All Black Desert Mobile (BDM) Temple Locations

Black Desert Mobile (BDM) is an action massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Android and iOS developed by Pearl Abyss. Initially, the game was released in South Korea. It was subsequently released in Japan, Taiwan, and finally worldwide with a global English release.

The Great Desert was the place where it all began. It is widely believed that in the Great Desert the Primordial Black Rock first fell. Also, rumors about the Black Spirit and other tales originated here. Just explore a desert full of temples shrouded in mystery, ancient giants, and treasures buried in the sand.

All Black Desert Mobile (BDM) Temple Locations

Great Desert Temple Locations

Apparently, there are various types of temples filled with items and connected to the history of the Ancients. To find these temples, you are able to follow the rays of light in the desert. Need to know that the Great Temples are going to be accessible after you complete 5 quests in the Desert Exploration Log.

There are five levels of the temples. Except for level 1 temples, you will need to accept and complete special hidden quests to enter temples which are levels 2-5. The hidden quest objective is going to change when the sandstorm passes through the desert on the first day of every month.

    • Temple of Serrett
      You have to protect the artifact from becoming contaminated by beating the opponents that are trying to take the shrine artifact.
    • Temple of Shayla
      You have to avoid the traps set up by the Gahaz Bandits to discover the room filled with treasures. Please find the room to fulfill the requirement and get the reward.
    • Temple of Ohm
      You have to forage, mine, or log within the given time to discover food for the Kurebas. You are able to use the food to lure the Kurebas and beat them.
    • Temple of Tukar
      You have to defeat Tukar Laytenn, the guardian of the temple, to get rewards.
    • Temple of Luinass
      You need to team up with your Family to beat Deligatus, the Judge of the Ruins.
    • Great Temple of Serrett
      You have to defend the artifact from getting contaminated by beating stronger opponents and Doel Fruco.
    • Great Temple of Tukar
      You have to defeat the greatly empowered Tukar Laytenn.
    • Great Temple of Luinass
      You need to team up with your Family to beat Puturum, the Guardian of the Ruins.

Necessary CP for Passing Temples

Recommended CP for passing
Temple Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Serrett 6000 7800 9600 11400 13200
Shayla 6000 9500 13000
Ohm 6500 9500 11000
Tukar 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000
Luinass 28000 36500 45000 53200 62000

Black Desert Mobile (BDM) Knowledge Locations

Black Desert Mobile (BDM) has become one of the most famous MMORPG open worlds for iOS and Android. Just like any other MMORPG games, your main job is to strengthen your character for higher-level adventure. There are lots of ways to increase your character’s strength. One of them is by unlocking and collecting the Knowledge. By unlocking and collecting the Knowledge, you are going to get additional permanent stats for your character. You are able to collect and unlock the Knowledge by killing certain monsters, talking to particular NPCs, finishing certain tasks, or by discovering the hidden spots.

In this article, we are also going to provide you with Black Desert Mobile (BDM) knowledge locations. So, it will help you collect the Knowledge faster. Because the other Knowledges are quite easy to discover, here we give you a guide for Academics and adventure knowledge only. To make it clearer, this guide will be categorized by the Region and you are able to select in which Region you want to find the Knowledge.

Here are some Black Desert Mobile (BDM) knowledge locations:

    • Balenos
    • Serendia
    • Neutral Border Zone
    • North Calpheon
    • Southeast Calpheon
    • Southwest Calpheon

You are able to increase your knowledge of the people, locations, monsters, and information (academics) in the Great Desert. Also, you are able to get stats such as AP, DP, and Worker Dexterity when obtaining new knowledge. Additionally, you are able to gain extra rewards when your total knowledge level increases, such as an increase to your maximum Stamina.

Great Desert Laytenn Locations

The location of the Ancient Guardian Laytenn will be marked on the Great Desert Map when it appears. The adventurers who participated in defeating Laytenn will be able to receive rewards based on the damage they inflicted on it.

Main Items in the Great Desert

Here are the items and currency that is common in the Great Desert:

    • Purified Water
      Purified Water is a necessity to travel and explore in the Great Desert. You are able to get Purified Water for free every day at 00:00 that will increase your exploration time in the desert by 40 minutes upon use. If you do not have enough Purified Water, you are going to become exhausted that will limit the actions you can perform. To recover from exhaustion, you are able to use additional Purified Water, go to an Oasis, or set up a Tent.
    • Camel
      You are going to experience reduced movement speed when traveling in the desert. However, you are able to ride a Camel to move around quickly and reach distant locations with ease. Please talk to the NPC Narses and accept his quest to get a Camel.
    • Desert Tent
      You have to pitch a tent to rest before traveling again. When you are in your tent, Purified Water will not be consumed. The tent will be active for ten minutes. You are able to set up a tent again after the 60-minute cooldown time. You will be able to buy potions and appraise goods at your tent when you use an Advanced Desert Tent.
    • Edana’s Coin
      In the Great Desert, Edana’s Coins are commonly used. The coins can be earned by beating monsters in the Great Desert, exploring the Temples, and through other means. You are able to use Edana’s Coins to make offerings at the Black Rock Shrine.
    • Elephant
      Elephants will be able to travel much more quickly in the Great Desert and have unique skill. Defeat monsters in the Great Desert to get Broken Trumpets. These will allow you to take part in a quest to get a Royal Elephant.

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