ACNH Raymond Amiibo Card Number

From the fact that getting Raymond in New Horizons is very hard, of course, it makes people search for the alternative way in order to get Raymond easily. One of them is through Amiibo cards where it enables you to get to the villagers easily by only scanning it to invite them to live on your island.

Do you come to this page to look for the Amiibo card number for Raymond? Then, is there the Amiibo card number which is available for Raymond? Why do you look for the Amiibo card number for Raymond? Well, if you want to know the true facts about Raymond Amiibo card numbers, let’s scroll down this page to get the answer!

ACNH Raymond Amiibo Card Numbe

Is There an Amiibo Card Number for Raymond?

Unfortunately, we cannot share to you the card number for Raymond as there’s currently no Raymond Amiibo cards. Why? That’s because Raymond is a villager who was added to the New Horizons. So, there has been no dedicated tie-in Amiibo for this series.

Although the Raymond Amiibo card is not available yet, but to keep looking for the information about Animal Crossing Amiibo cards is a must for you. However, by doing this, you will have a bigger chance to get the latest information for Raymond Amiibo cards, who knows he  will come in the Amiibo card.

How Does Amiibo Card Work?

With the help of Amiibo cards, they will give you the Animal Crossing Villager. You can obtain the  Amiibo cards from some online markets. If you already buy the cards, you can then scan the cards to invite the villagers in order to live on your island. Make sure to unlock the campsite/ campground before you scan the cards.

A toys-to-life platform called Amiibo was developed by Nintendo in 2014. It works to bring toys to life and allow them to intercommunicate with other elements of a video game. To link the Amiibo toys to the video game is by using Near Field Communication (NFC).

This platform uses wireless communication to connecting figurines to Nintendo Switch Video games, Wii U or also Nintendo 3DS. With this technique, the users can transfer data in and out of the video games or across other platforms. Of course, the Amiibois a unique feature, allowing the users to use the NFC-enabled Amiibo cards to directly play games in Wii U, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3DS.

Is It Possible to Create Your Own Amiibo Cards?

Sure, you’re allowed to create your own Amiibo cards to get more Animal Crossing villagers. However, you will need some requirements to create Amiibo cards, they are:

    • Make sure your device is compatible for NFC (Near Field Communication)
    • Make sure  you buy the NFC tag
    • Amiibo .bin files are very important to have
    • Download the TagMo App on your device.

 How to Get Villager with the Amiibo Cards?

How to Get Villager with the Amiibo Cards

As we’ve mentioned, you can use the Amiibo card by scanning it at Nook Stop. After doing it, you can invite an Amiibo’s villager to come to a campsite on your island. You will then have the option to the camper who requires you for a DIY furniture item which can be crafted and delivered to them.

After the items have been sent, you can suggest the camper move to the island. Here, the camper may ignore your invitation either first or second. Moreover, the camper will receive the invitation for the third time in the New Nintendo 3DS.

Another way to scan the Amiibo cards  is at Harv’s island. If you scan the card here, the villager will automatically appear. After that, you can use them in a photo shoot in the same way as the regular island villagers do. Need to know, the special villagers cannot be changed for their clothing, unlike the regular island villagers.

Not all Amiibo characters will appear in Photopia, meaning only characters who already appear in the game are able to use this way. With the scanning of Amiibo characters, it will unlock a poster of them that can be eventually purchased from the Nook Stop for 1,000 Bells.

How to Get Raymond, Aside from  Amiibo Cards?

Instead of getting Raymond instantly, you just have to do the usual ways to get it, since the Amiibo card for Raymond is not yet available. Currently, there are three ways that you can pick for getting Raymond in Animal Crossing, they are:

    • Nook Miles ticket lottery

The first way that you can get Raymond is through a Nook Miles ticket. With the use of the tickets, it allows you to visit the mysterious island. Why should there be a mysterious island? That’s because some random villagers will appear there.

If you already arrive at the Mysterious island, you can then check whether there’s at least  villagers there or not. If you see Raymon, you just simply talk to him and invite him to live on your island.

    • From Campsite

Campsite will allow you to get Raymond easily. Generally, some villagers will appear as a visitor for the day if you already have a campsite. However, this method is talking about luck, as there’s no way of increasing those chances to bring up Raymond.

In fact, Isabelle announced a new visit, and it could technically be Raymond. So, you need  to check whenever Isabelle announces a new visitor at the Campsite. You only need to fly out and land. Then, if you do not see  Raymond hanging out by a campfire, you should repeat your way until you find Raymond.

    • From Your Friend

You can also get Raymond from your friends, as the easiest way of getting Raymond. If you want to get Raymond from your friend, make sure your friend is willing to give Raymond to you.

If agreed, you can ask your friend to ignore Raymond and not to talk with him for several days, or even a week. By doing this, Raymond will be upset and feel unwanted to live on your friend island. If he is already upset, you can visit him and speak to him. Well, it’s your great time to start inviting him to stay on your island.