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In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are a number of characters. One of the characters is Katrina. Have you met this character in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Whether or not you have met Katrina in Animal Crossing New Horizons, let’s find out everything about this character here.

Who is Katrina?

Katrina is a fortune teller. You are able to find this character in the Animal Crossing series. As explained on the Animal Crossing Wiki site, Her German name comes from Esmeralda. In the series, Katrina is the only panther.

Katrina’s gender is a female and her birthday is on October 28. In the game, she has a male voice like Saharah and Gracie, but then she has a female voice.

ACNH Katrina Wiki

Katrina Wiki

Do you want to read a lot of things about Katrina? Usually, the complete information can be found on the Wiki site. What wiki site can we access to read the information about Katrina Animal Crossing? You are able to access Animal Crossing Wiki to read the information about this character and the other things related to Animal Crossing.

Another wiki website that you are able to access is Nookipedia. On this site, you are able to read a lot of things about Katrina and the other things related to Animal Crossing.

Katrina’s Appearance

Katrina is a panther whose color is navy blue. She also has violet eyeshadow and bright almond shaped orange eyes with white eyelashes. She has paws and a tail where the color is lighter blue. If she does not wear her headdress, there is a small tuft of hair on her head. How about her clothes? She wears a red, purple and gold stereotypical ‘fortune teller’ robe and headdress and also she wears gold bracelets.

In Happy Home Designer, if her house is designed, as a player you are able to visit her and discover her in casual wear. When you visit her, you will find that she wears a leopard-print tank top, white jeans, silver bracelets and a necklace with a red, circular pendant. Her headdress is not worn by her.

Katrina’s Role in the Animal Crossing New Horizons

Katrina's Role in the Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, exactly in the 2.0 update, this character was added as a shopkeeper on Harv’s Island. She will come after paying the fee of 100,000 Bells. And then, she will give you a Luck prediction for a fee of 1,000 Bells. She will tell you that your luck with belongings or money will improve or she will tell you about your friendship with a villager where it is also for 1,000 Bells. It will be able to unlock the option to bless your friendship for 10,000 Bells. It means that your friendship points will be doubled. Also, as explained on Nookipedia, you are able to obtain Katrina’s Poster from Nook Shopping after you try to invite her to Photopia via her amiibo.

In the NookLink app, this character also appears in an update which was released on March 30th, 2021. When a player gathers their daily Nook Points, her Words of Wisdom appear.

Role of Katrina in The Other Series of Animal Crossing

According to Animal Crossing Wiki, here is the explanation of Katrina’s role in the other series of Animal Crossing. In the Animal Forest, you will find that the tent owned by Katrina will appear outside on a random day of the week in a random acre. If you talk to Copper, you will be told which acre she is in. She has the ability to tell you about your fortune for 100 Bells. You can see that her tent is red, green, and gold on the outside and the inside part is dark purple. Behind a purple desk, she stands. She had cards like Tarot, some bells, a crystal ball and two small flaming torches.

In  Animal Crossing, Katrina has the same role as Animal Forest. But now, her service only costs 50 Bells and it is not 100 Bells.

In Wild World, the tent owned by Katrina will be seen randomly in front of Town Hall once a month. The player will be told by her about their fortune and the cost is 100 Bells. She is also able to tell them about what will happen tomorrow. By paying 10,000 Bells, the player can have their spirit cleansed and it can stop them from tripping over. Katrina’s tent is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

In City Folk, you are able to find Katrina in the city in the building furthest to the right. If you have entered your birthday, you will be greeted by her. She has the ability to tell you your fortune where it is able to last a week and she has the ability to give you a charm for that month, usually it involves strange assignments. However, if you are given the fortune, you are not able to get the charm. For your information, the task told by Katrina must be done by you and you will get the charm.

In New Leaf, this character goes back to having a tent once again and it is able to be found at the Plaza. The player will be told by Katrina about a fortune for 500 Bells. When Katrina is telling a fortune, her tent is gone for a while and she and the recipient are surrounded by stars. After gaining 20 fortunes, the Fortune Shop will be available as a Public Works Project . The Fortune Shop will be established beside the Dream Suite in Main Street. There, the player can visit Katrina more often, like in her tent she is only available once a week.

Katrina’s Charms

According to Animal Crossing Neoseeker, here is the information about Katrina’s Charms. Every month, you may buy a charm from Katrina for 100 Bells. When you obtain a charm, a visitor needs to come and perform that charm so that you get good luck. If you do it by yourself, it will not count. You are able to perform charm tasks for other people in their town. Some examples of what Katrina may ask to do in a charm are catching ‘x’ bug, catching ‘x’ fish, planting a golden tree, planting ‘x’ amount of flowers, and pulling ‘x’ weeds. If you have performed a task in another town, you will get good luck.