Blathers Not Talking About Brewster in ACNH

Lots of ACNH players try to solve the problem in the game where Blathers not talking about Brewster and also stop you from unlocking the Roost cafe. If you are one of the players who have the same problem, do not worry, here we are going to explain the reason and fix it.

Reason Blathers Not Talking About Brewster in ACNH

Based on the research, the reason Blathers not talking about Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is because you have not got one of exhibit types in the museum. It means that you need at least one of the following donated:

    • Bug
    • Fish
    • Fossil
    • Art
    • Sea Creature

If you have not got at least one of each of those donated to the museum, then Blathers will not talk about Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, preventing you from being able to open The Roost cafe. If you have not played Animal Crossing: New Horizons in a while, it is probably the Sea Creature you miss. This will need you to get a wetsuit and then dive underwater. Or, it could be that you are missing some artworks. For this case, you have to visit Redd, either through Harv’s island if you have set his shop up, or by unlocking his visiting ship to your main island. After you have got one of every exhibit, just hand it over to Blathers. Now, you will need to wait until the next day before Blathers begin talking about Brewster.

Blathers Not Talking About Brewster in ACNH

Blathers Not Talking About Brewster in ACNH – Here’s Solution

Here is solution for you if Blathers not talking about Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

    • Ensure that you are the main person or first to play on your switch.
    • If you are not the main person, you are able to log in with the main account to fix this.
    • Remember that Blathers will only talk about Brewster in ACNH to the main player.
    • If you are the main player, you have to make sure that you have already donated one of the exhibit items to the museum.
    • You will need to donate at least one art: a bug, a fish, a fossil, and a sea creature.
    • Blathers just talk about Brewster before you go on the boat ride with Kapp’n.
    • If you take the boat ride first, you have to wait till midnight or the next day.

To summarize, if Blathers not talking about Brewster in Animal Crossing:  New Horizons, it means that you have not made a donation to all of the museum’s divisions. So, to make Blathers talk about Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you must have provided one from each category. Also, you might not have donated a sea creature yet. That requires you to dive into the sea in a swimsuit.

Also, it is possible that you forget to donate one of exhibit item to the museum. For this case, you have to go to Redd for it, which you can do through Harv’s island provided you have built up his business. Or you are also able to do so by allowing his visiting ship to dock on your main island. Please exit the museum and return after you complete the last exhibit item. Now, Blathers will be prepared to discuss Brewster.

Unlocking Brewster and the Roost Cafe

Unlocking Brewster and the Roost Cafe

In addition, here we will also explain how to unlock Brewster and the Roast cafe. There are some steps to unlock Brewster. Firstly, you have to be the island’s Resident Representative. Need to note that the Resident Representative is the first player to start a game in ACNH and move to a new island. When you are playing with several resident Representatives on an island, it is only the Resident Representative who has the ability to complete some particular tasks. After that, you have to visit Blathers in the museum. Once installing the Animal Crossing 2.0 update, Blathers are going to have an opinion over his head. After talking to him, he says that he wants to find out a way to get more visitors to the museum. Also, he wants to add a cafe. Sadly, his old Brewster who ran the coffee shop closed the coffee shop and then disappeared. Blathers will ask you to track down Brewster. Keep in mind that he likes gyroids.

For your information, gyroids have not started appearing on your island. But, the island’s will offer Kapp’n’s boat tours. Isabelle will mention these in her announcements when you load the game. For this case, you need to go to the previously vacant dock which is located on the left or right side of your island to discover Kapp’n. The Kapp’n will bring you to an uninhabited island tour once a day. Apparently, Kapp’n will accept wireless payments. Just buy your first ticket, and then you are off.

When you reach your uninhabited island, it should not bring you too much hunting to find a pigeon Brewster in a hat. In fact, Brewster is out on the same island hunting for gyroids. He is going to give you the first gyroid fragment too, and also explain how to plant and water it. After you deliver your message from Blathers, then he will come to your island. Also, he will ask you to let Blathers know that he is receiving his invitation.

Now, you are able to go back to the museum. While the gyroid is a good gift, the most vital step for securing Brewster will occur when you back. You must go back to visit Blathers on the same day. Of course, he will be glad. Next, he will say the museum needs to close to accommodate the expansion. Brewster and the Roost cafe are going to be available the day after tomorrow. warning: The museum will be closed the day after you talk to Blathers. The Roost cafe is going to be open the next morning.

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