Allay Mob Minecraft

Minecraft recently adds some new mobs that will liven up the game. Those mobs have not been officially added to the game, as they are still in the Minecraft Live 2021 mob vote. This can be mentioned as an annual event that Mojang holds to determine which mob is worthy to be added.

One of the Minecraft Live mobs is Allay that makes the players like falling in love with this mob. Do you also think that Allay will make the cut and come to the game? And are you interested to make a voting for Allay? If so, you should know the Allay’s characteristics, its appearance, and what you will get from Allay. So, let’s dive the information below!

Allay Mob Minecraft

Allay’s Characteristics

The Allay is a friendly mob that likes music. It is such an adorable, blue ghost-like creature with wings. Allay is represented by a little blue fairy with bat wings. The Allay are described as a mob with many hobbies.

Many players think  that if Allay is finally added to the game, it can be very helpful for players. Allay is drawn to Note Blocks, so it will dance when one is played. Then, it will drop an item near one if there’s one nearby. If there’s any item given to an Allay, it will look for a matching item to bring back.

When added to the game, the Allay will be the cute mob, as it will be a friendly creature. It is known that Allay is the second of the three mobs which will be part of the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote.

What Will the Allay Do?

If you see some teaser videos on YouTube, you can see that Allay brings you more of any item given to it. It means that if you give an item to Allay, it will go pick up more of the same items or also similar items that it can find and then give the item back to you.

In other words, it can be a collectible, for something that you might have crafted or a block that you have mined. We think it’s something good if the Allay finally make the cut and then are added to the game. It will be more practical, as if you have a note block nearby, that’s where the Allay will drop your collectibles.

According to developer’s note posted on Twitter, the Allay will not duplicate the item or rifle through the chests for it. This is purely about picking up the item when dropped on the overworld. Afterwards, the Allay will drop the collected items near a note block, as it loves to dance.

How Worthy Is the Allay for the Game

How Worthy Is the Allay for the Game?

Certainly, you can assess whether the Allay is worthy for the game of Minecraft or not by watching the Allay’s teaser. Sure, there are a lot of YouTube videos that show what the Allay do in the game.

In a YouTube video entitled ‘Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the allay!’ uploaded by Minecraft Channel, you can see that the Allay is given a cookie. After that, Allay left and soon it came back with more cookies.

The Allay’s idea is to combo the nearby areas and act as a mobile. It then filters hoppers and grabs up the item that you granted it to deliver you more. Sure, if you want a specific mob drop, it’s better for you to send your Allay to pick up it.

Is it simple? No at all. Some avid Minecraft fans are already planning an elaborate Redstone scheme that seems to obviate the need for a more complicated minecart system. So, that’s not so simple, as you think.

However, it will be revolutionary. however the third mod has not yet been revealed. Sure, it may very well be a game-changer in its own right. We emphasize that there’s always a possibility that the vote losers may be finally added to the game, but there’s no guarantee for that.

But, there’s a limitation to the Allay where it seems to only grab drops. Certainly, you cannot grant the Allay a diamond with that and also obtain 20 in return. In this case, you can attempt to mix the Allay together with droppers or automatic farms. Surprisingly! It can generate in even quicker systems which do not hinge on the slightly wonky minecart mechanics.

Here, we give you an example where if you gave them sugarcane and had pistons set to destroy sugarcane when the Allay reached a certain height, you can ask Allay to take it all up, then send it to a noteblock and have all the items that is sent into the hopper as well as feeding into your chest room. Well, the possibilities are endless.

How Big Is the Chance That Allay Gets Away?

Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote will take place on October 16. However, the format about its vote has not been announced yet, however it will be a Twitter poll, just like the 2020 vote was. The mobs that should be voted are the glare and the allay, as well as the third mob will be announced in the next day.

If we see the people’s attention, we can predict that the Allay will receive many votes, as this mob seems to be actually beneficial for Minecraft players. Mojang, the Minecraft developer stated that the Allay will take the items that the players give to them. After that, they will go to look for the same or also similar items.

In accordance with what Allay will do in the game, certainly it can be a great, alternative way for all Minecraft players in case of having some rare items. In fact, there are a lot of items in Minecraft that should be crafted with lots of a singular crafting material that is often hard to find. With the help of the Allay, getting the rare items in Minecraft will be easier.

For instance, if you need more golden nuggets to make a golden apple, you can ask the Allay to find it by giving them one golden nugget first. That’s so simple, isn’t it?