ACNH Weather Seed Finder

For those who love to play the game called Animal Crossing New Horizon, you must know that there is a weather forecaster for the game. The name of the tool is MeteoNook. This one is designed to predict the weather patterns of the island, including the exact times for meteor showers, rainbows and the aurora borealis. The seed is needed if you want to get started. This post will uncover the seed.

Weather Variations

There are a few variations of the weather in Animal Crossing New Horizon and each hour is different. These variations include clear, sunny, cloudy, rain clouds, rain/snow, and heavy rain/snow. For those who know what variation you have in a certain hour, you can just add it in this section.

Weather Types

Clouds are the ones that are easy to identify at the beginning of the hour (X:00). For example, if the sky is fully clear at 13:00, it can be concluded that 13:00 is clear. A half hour later (13:30), the weather will be a combination of the 13:00 weather and the 14:00 weather.

It is stated that both rain and snow last for the whole hour. For instance, if there is rain at any point between 13:00 and 14:00, it means 13:00 is clearly rain/snow or heavy rain/snow.

For everyone who is not sure about the cloud variation within a given hour, the best option for you to choose is the Not sure option. Keep in mind that there is no need for you to enter these on the days when you have seen a heavy shower, rainbow or aurora borealis. The reason is because that information is already enough to describe the pattern of the day really well.

Special Cloud Variations

There is a possibility of the special clouds to show up during hours of the clear/fine or sunny weather. With the special clouds, you can identify the weather pattern of your day easily. Not only that, due to the fact that there is a random factor involved in their appearance, their existence can also rule out some seeds and increase the speed of the process.

By default, the button that is located next to an hour is . If you mark an hour as clear/fine or as sunny, it will change to  button. Please click the special cloud once to change it to  if you see it within this hour. In case you do not see it, then the thing that should be done is to click twice so that it will change to .

There are a total of four special cloud variations, including:

    • Cumulonimbus
    • Cirrus or cirrocumulus
    • Billow clouds
    • Thin clouds

Shooting star times               

The whole process will be easier if you remember the exact in game time when shooting stars have shown up during a meteor shower. The shooting stars that usually appear in a minute range from 5 to 8.

If you find no star in a certain time period, you can add it to the Gaps section to help the algorithm out. there will be the Make from Times button that will automatically make gaps between each time you have put in.

You are able to add down to the second time for every star. To do it, you can just click Edit Seconds. It is effective to find your seed quickly. On the other hand, it can also be hard to get the timing correct as the in-game clock does not show seconds.

You will be able to get 5 or 8 stars within a minute given by heavy showers. The time starts from 19:00 to 04:00. In addition, you will also be given a total of 5 stars each minute by light showers. It is such a rare case.

A Few Things to Take Note

    • It is better for you to not put the information if you are not confident with it.
    • Check out the screenshots and videos that you have taken on your island for the records of the weather. Please do not do it on Nook Miles Ticket islands or when visiting the other players. If you want to see the date and time these screenshots and videos were taken, you can just go to the Switch album and press A. If you want to get more accurate times, you can transfer them to a microSD card and read them from the computer.
    • The clear weather with no shooting stars pattern called the EventDay00 will be forced on the day K.K. Slider shows up for the first time and every time a new player is added to the island. It is prohibited to use the data from these days.
    • Days in the game named Animal Crossing New Horizon start at 05:00. Just like the start, they also end at 05:00. For those who log the weather or shooting stars after midnight, do not forget to put them on the same calendar data as the ones before midnight.

Way to Find the Seed

In order to find the seed, the first thing that you need to do is to enter your information. There are two options to choose from: Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. Apparently, the pattern data that you have will automatically be saved to your browser. Feel free to close the page and come back later.

two options to Way to Find the Seed1

Search For Your Weather Seed
You might have to supply your data if you want to get support with MeteoNook. Aside from choosing between the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere, you will also have to choose the special patterns. The options include No data, not sure, Meteor shower or visit from Celeste, Rainbow, and None of the above. The next thing that should be done is to add the weather types. The possible patterns include Fine00, Fine01, Fine02, Fine03, Fine04, Fine05, Fine06, Cloud00, Cloud01, Cloud02, CloudFine00, CloudFine01, CloudFine02, FineRain00, FineRain01, FineRain02, FineRain03. In addition, there is also a special cloud type that you have to select. After entering the required information, lastly, find your seed by pressing the Start Search button.