Animal Crossing Amiibo Villager Cards

Amiibo in Animal Crossing game is a set of character cards and figurines which will interact with NFC readers in Nintendo Switch’s joycons. The players really can scan in amiibo either at Harv’s island or at the Nook Stop in the Resident Service Building after the campsite has been built.

Amiibo cards can be obtained from some online markets. You can then make a purchase to buy the cards from the shop. Once you get the cards, you can scan the cards as the way to invite more villagers to come and live on your island. Of course, there are a ton of Amiibo cards that you can buy from the online stores.

Well, this post will guide you getting the amiibo cards by purchasing them in some online stores. Let’s see in the below!

Where to Get the Amiibo Cards?

Aside from official Animal Crossing store, there are also a plenty of online stores which provides Amiibo cards, here they are:

  1. Animal Crossing Store

If you want to get a variety of amiibo cards, the first site that you have to visit is Here, you will find tons of amiibo cards for each villager in all Animal Crossing series. This site will show a catalog of Amiibo cards that will ease you to choose one.

From this store, you can choose the amiibo cards based on the series, they are:

  • Welcome Amiibo Series

Welcome Amiibo Series

The amiibo cards in this series are compatible with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. To get it, you can tap on the card to invite the villager to your island. From this series, you can find a lot of villagers’ cards including:

  1. Vivian
  2. Hopkins
  3. June
  4. Piper
  5. Paolo
  6. Hornsby
  7. Stella
  8. Tybalt
  9. Huck
  10. Sylvana
  11. Boris
  12. Wade
  13. Carrie
  14. Ketchup
  15. Rex
  16. Stu
  17. Bitty
  18. Madie
  19. Maggie
  20. Billy
  21. many more

Make sure to choose the amiibo cards for the villagers that you really want to invite.

  • Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Series 1-4

Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Series 1-4

The amiibo cards series 1-4 are compatible with the Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You can get the adorable villagers from this series, here they are:

  1. Isabelle
  2. Tom Nook
  3. DJ KK
  4. Sable
  5. Kapp’n
  6. Resetti
  7. Joan
  8. Timmy
  9. Digby
  10. Pascal
  11. Harriet
  12. Redd
  13. Saharah
  14. Luna
  15. Tortimer
  16. Leornado
  17. Lyle
  18. Lottie
  19. Bob
  20. Many more

Make sure to tap on the amiibo cards based on the villagers that you want to invite in finally coming and living on your island.

  • Animal Crossing amiibo Figures

Animal Crossing amiibo Figures

You can get plenty of villagers who can come and live on your island through amiibo figures. Here are some villagers that you can invite using the amiibo cards:

  1. Blathers
  2. Celeste
  3. Cyrus
  4. Digby
  5. Isabelle- Summer
  6. Isabelle- Winter
  7. KK
  8. Kapp’n
  9. Kicks
  10. Lottie
  11. Mabel
  12. Reese
  13. Resetti
  14. Rover
  15. Timmy & Tommy
  16. Tom Nook
  17. Many more

Those are all amiibo cards that you can choose to invite more villagers to come and live on your island.

  1. BestBuy

BestBuy Animal Crossing Amiibo Villager Cards

Aside from the Animal Crossing store, you can also get the Amiibo cards from BestBuy. You can get the Happy Home Designed Trading Cards through from BestBuy that you can access here. From this pack, you can get a 6 card set including a random selection of 5 Animal Crossing villagers plus 1 special character. This amiibo card set costs $6.99. That’s such an affordable price, isn’t it?

  1. Amazon

Amazon Animal Crossing Amiibo Villager Cards

You can also buy the amiibo cards from Amazon. Of course, there are a lot of sellers who provide Animal Crossing amiibo cards. Here, we just take one of them. To buy the amiibo cards from Amazon, you can visit here. This pack includes the amiibo cards series 2, 3, 4 for Nintendo Wii U. One pack includes 6 cards. The amiibo set costs $43.95.

Those are some online markets that you can visit to buy the Animal Crossing amiibo cards.

How to Use the Amiibo Cards?

If you scan the amiibo at Nook Stop, you may invite an amiibo’s villager to come to your island’s campsite. Here, you will have the option to talk to the camper who will ask for a DIY furniture item that can be crafted and then  delivered to them. Otherwise, if you have not the recipe yet for the requested item, it automatically will be given to them by the camper.

After the item has been sent, you can suggest the camper to move to the island. Well, the camper probably will ignore your invitation either first or second. Instead, the camper will accept the invitation for the third time in the New Nintendo 3DS.

Then, if you scan amiibo at Harv’s Island, the amiibo character automatically appears. You can then use them in a photo shoot in the same way as the regular island villagers do. Unlike the regular island villagers, the special characters cannot be changed for their clothing.
Aside from that, not all amiibo characters will appear in Photopia. That means only the characters who already appear in the game are used this way. However, by scanning the amiibo character will unlock a poster of them which can be finally purchased from the Nook Stop for 1,000 Bells.

How to Invite More Villagers with Amiibo Cards?

In the Animal Crossing game, you can also use Amiibo cards to invite more villagers to come and live on your island. Then, to get more villagers with Amiibo cards, the first thing that you need to do is to unlock the Campsite/ Campground.

In order to unlock the campsite, you should first upgrade the Residents Services Tent into a proper building. As we know, the campground is an open area that you can create to allow you to receive more villagers on your island. Once you meet them in campsite, you can then convince them to live on your island.

Once you upgrade the Resident Service Tent, you can continue to get Tom Nook’s tasks to increase your island’s popularity to obtain a certain someone’s attention. To build the campground, you will need the Campground Construction Kit that requires 15 of each type of wood as well as 15 Iron Nuggets. You can then place the kit down in an area that you point to as a campground. The following day, a random villager will appear in your campground and start inviting them to come and live on your island.