Best Weapon for Hellhounds OSRS

If you get a Hellhound slayer task, you may be looking for the best weapon to kill them easily, don’t you? Certainly, killing them will be easy as long as you really know the proper weapon, the suggested skills, the strategy and also various gears.

We’re here to inform you best of the best weapon which is suitable to kill Hellhounds easily. Here you go!

What Is the Best Weapon to Kill Hellhounds?

The best weapon to kill Hellhounds is Dwarf Multicannon as a Ranged weapon. To use this weapon, you should complete the Dwarf Cannon quest first. Of course, unlike other Ranged weapons, Dwarf Cannon is not equipped by a player rather it’s assembled on the ground. In this case, cannons are often considered to be a supplement to a mainly weapon or fighting method.

Additionally, the cannon consists of four pieces including the base, the stand, the barrels and the furnace. Once you have loaded cannonballs or granite cannonballs into the cannon, it will rotate and fire automatically.

Well, dealing damage with the cannon results hald experience for Ranged (2 experience per damage rather than 4). Unfortunately, it does not produce any Hitpoints experience. The accuracy of the cannon will depend heavily on the players current equipment, levels and also attack style. Well, the details will be shown below!

    • When you use Ranged weapons, the cannon will use your ranged accuracy by taking into account their ranged bonus.
    • When you use Melee weapons, the cannon will use your melee accuracy by taking into account your stab, slash or crush bonus which depend on your currently selected attack style and also your attack level and other melee accuracy bonuses. It also includes melee accuracy boosting prayers like Piety. It’s important to note that cannon uses your crush bonus when no weapon is equipped due to all unarmed attack styles being crushed.
    • When you use Powered staves like Trident of the Seas, the cannon will use either your ranged accuracy or melee accuracy whichever is higher. It’s important to note, other magical staves like the staff of air are treated as melee weapons even when autocast is on.

Moreover, the accuracy of the cannon, though obtained from the player’s accuracy will always roll against the target’s range defence.

Additionally, if you successfully completed the Dwarf cannon quest, you probably should buy the cannon parts from dwarf engineer Nulodion located south of Ice Mountain for 200,625 each.

Then, Nulodion will also sell a full set of cannon for 750,000 through his dialogue including four parts, the manual instruction of the cannon and an ammo mould. Then, if a cannon decays or the mould is dropped, of course, the Nulodion will give a free replacement. In this case, you may have multiple cannons, but also only have one assembled at a time.

How to Set Dwarf Multicannon?

To set it up, you should place the cannon base on a vacant square surrounded by eight more vacant squares. Well, the rest of the cannon is automatically set up from there. You finally have to use up to 30 cannonballs on the cannon or load it by choosing ‘Fire’.

If you have both regular and granite cannonballs in your inventory, it’s recommended to insert the granite first. Certainly, there are a lot of locations where you cannot set it up: if you place a cannon base in a prohibited area as well, so you will receive a message in their chat box which explain why you cannot do so.

Here’s a list of parts of the cannons that you should buy:

    • Cannon barrels cost 191,753

Cannon barrels

    • Cannon base costs 182,850

cannon base

    • Cannon furnace costs 193,453

Cannon furnace

    • Cannon stand costs 183,864

Cannon stand

Total: 751,920

    • Dwarf cannon set costs 751,920

Dwarf cannon set

Well, if we compare buying the dwarf cannon in a set will be cheaper than buying part-by-part. You will save around 2,054.

    • Ammo costs 130
    • Granite cannonballs, the price is not available.

It’s important to note, the parts of the cannon are rather heavy, so carrying them will make your weight extremely high. So, if you have a plan to do many running with them in your inventory, it’s highly recommended to bring a few Super energy or Stamina potions to compensate for the more rapid energy loss.

How Effective Are the Dwarf Multicannon to Kill Hellhounds?

Dwarf multicannon is the only way to even add any external damage, excluding poison/ venom, however, it’s also because it makes your slayer tasks considerably faster. However, it’s no doubt that you will not want to use it when killing if you can afford it.

The truth is that maintaining hours of Slayer training while constantly feeding your cannons is very expensive and can easily break your bank. Then, if you’re only taking high experience tasks all day every day until 99 Slayer and nothing else, we guarantee that your hard wealth will lose right before your eyes.

Otherwise, when you get higher Slayer level 87 and 93, you can unlock demi-boss tasks which can fill that void in your wallet. Even the measly but still precious items drops will assist you against the evident cannonball consumption as long as you bother to take them.

However, it’s also possible that you do not have to worry about cash at all. Sure, using the cannon while killing the monsters will actually be your thing. It’s so great as well. over all, your casual hack and slash will be much more exciting. You also have to pay more attention to what is happening if you desire efficiency.

If you want to be efficient, you desire to do everything to maximize experience which is gained per hour which allows you to cannon even in a single combat zone in good conscience.

So, the cannon is the best single component to raise your experience rates in Slayer. It’s bang for your buck, hands down. Well, it can motivate you to kill or even make you fall in love with Slayer. We guess that if you use it, you will really love this weapon.

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