ACNH Stalk Market Calculator

Just like in real life, the game called Animal Crossing New Horizons has a thing that is similar to Wall Street. The name of this kind of thing is the Stalk Market. Everything in this market should emulate the real life one, including the fluctuations.

Before going further, it is better for you to know more about turnips in this game. Turnips are known as the vegetables at the heart of a stock market in the game called Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH. They are really iconic. As a player, your main goal is to buy turnips at a low price and then sell them when the price is at the highest in order to get a decent profit.

ACNH Stalk Market Calculator

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Due to the fact that the Stalk Market is managed by arcane rules, predicting how the market will grow or fall over the course of a week is not easy. It means there is a chance for you to buy turnips at the high price and then sell them at the low price, making you lost and unable to earn the profit.

In order to prevent yourself from losing and to get as many profits as possible, it is important for you to track your turnip prices. The prices of the turnips can be tracked with the help of the apps online. There are two of the most popular online apps that can be used to track the turnip prices. The first one is and the second one is called ACNH: Turnip Calculator that can be found at Since both of them use the same information, it means it depends on the UI that you like. In two of them, you are able to enter the price of the turnips that you purchased on Sunday, and then plug in the selling price on the islands twice every day to get the price prediction. Take note that the algorithm calculates a type of trend your Stalk Market is on, enlightening you the potential sale prices for this week. By the help of these tools, you will be able to know the turnip prices as early as Monday. It will be easy for you to tell whether your turnips process tends to be high or tends to be low.

It is really important for you to know the turnip prices, which explains why getting help from the calculator is needed. ACNH stalk market calculator refers to the tool. Apart from being used as a calculator, it is also able to be used to predict the turnip price fluctuations, and to track a turnip. For those who are dreaming of becoming The Wolf of Wall Street of the turnip scene of your island, it will be easier for you if you use the turnip calculator in order to make sure that you are always getting the best price. Aside from the two mentioned above, you might also want to use the calculator offered by Game With. Here is the way to use this prediction tool as explained on the official website of Game With:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to enter how much you bought turnips for. For those who are able to enter the same price you purchased turnips for on Sunday, the overall accuracy of this prediction will increase amazingly. In order to improve the results, you are suggested to write down how much turnips cost every Sunday.
    2. Then, enter daily sell values. Once you are done getting turnips, the next thing that you have to do is to begin to log the sell price of turnips at Nook’s Cranny. Do not forget to do this twice each day as the more entries the better the prediction will be. There is no way for you to get a prediction if one or two entries are missing. Apparently, the data that is entered into this tool will be automatically saved in the browser. It means you do not have to worry to re-enter the information again if you decide to close this page.
    3. After that, check the fluctuation patterns. By either clicking or pressing the Calculate button, you will get some projected price patterns that are based on the prices that you entered before. Everything will be shown, even if there are multiple possible patterns. Not only that, the fluctuations for each pattern will also be shown simultaneously in the area located below. You will be able to check the full range of possible turnip prices for a certain day by clicking this chart.

Talking about the Stalk Market calculator in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it is important for you to know some symbols and to understand the meaning of each of them. If you have no idea of these and feel so lost, here is the list of the arrows and the directions of fluctuation to take note:

    • → means slowly decreasing
    • ↗means increasing
    • ↑ means increasing sharply
    • ↘means decreasing
    • ↓ means decreasing sharply

In case you fail you have a projection generated by the calculator, there are two possibilities. The first one is because it lacks information and the second one is because there is something wrong with the data that you input. It is important for you to input the correct prices from the Nook’s Cranny that you have checked yourself.

Do you know what is the good price for turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons? For your information, the best price that you will ever get for turnips in this game is 650 Bells. All that you have to do is to focus on the numbers that are close to the best one mentioned before.

Then, what about the worst one? As for the worst price for turnips in this game, it is 15 Bells. If you get this price, it is such an insult for you, considering the amount of hard work that you put into this.

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