Best Bow for Fischl Support

Are you here because you want to know the best bow for Fischl in the game known as Genshin Impact? There are a lot of different weapons that are good for different Fischl builds. Deciding what is the best weapon for Fischl depends on what type of stats you are focusing on. However, the best bow will usually have the highest attack stat. Here is the information about what the best bow in the game is for Fischl, though, for any attack minded players.

Fischl has the ability to equip some different variations of the bows as her main weapon. Each of them has its own strengths, stats, and abilities. A few of them stand out compared to the others, that’s the ones that the players should look to get their hands on. Please keep in mind that farming of Mora may be needed if you want to unlock and level up new bows for Fischl.

Best Bow for Fischl Support


A lot of people suggest getting the Compound Bow. Even though it is not the strongest one, it is still one of the greatest bows in the game. It is a good all around bow to use and it is also easy to forge and upgrade.

The Compound Bow is able to increase the damage of any archer by up to 8%. Apart from increasing the damage, the firing speed of the archer will rise extremely. In order to get this bow, players will have to craft it at the local forge. There is a recipe that should be available by default. It can be forged with the Northlander Bow Prototype, 50 Crystal Chunks, and 50 White Iron Chunks.

Northlander Bow Prototype

The Northlander Bow Prototype is able to be found either at the Souvenir Shop in Liyue or as a drop from weekly bosses such as Wolf of the North. Players need to mine the Crystal Chunks and White Iron Chunks throughout the world.

The process can be expedited by sending the characters on 20 hour explorations through the Adventure Guild. Players will get a handful of each chunk type per exploration. In addition, a merchant in Liyue Harbor named Shitou sells White Iron Chunks. This one has up to 10 at a time and will restock every three days.

Apart from the Compound Bow, there are also some other good bows for Fischl to equip. Here is the list of the best and the most recommended bow for Fischl in Genshin Impact:

  1. Amos’ Bow
Amos’ Bow-
  • Five star rarity (Gacha only)
  • Base Attack of 46
  • Level 5 increases Normal Attack and Aimed Shot damage by 24%
  • Increase of 16% for each arrow shot for each 0.1 seconds the arrow is in the air
  1. Compound Bow
Compound Bow-
  • Level 5 increases Normal Attack and Aimed Shot damage by 8%
  • Normal Attack Speed increase of 2.4% for six seconds (Max 4 stacks)
  1. Rust
  • Four star rarity (Gacha only)
  • Base Attack of 42
  • Level 5 increases Normal Attack damage by 80%
  • -10% Aimed Shot damage
  1. Skyward Harp
Skyward Harp-
  • Five star rarity (Gacha only)
  • Base Attack 48
  • Level 5 increases Critical Damage by 40%
  • 100% chance to deal a small AoE attack (dishes out 125% Physical Attack damage, every two seconds)
  1. The Stringless
The Stringless-
  • Four star rarity (Gacha only)
  • Base Attack of 42
  • Level 5 increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage by 48%

Actually, there are a lot of different kinds of bows to find and equip as Fischl. Some of them are able to be found as a Gacha prize, while some others are able to be forged. The Compound Bow is considered as the best bow that can be forged by the players. It has good all around stats and upgrading it is not that pricey.

However, what’s the best for the player depends on the player themselves. Feel free to play around with some different bows that are unlocked and find the one that works best. Apart from the ones that are listed above, there are a lot of more available ones as well.

In conclusion, the best bow for Fischl in Genshin Impact is either Amos’ Bow or the Skyward Harp. However, the Compound Bow is also a good option as it is a great all rounder.

Compound Bow

The Compound Bow is one of the three required materials to craft the Machine Gun Fischl, the best build of Fischl. The Machine Gun Fischl is known as a high output build for the blonde archer that boasts high attack speed, increased damage, and increased Electro.

This one allows her to play up her strength while she is dealing enough damage to stay on the frontlines of the party. It is definitely excellent for crowd control and swiftly defeating mid level opponents. ‘

Beside the Compound Bow, the other two materials include Gladiator’s Finale set artifacts (2) and Thundering Fury set artifacts (2). If you have the two Gladiator’s Finale artifacts, the base attack of Fischl will increase by 18%, allowing for each arrow to deal more damage.

Gladiator’s Finale artifacts

The Gladiator’s Finale artifacts are able to be found by defeating elite bosses such as Cryo Regisvine, Oceanid, Geo Hypostasis, and Pyro Regisvine. In addition, a few weekly bosses like the Wolf of the North will occasionally drop the Gladiator’s Finale artifacts as well.

By having two Thundering Fury artifacts, the Electro attacks of Fischl will deal 15% more damage. The increase of this damage will also extend to the avian ally of Fisch named Oz, the one that you are able to summon using her Elemental Skill, Nightrider.

Every shot they launch while they are active will be a bit stronger with this set equipped. This one is an all round massive damage boost to the whole toolkit of the character.

How do you obtain the Thundering Fury? The way to obtain the Thundering Fury is by completing Domain of Blessing: Fires of Purification III through VI. Mondstadt is the right place to find this domain, to the south of Starsnatch Cliff.

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