. His YouTube channel is over 3.3 million subscribers and his Twitch account is having 1.5 million followers. In fact, this is not the first time Carson is finding himself in a controversy.

CallMeCarson has landed himself as Discord messages between him and a fan were revealed. There are many people who are accusing the YouTuber of grooming minors and of being a pedophile.

CallMeCarson accused of grooming minors

Recently, a twitter user by name of miniborb revealed Discord messages between her and Carson. She claims Carson grooming her once she was in High School and a minor. The screenshots include Carson saying that he only wanted to talk to for the sexual part and could not control himself. He further says that it was a bad idea to text her and she was really hard to resist. The tweets blew up instantly and people started accusing Carson of grooming minors.

CallMeCarson accused of grooming minors

She claims that she was joking once she asked Carson to be her boyfriend in a Tweet. He hopped into her DMs directly afterward which she does not have any proof of but screenshots of discord messages had enough content to attest to her claims.

The tweet where she claimed Carson was followed by the screenshots which exposed his intentions. In those screenshots, Carson was able to be seen approaching Sam with inappropriate intentions although knowing the fact that she was underage and enrolled in high school at the time. Hard to resist, it was how Carson described Sam in that screenshot.

No matter how this is presented, if those allegations are really true, things should take a legal turn as everything explained in those messages is a criminal offense. When we write this post, Carson is yet to reply to a statement addressing those claims.

His silence is incriminating too. Also, Traves and Hugbox have already claimed similar things that Keemstar saved him from. Now that there is solid evidence, it is going to be hard for anyone to keep him off the hook.

The Keemstar interview featuring Hugbox and Traves

The Keemstar interview featuring Hugbox and Traves

We get information that Hugbox and Traves were interviewed by Keemstar on January 4, 2021, in which Hugbox and Traves announced that Carson groom a girl who was underage in early 2019. Hugbox said that Carson had told this case to all Lunch Club members. It was the reason why the group dissolved.

On January 5th, a Twitter user known as miniborb, came explaining that she had been groomed by Carson. She was 17 at the time, and Carson was 19. The next day on January 5th, other former Lunch Club members Slimecicle, Jschlatt and cscoop released statements regarding the situation, all three showing dissatisfaction with the situation. Later, Ted Nivison released his statement the following day.

In addition to Lunch Club, lots of other YouTubers who worked with him previously took action, such as Jaiden Animations, who took down the videos she had made alongside Carson, some of which having as many as 17 million views. On January 5th, there is a Youtuber named Joko released conversations between Carson King and other acquaintances of his that confirmed that Carson King in early 2019s, exchanged nude images with the aforementioned miniborb.

Lots of YouTubers, although cursing Carson for what he did, have expressed the real issue as being the unstable power dynamic between Carson and miniborb rather than the very small age gap between him and her.

Before the miniborb tweet was released, Keemstar was the first to level allegations on Carson. There is a video that was released of an interview with the former of lunch club members: Traves and Hugbox. On that video, Hugbox said that one day in March he called her and she picked up the phone and he said that he has to tell her something. Carson said that he had f***ed underage girls.

She thinks that he said that they were fans. There are lots of fans and Keemstar demanded an explanation and a statement. Until now, Carson is keeping a low profile with no updates on any platform. Based on that case, the users of Twitter were quick to cancel Carson with the issue trending on Twitter for a long time. For right now, given the serious nature of the allegations only a response from Carson can clear the air.

About CallMeCarson

About CallMeCarson,

According to the research, Carson was born on May 10, 1999. He is better known as CallMeCarson. Formerly, he is known as TheBlueCrewPros. He is a YouTuber, twitch streamer, and player who makes videos with his friends.

Usually he and his friends recorded themselves on Discord or in a video game such as Minecraft. On May 10, 2012, he created his channel. Then, he started getting popularity for his Invading Discord Servers and also DeviantArt is Not Safe videos.

Carson made his first video by using a username: bluecreepers1 username. With his lots of videos (About 26 videos), Carson and his some friends ran that YouTube channel. The last video was uploaded on November 25, 2011. Later, on November 29, 2011, he uploaded his first video to the channel GamerCraft157, to replace the old channel previously mentioned. The videos included the games such as Terraria, Skyrim, Minecraft, Happy Wheels, and Portal. The last video published on the channel was on May 7, 2012.

On his main channel, he uploads videos with his friends reviewing images, videos, or games with commentary while using the voice chat software known as Discord. His second channel: CallMeCarsonLIVE consists of uploads of him and his friends playing a lot of games, for instance Minecraft, Roblox, Gang Beasts, UNO, Portal, Human: Fall Flat and many more. His third channel: CallMeCarson VODS consists of archives of past live streams from his Twitch channel. Lastly, his fourth channel: CallMeCarson Plus consists of short videos, TikTox and bits.

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