Best Way to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

A buried treasure is definitely an interesting reward for those who play the game by Mojang called Minecraft. For the game that involves a few different kinds of stones and metals in the crafting menu, this one does have a method of making you run throughout its world to find those materials. The thing with buried treasures is that you are able to find those resources that are included in rare stuff by just sitting there waiting for you at a spot.

Steps to find buried treasure in Minecraft

For the new players of Minecraft who do not know how to get one of those precious chests, here is everything that you can do.

  1. Look for a shipwreck
Look for a shipwreck

Finding a shipwreck is the first thing that needs to be done for the special rewards. As you probably know, there are some resources that are hidden in the storage chests onboard in shipwrecks and underwater ruins in the game. Apart from having a lot of valuable loot, they are also your way of finding a map of buried treasure.

  1. Find a treasure map
Find a treasure map

A shipwreck usually has three storage chests onboard, which each of them has some different kinds of loot, ranging from supplies like food items and armor to the valuable materials such as gold ingots or diamonds. The most important thing that you will need to get is a treasure map. This one is usually tucked into one of the chests on a shipwreck.

  1. Track the buried treasure on the map
Track the buried treasure on the map

You can usually find a buried treasure in a Minecraft game near where the map is located. Basically, if you have managed to find it on a shipwreck, there is a high chance of you finding the treasure near a beach of biome. Please trace the map and head over to the location of the treasure. Once you have reached there, you have to put some effort to find the treasure by digging around a bit.

  1. Dig around until you find the treasure
Dig around until you find the treasure

Once you get the sneak peak of the buried treasure location, all that should be done is to dig around in order to find the real chest. Since the buried treasure is usually located around a beach, you are suggested to dig around sandy blocks. Once the chest has been found, all the valuable loot inside belongs to you now.

  1. Enjoy the treasure
Enjoy the treasure

As stated before, a buried treasure will always contain some interesting valuable stuff. Aside from the common items such as iron ingots, iron swords, or some food, there are also golds, diamonds, emeralds, TNT, and even the Heart of the Sea.

Buried treasure information

  • First appearance: 1.13 (Snapshot 18w110a)
  • Found in: Various biomes such as beach and snowy beach
  • Consists of: Chest, stone, gravel, sand, sandstone, water, other terrain generated blocks that might be used to bury the chest such as Diorite
  • Can generate in existing chunks: No

Buried treasure is the kind of treasure that is produced by nature. It consists of a buried loot chest that is mainly buried in beaches, and sometimes in the ocean floor. The buried treasure is named as the only source of Heart of the Sea that you can use to make a conduit. You can find it by using the explorer maps.

The structures of buried treasure generate in beach biomes and in some cases, it can also generate underwater. Some material usually buried the treasure chest. In most cases, the chest generates buried in a beach, so it is normal when you see sand or gravel blocks covering it.

Sometimes, if it generates on the side of the underwater hill, it will spawn with stone blocks covering it. when it generates on the surface of the ocean floor, it will be covered by a gravel or sand block. Nevertheless, the creation of the generation is able to cause the chest to be buried by any suitable terrain generated blocks like coal ore or diorite. For your information, the buried treasure always generates at chunk coordinate 9 on the both X and Z axes.

Things that can be found in the buried treasure (buried treasure chest)

The buried treasure chest can contain a few different kinds of loot, including enchanted armor and tools. This one usually contains some things such as diamonds, emeralds, gold ingots, prismarine crystals, and Heart of the Sea.

  • Diamonds

Diamonds are really rare and precious minerals that you can find in caverns and chests. They are used to craft tools, enchantment tablets, armor, diamond blocks, and jukeboxes.

  • Emeralds

Emerald is also a rare stuff in the game and is used as the main currency in the villager trading system.

  • Gold Ingots
Gold Ingots

Gold Ingots, which is also known as Gold Bars, are defined as the items that can be used to craft something.

  • Prismarine Crystals
Prismarine Crystals

Prismarine Crystals can be obtained by defeating Guardians and Elder Guardians. You can use them to craft Sea Lanterns together with the Prismarine Shards. You also get them from the Sea Lanterns when they are broken with a tool that does not have silk touch.

  • Heart of the Sea
Heart of the Sea

Apart from all of them, there will always be a Heart of the Sea inside. For those who have no idea about what the Heart of the Sea is, it refers to a rare item that is related to the aquatic. It is able to be used for crafting conduits that were added in 1.13.

As it has been known, the Hearts of the Sea is able to be found inside the treasure chests that can be found randomly. One is able to easily find a hidden treasure chest by following an exploration map that can be discovered aboard a sunken shipwreck, crafted by using a cartography table, or bought from the cartographer villagers in exchange for the compass and a few emeralds. By feeding a dolphin raw cod can take you to the nearby sunken shipwrecks.

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